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How to Make the Soup Diet?

The soup diet is based on a menu where the week your main dish will be the soup, in where she can be consumed at will.

Some people who have done this diet released who managed to lose 8 pounds a week, this is because an ingredient used in the soup that is the cabbage, it helps speed up metabolism, and Rico in fiber it increases the feeling of satiety for longer. And yet it has diuretic effect, decreasing the bloated feeling.

Recipe for How to Make the Soup Diet

For you that are looking for the recipe, we teach step by step how to do the diet of soup:

First let’s look at the ingredients:

1/2kg potatoes chopped into cubes

1 small cabbage, with about 1/2kg of

2 liters of water

2 porous or 1 onion garlic

salt and pepper to taste

2 chicken bouillon cubes

To prepare is quite simple. The big deal is with 1 ingredient is cabbage, if you use the purple, you’ll be able to increase the antioxidant power of soup, so you will be able to accelerate even more burning abdominal fat. But to prepare the soup diet, you will have to prepare the cabbage separately on steam, so he will not lose their properties, after prepared on steam you can put together the soup.

Another ingredient that can change is the industrialized chicken broth to the exchange you can cook chicken pieces in some herbs.

And a secret to improve the action of your soup is to include a small dose of ginger, but be very careful with the amount so that doesn’t affect the taste of your soup. Ginger has a great power to speed up the metabolism, which is very good to burn more calories.

With this you can lose 4 to 5kg during the week, the soup diet will work as follows in 7 days to your main meal will always be the soup. And to accompany you can ingest the following foods:

On the first day – Take the soup as the main meal and fruits except bananas.

On the second day – Take the soup as the main meal and vegetables, and can consume a baked potato.

On the third day – Take the soup as the main meal and fruits and vegetables, except potatoes and banana.

On the fourth day – Take the soup as the main meal and up to eight bananas and may have skimmed milk in between meals.

On the fifth day – Take the soup as main meal came with a small steak and even 5 balls.

On the sixth day – Take the soup as the main meal and a bigger piece of steak and vegetables, except potatoes, released, without exaggeration.

On the seventh day – Take the soup as the main meal and brown rice and vegetables, except potatoes, and may take juice without sugar.

Remembering for being restrictive, this soup diet should not be followed by more than 7 days. If you want to make of our diet, will have to wait for your body to recover between 2 weeks to 1 month, so you can make the soup diet again.

How to Decorate a Modern Bathroom

Just a few tricks to decorate a modern bathroom in the right way, avoiding all the possible errors that might create because of our inexperience.We have to address all components of the faucets and a few accessories useful and indispensable. Furnish this particular area of the home is often difficult if you do not have a precise idea on the head.

It must take particular account of its size, given that decisions will have to be weighted appropriately; if it is large should not be too many problems.

The first thing we need to address are the tiles and sanitary.

Green light for modern coatings and abandon the idea of same-colored bricks on the walls.

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How to Decorate the House-proof Single

On franciscogardening that speaks of celebrity wall stickers, one often reads of how to decorate every house to meet the needs of the whole family: what to do, then, if our small or large house was ours alone and anyone else?

Today, we decided to explain how to decorate the house-proof single, with lots of ideas and tips for organizing your own studio or small apartment.

Not everyone has the luck or misfortune to have a wife and children: for this reason it is important to try to figure out how to make functional every single space only for our comfortable and our needs.

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How to Decorate a Kitchen in a Modern Style

When talking about modern kitchens there is a big difference from the classical ones because the former are rich in technological objects and accessories that offer maximum efficiency while we cook. Most of the existing kitchens see protagonists islands or areas dedicated to dining, almost always combined with high stools along modern lines.

To achieve its objectives, it should be ensured an adequate opening to our environment and excellent ease of use, highlighting each item as a design or dishwasher baskets for rubbish.

From the point of view of appliances, free way to those built.

The hob features a center console with a very large work surface; the refrigerator is hi-tech, recessed and flush with the doors.

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Ceiling Lamps Modern

A separate discussion, concerning the light paths for interiors, deserve the ceiling lamps. This special place is due to one simple reason.

