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Plus Size Fashion

There are several style tips for anyone who is overweight (too much or too little) and wants to wear well, even though we’re at a disadvantage by not having the same amount of options in stores, but there are those who follow and there are those who throw it all away and still get a result impressive, our example this week shows that very well! Continue reading

Cavaliere CEO Loro Piana

Today we are launching the first article of the three in this autumn’s major cooperation here on Manolo. We have, together with the Swedish clothing manufacturer Cavaliere a to us perfectly höstkavaj at a reasonable price. We come in three articles explaining the product and closer and of course share the results. In the first article we look closely at the Cavaliere and company background, skills, and what led us to develop this common product.

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Maternity Clothes Online

As mums, it’s nice to order clothing by mail order, especially when you start to get really big.We hope the links below may be helpful in your search for maternity clothes. Feel free to look around at the companies below and see if you can find something for you. In most shops you can buy both mother and baby/kids clothes.

The store list below is sorted alphabetically.

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How to Buy a Sports Jacket

Second article in the series “Dressing well for the start” when I mention this time the sports jackets for men. And NO, it has nothing to do with the blazers.

In this man jackets guide you will find style advice, selection and of course the historic small the room.

The selection is sharp and you probably have not seen most of these names before, this is normal and it is this which makes for an excellent price / quality ratio.

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Series Packed | Come Travel with Me

Anyone who says that organizing is my number one passion was wrong. Has a that he’s storming out in front, and a lot of people share the same feeling. This passion is travel. I’ve never been very picky about their destination, simply put the feet out and be happy. This mania of get butt with anyone who offered me a date for an adventure, I have accumulated a certain amount of experience in time to prepare the bags, plan, organize the transport budget and survive the hostels and shared rooms.

At the moment you are reading this post, I’ll probably be at Disney, enjoying the most magical place in the world and thinking about how I can make the next season to be even more peaceful and smooth. But Ana, you’re already thinking about next season? Of course! And still I decided to create a series of posts to help them organize travelling too!

In this series, we’ll talk about how to get organized in the hotel room, shopping, sidewalks, on budget and, of course, at the time of packing. The posts will coming out slowly, with Youtube videos and many pictures! Feel free to adopt the tips, enjoy and share with all travelers packed.

Come travel with me!

Thin Jackets that Keep You Warm

Every girl watching the news in the fashion world, and immediately rushing to buy some stylish new things. But the thing chosen to be not only beautiful, but also necessary. Young, stylish, true – all that can be said for a thin jacket. Fashion for such clothes come from hip-hop culture. This garment is popular not only among athletes. Today he has asked among the young and among middle-aged people. Slim and other styles of clothing, which help to create unique images with men’s jackets. Wide range at MensJacketsStore allows you to select a suitable model that will meet all your requirements.

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Latest Model of Gucci Handbags

The brand Gucci has a power in the fashion of the biggest world, so there is no shows in their accessories not arise. The most beloved of the articles is the same bag used by celebrities proudly stamping the mark by often chosen the most fashion market. The brand with a long history in the market fad, has fame and glamour and offers all those who use their bags.

The story of the Gucci brand is very similar to other famous that came out of casual items and entering the more expensive world. The owner of the company, Guccio Gucci, was a humble Italian who decided to invest in handbags and travel bags. At the time, 1921 was one of the most used products and if they were good leather, sold easily, with vision, Guccio launched basic, casual and elegant models for the middle class, but attracted high and was a great success.

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Entretiempo Jackets For Spring

One day it ‘s sunny, and then it rains again. Sales of home and it ‘s cold, but when you return from work seems to have come the summer. We really are in the most contentious at the time of dressing time, we do not know what to wear with such time change. The ideal for this period are the jackets halftime, so handiest those that help us keep warm or have an excess of heat in the spring. one of the most useful items in this changing time.


The trench is a true classic –, and elegant and casual clothing at once, ideal for the office. And there are many versions available. You probably already have your coat in beige, which is the most legendary. But this year have other models, such as khaki green White, or the suede, the fabric of this spring seventies.  Do not miss the various ways of combining the trench .

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How to Clean a Linen Jacket

Linen is a very special fabric is a natural fiber that requires particular care to ensure that you keep in perfect condition. It is the ideal garment for summer, fresh, comfortable, flexible and feel great but it requires special attention.

In this blog, you will learn How to clean a linen jacket to keep it in great condition. Takes note of the steps to follow!



  1. First of all, to know How to clean a linen jacket you must look on the label of the jacket to see which washing instructions argues the manufacturer, since sometimes the linen should be washed in dry.

If you can clean jacket machine, which is not at temperature above 40 degrees, since the linen may shrink, and in addition, it is recommended to put the garment in a special for delicate fabrics bag.

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Retro Style Jackets 1950s

THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED. Summer is over and the temperatures drop … Protect yourself from the cold with one of three retro jackets JOTA + GE giving away!

Juana Ruiz and Garbiñe Urdampilleta unite their names and their work to create one of the most prestigious fashion firms in Spain, JOTA + GE.

His career began at the School of Fashion Design Leku-Eder in Vizcaya, and after passing through Paris, New York or Cibeles signature, with a modern and elegant new style dresses safe and woman practice much of the world . An urban woman who enjoys fashion at all times.

JOTA + GE always presents a different, colorful and original proposal, with designs full of optimism reflected in its freshness and termination.

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Famous Leather Jackets

The jackets of leather broke hard last winter and this season remain as a fetish garment styling to the ‘Rocker’. But this is not the only way to show them off! The famous teach you how to carry at all times.

