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Tips When Buying a Wall Clock

A wall clock is no doubt a highly sought and essential complement. There are some people who choose to use these watches as fashion accessories for the home. Others like to always know what time it is and the address do not want to be an exception, and finally, there are those who are simply passionate lovers of the distinction and visibility which provides an elegant clock. Continue reading

Recipes: Galette Des Rois Or French Kings Thread

I lived in France for six years. Since I returned, I say to all my acquaintances there stranger things are eaten. Let’s see: they are the eclairs au chocolat, eggs with ratatouille, cherries, Walnut bread and Milka chocolate. It is also the galette des rois, or tart oui oui oui, as I named it; It is the cake made to celebrate Epiphany. Continue reading

Decorate Home with Stickers

To renovate a home you do not have to throw away the entire furniture and produce waste masses. A home can take on a fresh and fresh look thanks to the use of special wall stickers . Wall stickers have the power to give more depth to the environment and make the room more spacious. Stickers allow you to decorate the house with a more limited budget and much satisfaction. Continue reading

Take Advantage of the Furniture; Redefine Your Living Room

Furniture plays a decisive role in the decoration of the Hall, because their designs, colours and textures largely define the character of the space. Therefore it is understandable when choosing them will opt for conservative proposals, something that is not necessarily bad, but if limiting the opportunity to add details of much value. Continue reading

How to Make the Soup Diet?

The soup diet is based on a menu where the week your main dish will be the soup, in where she can be consumed at will.

Some people who have done this diet released who managed to lose 8 pounds a week, this is because an ingredient used in the soup that is the cabbage, it helps speed up metabolism, and Rico in fiber it increases the feeling of satiety for longer. And yet it has diuretic effect, decreasing the bloated feeling.

Recipe for How to Make the Soup Diet

For you that are looking for the recipe, we teach step by step how to do the diet of soup:

First let’s look at the ingredients:

1/2kg potatoes chopped into cubes

1 small cabbage, with about 1/2kg of

2 liters of water

2 porous or 1 onion garlic

salt and pepper to taste

2 chicken bouillon cubes

To prepare is quite simple. The big deal is with 1 ingredient is cabbage, if you use the purple, you’ll be able to increase the antioxidant power of soup, so you will be able to accelerate even more burning abdominal fat. But to prepare the soup diet, you will have to prepare the cabbage separately on steam, so he will not lose their properties, after prepared on steam you can put together the soup.

Another ingredient that can change is the industrialized chicken broth to the exchange you can cook chicken pieces in some herbs.

And a secret to improve the action of your soup is to include a small dose of ginger, but be very careful with the amount so that doesn’t affect the taste of your soup. Ginger has a great power to speed up the metabolism, which is very good to burn more calories.

With this you can lose 4 to 5kg during the week, the soup diet will work as follows in 7 days to your main meal will always be the soup. And to accompany you can ingest the following foods:

On the first day – Take the soup as the main meal and fruits except bananas.

On the second day – Take the soup as the main meal and vegetables, and can consume a baked potato.

On the third day – Take the soup as the main meal and fruits and vegetables, except potatoes and banana.

On the fourth day – Take the soup as the main meal and up to eight bananas and may have skimmed milk in between meals.

On the fifth day – Take the soup as main meal came with a small steak and even 5 balls.

On the sixth day – Take the soup as the main meal and a bigger piece of steak and vegetables, except potatoes, released, without exaggeration.

On the seventh day – Take the soup as the main meal and brown rice and vegetables, except potatoes, and may take juice without sugar.

Remembering for being restrictive, this soup diet should not be followed by more than 7 days. If you want to make of our diet, will have to wait for your body to recover between 2 weeks to 1 month, so you can make the soup diet again.

How to Decorate a Modern Bathroom

Just a few tricks to decorate a modern bathroom in the right way, avoiding all the possible errors that might create because of our inexperience.We have to address all components of the faucets and a few accessories useful and indispensable. Furnish this particular area of the home is often difficult if you do not have a precise idea on the head.

It must take particular account of its size, given that decisions will have to be weighted appropriately; if it is large should not be too many problems.

The first thing we need to address are the tiles and sanitary.

Green light for modern coatings and abandon the idea of same-colored bricks on the walls.

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How to Decorate the House-proof Single

On franciscogardening that speaks of celebrity wall stickers, one often reads of how to decorate every house to meet the needs of the whole family: what to do, then, if our small or large house was ours alone and anyone else?

Today, we decided to explain how to decorate the house-proof single, with lots of ideas and tips for organizing your own studio or small apartment.

Not everyone has the luck or misfortune to have a wife and children: for this reason it is important to try to figure out how to make functional every single space only for our comfortable and our needs.

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How to Decorate a Kitchen in a Modern Style

When talking about modern kitchens there is a big difference from the classical ones because the former are rich in technological objects and accessories that offer maximum efficiency while we cook. Most of the existing kitchens see protagonists islands or areas dedicated to dining, almost always combined with high stools along modern lines.

To achieve its objectives, it should be ensured an adequate opening to our environment and excellent ease of use, highlighting each item as a design or dishwasher baskets for rubbish.

From the point of view of appliances, free way to those built.

The hob features a center console with a very large work surface; the refrigerator is hi-tech, recessed and flush with the doors.

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Ceiling Lamps Modern

A separate discussion, concerning the light paths for interiors, deserve the ceiling lamps. This special place is due to one simple reason.

While other types of lamps (floor, wall, table) are introduced in already furnished environments, sometimes even too saturated with complements, in which the viewer’s eye indiscreet likely to get lost, for Ceiling lamps on listofledlights it is a different matter, because even if you enter into an already full habitat, go to occupy a vast and entirely empty space: the “heaven” of each room.

On this white surface, crisp, clean, free of ornaments and other decorations as the ceiling, the lamp has an aesthetic ornamental role of the highest order.

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Design Modern Lamps

When the landlord realizes that the natural light alone is not enough to fully illuminate a room, when even through the ceiling lamp is able to make the right contribution of light, you can only think of alternative light paths.

These paths, whether realized through wall lamps, table, floor, or by a mix of these three types of complements, can not be structured in a random manner.

It must first consider very carefully the directionality of the light beams to be projected in the room and once identified, on this basis, the ideal complement to get the desired lighting result, it must focus on its aesthetic component.

To introduce a new addition to a room already furnished must keep their eyes open on the dominant style and decide whether to move, with respect to it, in order to align the new entrants or to break the preconceived ideas, playing on the surprise.

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Vintage Furniture Lucy Turner

Lucy Turner from his studio in Cornwall transforms beliefs, dressers and tables in vintage-looking new and colorful furniture. His favorite pieces of furniture are those of the fifties and sixties, decorating with carved and colored Formica slabs applications. The result is original unique pieces, from the fresh look and delicate and a rear character.

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