While other types of lamps (floor, wall, table) are introduced in already furnished environments, sometimes even too saturated with complements, in which the viewer’s eye indiscreet likely to get lost, for Ceiling lamps on listofledlights it is a different matter, because even if you enter into an already full habitat, go to occupy a vast and entirely empty space: the “heaven” of each room.

On this white surface, crisp, clean, free of ornaments and other decorations as the ceiling, the lamp has an aesthetic ornamental role of the highest order.

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Design Modern Lamps

When the landlord realizes that the natural light alone is not enough to fully illuminate a room, when even through the ceiling lamp is able to make the right contribution of light, you can only think of alternative light paths.

These paths, whether realized through wall lamps, table, floor, or by a mix of these three types of complements, can not be structured in a random manner.

It must first consider very carefully the directionality of the light beams to be projected in the room and once identified, on this basis, the ideal complement to get the desired lighting result, it must focus on its aesthetic component.

To introduce a new addition to a room already furnished must keep their eyes open on the dominant style and decide whether to move, with respect to it, in order to align the new entrants or to break the preconceived ideas, playing on the surprise.

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Vintage Furniture Lucy Turner

Lucy Turner from his studio in Cornwall transforms beliefs, dressers and tables in vintage-looking new and colorful furniture. His favorite pieces of furniture are those of the fifties and sixties, decorating with carved and colored Formica slabs applications. The result is original unique pieces, from the fresh look and delicate and a rear character.

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Designer Lighting

Lighting is essential to create the right atmosphere and light fittings can transform the style of a room by adding character and originality. They know well the designers for whom lately the word is recycling. Many studies point to the fact in a creative reuse of materials and articles, taking them from everyday life and transforming the usual use. Many amazing results!

The young designer Pierre Ospina, starting from the forms of nature, has redesigned the lighting inventing an artificial vegetation of lights and industrial materials described on lightinghowto website.

Its Blossom Bulbs Forest is made from stainless steel and cast iron pipes, coated with silicone and the rubber of the bicycle inner tubes. From these “industries” post sprout like buds small light bulbs, perfect to illuminate modern interiors but also outdoor spaces.

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Accessories for Bicycle

Cycling in recent years is a very popular pastime, not only for individuals but also for families with children. Especially for a mountain bike you have to think about their safety. The mountain bikes are often issued for a very dangerous and inaccessible terrain.

Before you travel, you should check whether your bicycle has all the mandatory equipment, which by law must have. These are mainly two independent brakes, rear red and front white reflector, orange reflectors on the pedals and his wings wheels front light, a rear red light, and others. In addition to these mandatory supplements you can equip your bicycle and other fixtures that will ensure your safety.

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What Pillow Should I Use

One third of the time we spend in bed, and sleep is the only way the body to rest and recover.

The pillow is the most important element for healthy sleep. The correct position of the head during sleep would have saved us so many headaches, stiff neck, distortion and many other ailments.

For right choice of its new pillow should answer only one question:”What is my posture during sleep?”.

If you sleep on your back, you need not very high pillow because the distance between the head and the back is not very big. Otherwise it makes a large angle at the door so you wake up stiff.

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Make Your Own Wall Clock Ideas

Impression of the house and its owner, imagine details. They characterized with incredible accuracy, all they tell us about the master of the house couch potato or a drifter or a romantic pragmatist, ascetic or a lover of luxury, modern or conservative.

PhoenixWallClocks clock function – measuring time. We plan your day to have time to work on the morning of the child, preparing masterpiece dish observe the regime of the day.

Modern watches are as varied in design, price and quality, that the only choice is yours.

Create Unique with Own Hands

Addition to the traditional hours of down time, which are sold in stores, it can be different for different purposes: to decorate the interior, teach a child to move in time to save the memorable moments of life.

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Purple Color Schemes for Decorating

Many readers dear website has made many requests about decoration. Runs through already on this subject, but always very vague. Talk about fashion, beauty, inevitably touches the universe of decoration. This is the first article about decoration (dictfurniture).

Treat on decoration, therefore, will be a trial about a new universe, which will guide always learning!

Often, many of the things that happen in fashion and in the universe of beauty in terms of colors, also trends for what is meant as decoration. Decorating is beautify, coloring and, why not, admire?