We do not know if it’s because even tough love them for that John Travolta Danny Zuco becomes in HealthInclude, or the permanent smell they have, but celebrities do not shed their jackets even for a moment. And to take advantage of it, you look at their style and so we learn to combine this garment so fashionable this season. The star is black jacket size xs, but they wear them in all its variants What style would you choose?

Unconditional: never without their jackets

the Olsen twins Why not?

Of course they had to be on the list of addicted to the leather. Especially Ashley, whom we see in grunge plan, with checkered shirt; and arregladita without losing its style skirt and white shirtMary Kate is not far behind and displays his stylistic daring with this Givenchy jacket with metal ornaments last What a pity he was wrong size!

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How to Clean a Suit Jacket

If you are one of those people that you usually wear costume, you’ll know that this type of garment requires special care, from How to fold it to go travel to the more troubling task, its cleaning and maintenance. The most common are suits jackets wool, and if you look perfectly normal tag is to indicate that it should be cleaned dry. But this type of cleaning ends with the natural luster of the fabric, and in addition, weakens the textures. For this reason,, we will explain you via pharmacylib to keep is as best as possible the maximum time.



  1. The best way to clean a suit jacket is crafted. As mentioned the dry cleaning, but it is what makes the tag, it is a very aggressive process to the fabric of the suit. And the best way to ensure the quality of the fabric and seams, is washing by hand.
  2. To start the wash, we will fill the sink of warm water (not hot). Then put detergent for wool of pH below 7 and once you mix it well with water, dips the jacket.

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Return of the Classic Bomber Jacket

This time jackets already want to come out. The days are already made shorter and nights arrive before cooler and darker. If still doubt what choice in purchases, here we show you the trends that will protect us from the low temperatures.

MAXI Coats

Coats ranging to the ground come stomping. Recalling the shelter of, feel powerful taking it open or even more sensual if you take it closed and leave the rest of your wardrobe for the imagination.

Sailor’s style

Okay, we’re not talking of a novelty. Year after year, wrap sailor flooded the tarmac runway. Its huge, buttons the tabs and the trimmings are key to get this nautical style. Bet on gold color in the trim for a perfect look.

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How Long Do I Have to Load A New Cell Phone?

Your cell phone is constantly without battery? This is a great reality in today’s smartphones. You can make your phone battery last longer with a few easy tips. Many cellular manuals say to leave the cell by pressing for a certain amount of hours on the first use is required. It is not so true: it’s much more important a good administration of your battery to extend her life, that is born with the days counted.

How Long Do I Have to Load A New Cell Phone?

Basically, even for the most modern batteries of lithium-ion battery, there is no need to charge the phone for a minimum time. However, as the batteries comes standard with a lower load, it is recommended that you leave loading until they reach the maximum load during a time that will vary according to the size of the battery, but that will be displayed by the cell when the charge reaches 100%. However, it is extremely important that you keep these batteries away from heat sources, as this will damage and its useful life.

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Sleeping Bags And Jackets

Comes the winter and we find that our clothing has changed over the months , gradually adapting to the falling temperatures. Luckily, fashion gives us every year new opportunities for us to continue looking outfit without losing shape or style . All stations have their strengths and the same goes for the winter season, in which each garment coat offers a plus of style to always go to the last. Today we focus on some garments to protect you from the cold that will give a very casual feel. And that trench coats and coats are beautiful garments, that we can not deny it , but if our intention is to truly save us a good cold is the best bet for more functional garments fulfill their function while promoting our figure.

We refer specifically to the jackets and sleeping bags. The key to achieving what we set out with such garments is that they are made with natural, rugged and quality materials. They need not be large and bulky items. A jacket of good quality and well combined let us not forget that in winter usually wear layers of clothes- may harbor the same as a thick coat but purchased in a store cheaper prices.

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How to Clean a Suede Jacket

The face is a very nice and elegant but especially expensive fabric. And when it comes to confronting a cleaning process, it should be very clear what you can and what you can’t, since it is a very special and delicate fabric. In this article from, we are going to give you some recommendations for the maintenance and cleaning of your suede jacket, so the passage of time will not dent in this special garment.


  1. Before I explain the right way to clean a suede jacket, must take into account that this type of fabric is very porous. This means that it absorbs all kinds of substances and is very easy that it stained with dust, a little water, any friction, etc. Let’s say that it is very likely to end up stained tissue.
  2. Care that always requires a suede jacket is a good brushing so not it uncombed. There are brushes for this task. If it is just for a daily maintenance brushing, brush should be soft, but if you want to remove for example any stain dry, then use one hard. Also, to remove a spot you must use is in contradiction of the hair and if you want to comb through the fabric, using it in the sense of the hair.
  3. Suede with the passage of time it becomes bright and gets dirty much. If your jacket has no stains, with a rubber cleaner specific will be as new. Gums are a few essential cleaning accessories for Suede, are flexible and do not mistreat the tissue. To clean your jacket with such products, just rub a little as if it were a pencil eraser.
  4. If your jacket has more serious stains will be when using special cleaners whose formula contains solvents and cleansing base. Are you must dilute in a container a bit of this formula with double its volume in lukewarm water and then rub the area with a hard brush well soaked mixture.

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Top 10 Smart Shoes

The shoes are a very important part of our outfits, are those who can give a touch of elegant or informal and are an accessory that every woman we love. We present you the ten best elegant shoes.

Animal Print

Animal prints are very popular and are very stylish if you choose the right shoe. Use shoes whose animal print is not very extravagant or colorful, which are subtle.

Navy Blue Suede

The dark blue color is very elegant and sober, is also a neutral that blends almost with any color. It can be used with dress or pants and is ideal for business meetings that require dress formally.

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