The first article I want to talk about the color violet, purple, purple and the next. Imagine having a House decorated with that tone? You must think it’s a horror! It would be a witch? That nothing! Can be amazing. The secret of decorating is to make certain combinations and use the appropriate tones.

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Vintage Ceiling Lamps and Spotlights

Spots or ceiling lights? Time to cut the dropped ceiling always arises this question. So in what situations would be recommended to install spots and ceiling lights?

Advantages and Disadvantages

Spots are modern and efficient (100% of the lamp lighting is transferred to the environment). There are models of various colors, shapes, and all sorts of lamps. They are excellent for directional lighting, that is, close focus (lantern effect). They work very well in the highlighted environments, objects, work areas and also with decorative purposes. They use halogen bulbs (not recommend) and led.

Plafons produce a uniform illumination and wide opening angle, and therefore work very well to illuminate large environments. Are not they cute as spots (personal opinion) and do not convey modernity. In addition, the acrylic translucent between the lamps and the environment reduce the luminous efficiency by 60%, according to financedns. Usually use tubular or economic fluorescent lamps.

The combination of both is very well accepted and enriches the environment, reinforcing the positives of each.

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How to Buy on Ebay

Ebay became a phenomenon of e-commerce. The prices were what made this site a great success.

You will find just about anything on ebay: clothing, electronics, beauty items, hats, jewelry, stationery, items to scrapbook, wooden spoons, table, bed, bath, cover for mobile, toys (including “figurines”).Common and uncommon things.

It has absolutely everything you can think of!

Ebay is a platform that aggregates multiple vendors from all over the world! He appeared in 1995 with this proposal for a “global platform” of e-commerce. A lot of people play and says it’s like a “free market” (Brazilian site).

Probably heard about someone who bought on ebay. The site brings a quick guide on andyeducation. For those who love shopping.

How are Purchases on Ebay?

On ebay you can buy in two ways-to buy (buy it now) or by auction (Place bid). In the first case, the value is already set, the buyer pays and ready! Now, in the second case, buying by auction, the buyer makes an offer to purchase (a bid). At the auction, several buyers can give your bid until the end of the auction period. As in any auction, who offer the greatest value, take the product! A good portion of buyers like to buy direct.

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Manuel GutiÉRrez, The Great Spanish Watchmaker From The 18th Century

Manuel Gutiérrez was born in Sigüenza to 1740, settling in Madrid at an early age. He never left the country and boasted of having learned never anything of any foreigner. Without a doubt, it seems that it was a very particular character. Now their thirty competed to obtain the square of director of the Royal School of watchmaking that Carlos III created, however luck was not on their side, in the vast majority of contests in which participated, either in the Royal factory of watchmaking as Chamber of King’s watchmaker, charges were always occupied by foreign watchmakers, or by Spaniards who had done their learning outside the country. However, his creations were at the height of the best watchmakers of the time, and that not the slightest doubt.

Manuel Gutiérrez made extraordinary watches for King Charles III and the Infante Luis, two windowed desktop clocks with a great strike, one of which is still preserved in the Royal Palace of Madrid: it’s the “Skeleton” created in 1772 in steel and ormolu with dimensions of 35 x 22 x 13 cm. The machine is locked in a cage of glass since the artifice, proud of his work, didn’t want any hidden machinery.

Another of his great works of Toledo Cathedral clock, a clock timedictionary is called “clock of la Puerta de la Feria” in 1792 which still works today. It is characterized by its high degree of complexity, and presents two external spheres, one towards the street, over the door which gives name and another inside the temple. The clock has two rooms that divide on the one hand the pulleys with a moat and protected by other machinery and gears of the clock.


History of the Wall Clock

We found some of the facts of the history of the clock in the names given by the public to some models. The Officier clock, for example, owes its name, nothing more and nothing less than Napoleon. The invention of the mechanical movement of spring had already allowed to considerably reduce the size of the clock, thus giving rise to the so-called “travel clockes” or chariot. One of the first clocks of spring seems to have been offered by Jean de Paris to Louis XI, King of France, in 1480. While it is true, France always has been closely linked to the world of clockmaking, highlighting many of his creations all over the World Grand Master Abraham Louis Breguet, who performed some splendid specimens for his way – and logically – its content is a great example of this supremacy.

Napoleon was a soldier, as it is well known, brilliant, a great quarterback in the programming and design of the battles. However, once ran the risk of losing a job as one of its commanders he came late to the appointment. It was then that the commander demanded that officers would always have a mantel clock.

Thus, orders arriving makers workshops as a result of this firm decision wore written “une pendule pour officier”, hence Officier is his name.

In the next image you can see one of the most characteristic of this style clockes. It’s a clock of coach with repetition of rooms, large and small clock, alarm clock, calendar and moon phases, carried out in the last decade of the 19th century by l. Leory & Cie of craftinlearning. At the auction of Antiquorum of 1993 was assessed among the 24,000 and the 26,000 Swiss francs.


Types of Wall Clocks by Mechanism

There are many types of wall clocks available in the market. For the most part, clocks are functional. Let you be more productive, plan day and be on time on appointments, whether it is an important meeting of executives or to pick up the children at school. When you buy clocks, for any purpose, should be the research and field work necessary to ensure that the price is fair for the value of the piece. For high value items, may be a good idea hire a company of authentication, which, although it is an additional expense, could be worthwhile in the long run to find the true value of a piece.

The clocks can also be classified according to its operation, or its mechanism. See top clocks on

Electric clocks

Electric clocks really meant two things. The first, can use electricity as the main source of power or use electric current as your oscillator. This power would come from the AC mains. In addition to being a source of energy, AC has a constant frequency which offers precise and constant vibrations for the time base.

Mechanical clocks

Mechanical clocks rely on a pendulum or balance wheel to provide continuous movement and used gears to move clockwise. Clock measures time according to the resonance, as it does with the oscillations of the pendulum. Many antique clocks, grandfather clocks and cuckoo clocks, are mechanical clocks and gears and wheels inside can be very complex. Some people consider this as an art form and real mechanical clocks can achieve a high price in the market of collectors.

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LED Flashlight vs Regular Flashlight

Any flashlight that uses conventional lamp filament, which consume a lot in batteries and also illuminate little we all have at home.

While filament bulbs produce about 14 lumens for each Watt, LED technology currently produces 100 lumens per watt (and up to 160 lumens in the best LED Cree, improving year after year), in addition to having a much more estimated life long.

Although they are already on sale much more efficient LED lighting torches, we can modify an old flashlight and step have fun and learn, by replacing your incandescent lamp by one or more LED.

In this entry we will see How to adapt a Cegasa flashlight that uses 4.5 volt batteries to save on batteries and illuminate more.

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Anatomic Pillow

A good night’s sleep is essential to recharge and rest the body. To succeed and wake up with relaxed muscles and prepared for another busy day, we must have items to facilitate the process. To begin, choose the ideal pillow already tends to suffice. But in this text, we will introduce the characteristics of anatomical pillow and the benefits of choice for body health.

To choose the anatomical pillow, it is necessary to take into consideration a number of factors such as height, as the material it is made and the position in which you sleep, as well as features of their biotope, such as weight and age. To help you understand the variety of options and how the anatomic pillow can positively help your posture, we  separated valuable information. Check out how the orthopedic pillow can be a great option for you!

What is your sleeping position?

You sleep on your back, side or belly up? Whatever the position, there is a specific pillow to meet the needs of your body. To provide the necessary relaxation, there are adjustments in relation to the size, shape, fill material and the weight of the anatomical pillowcase.

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Simple Ways to Decorate Home

Fashion has many facets.

This diversity can be represented in many ways – by clothing, decor and even the House of the people.

Join the predominant style of a time with the very identity of the designer, more cultural categories of style is always a challenge.

Fashion works as a powerful way of communication between the subjects. She says a lot about the identity, culture and individuality. The designer himself has a cultural repertoire to be shared.

Ronaldo Fraga knows this better than anyone. Exceptional, diverse and significant for the Brazilian fashion, the stylist shows all its inventiveness in his new job for the Tok & Stok.

House, table, bath and decor! Is every thing more beautiful than the other. This may be an excellent choice of Christmas present.

The Tok & Stok brings two lines by insurancejust: you flowers and Sketches.

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