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Plus Size Fashion

There are several style tips for anyone who is overweight (too much or too little) and wants to wear well, even though we’re at a disadvantage by not having the same amount of options in stores, but there are those who follow and there are those who throw it all away and still get a result impressive, our example this week shows that very well! Continue reading

Opal: Jewelry and importance

What does jewelry and wearing of gemstones for you? Do you have specific desires, wishes or dreams that you connect to it? Memories of beautiful and exciting experiences? Or you’re mostly about expressing your own style, individually to be and maybe bring a “good taste” to the expression?
Probably go when choosing your jewelry by color and appearance, material and price. But maybe also the importance that is attributed to a gemstone, for you a playing role (such as healing effect, birthstone, birthstone…)? Especially if you want to give away the piece of jewelry? Below we have gathered a few interesting meanings for you traditionally ascribed to certain materials and precious stones.

Because the meanings vary by culture and region, we can offer you at this point only excerpts. We for the following 10 types of precious stones decided, that we would like to introduce in a series: aquamarine, diamond, Garnet, jade, Opal, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and turquoise. Continue reading

Get Out of the Corset

Corsets made of leather, skirts like prostheses: Marina Hoermanseder is known for Orthopaedics-mode. She get while in the Museum, money does not deserve but. For this reason makes the 29 year-old now also gray sweaters. And accessories for the sex shop.

“Now there is no turning back,” says Marina Hoermanseder, and stroking the tattoo on her left forearm. There is your company logo for a few weeks: “mh”. It now no longer just matter somehow to survive the next Fashion Week , says the Wienerin. It’s about establishing their brand and finally making money. “Running the machinery.”

She went in November of 2013 Honda Hall had finished just graduated at the Berlin fashion school ESMOD in operation, and her final collection was so well that she was allowed to show the designs during the Berlin fashion week.

Were not a little everyday use, it all the more striking: Hall medical equipment, orthopaedic corsets and corsets were used as inspiration. Lots of leather and metal, a mixture of horrors and fetish. In short, Something that it had not yet seen in the Berlin fashion tent. Continue reading

Cavaliere CEO Loro Piana

Today we are launching the first article of the three in this autumn’s major cooperation here on Manolo. We have, together with the Swedish clothing manufacturer Cavaliere a to us perfectly höstkavaj at a reasonable price. We come in three articles explaining the product and closer and of course share the results. In the first article we look closely at the Cavaliere and company background, skills, and what led us to develop this common product.

Continue reading

5 Tips to Buying Cloth

It helps to visualize desired things or events. The more specific the idea even more finding easier. Unless the idea is utopian. A pinch of added flexibility and happiness can come. What is it about? My desire for a cloth with a butterfly motif. I found now in very free interpretation. I discovered last week at the store at de heritage ERG in Velgen this dream cloth made of pure silk, it is however no name – was no manufacturer on the label. The 5 reasons for butterfly, you can see the criteria according to which I’m looking from a cloth. Continue reading

Tips for Buying Clothes Online

Buy online is the new way to shop. With thousands of pieces of clothing and accessories available at dozens of sites, affordable prices, regular promotions and all this without having to leave the House, there will be women who resist? To make the most of this experience – to make it feel like the repeat of course! -Remember these tips and … happy shopping! Continue reading

Pants for Any Style and Fit

We are wild with pants for women! All women own almost a pair of pants, and it is a must-have in any wardrobe eventually. Pants gives a nice look, because they emphasize one’s legs and waist. Some women love skinny fit pants, which sits nearly as painted on, whereas others prefer them a little more loose-fitting. It is far different from woman to woman, but one thing is certain, and that is that the pants will always be a preferred item for almost all women of all ages. In our category of women’s pants, you can shape your own unique look for any occasion, expressing everything from creative, romantic or raw. View the entire Miintos range here on the page. Continue reading

7 Reasons Why the O Figure Type Needs a Magic Coat

Many women with belly breathe again in the autumn. Because they can carry back a third piece of clothing with pants, skirts, tops and dresses at your whim. Especially women with O figure, who have their center of gravity in the middle of the body, benefit from it. As for the O-figure type a Blazer, a long jacket or vest, a kimono or a coat is a real blessing. Continue reading

Baseball Caps: Hot Trend!

The baseball caps are making head of various fashionistas and trendsetters of the moment and aretotal hot trend to make the look more cheerful, modern and stripped. Baseball caps were already a hitin the 90’s and went well beyond use in baseball and baseball games. They have resurfaced with full force, within the trend of S portswear that has been gaining strength in the fashion scene, as a very stylish accessory to give a “broken” and relaxed in the visual. Continue reading

How To Decorate Baseball Caps

When pitching a children’s birthday party, keep customers engaged with baseball cap crafts. Buy an adjustable baseball hat for every party-goer and create a design area filled with decorative items such as gemstones, pearls, craft inks, brushes, glue and stencils. Decorated baseball caps also make charming gifts and party favors for themed events. Customize a hat according to a friend or loved one of hobbies and interests for a personalized gift. Continue reading

Samsung Gear VR in the Test

Virtual reality glasses are the trend topic par excellence. With the gear VR, Samsung is now bringing his own variant on the market. Whether she can actually take the users in virtual worlds? We have tested the VR goggles.

A childhood dream is slowly coming true: modern virtual reality goggles kidnap their user spaces, landscapes, movies or games and leave him at be part of the whole. Now bring Samsung, supports his version of virtual reality on the market from industry leader of oculus,: the gear VR for around 200 euros. We have set ourselves of course just the part for testing purposes on the nose. Continue reading

Latest Louis Vuitton Collection

Louis Vuitton: the Resort collection 2017 is staged in Rio! The latest collection by Louis Vuitton parades in the beautiful setting of Brazil, staged one of the most anticipated events and exclusive of the year. But what makes this collection unique and what makes fashion so special?

The latest fashion collection by Louis Vuitton made in Brazil is thought to women more modern and dynamic and is inspired by the exotic landscapes of the charming Rio: energy, multiculturalism and especially the dialogue between nature and urban planning that characterizes this rich land give rise to the creation of a line of fashion clothing and accessories from the futuristic design. Continue reading

Diesel Spring Summer

Diesel Kids this year thought to children, creating a truly exceptional collection, the spring-summer 2010, with colors really gaudy and templates for dressing your child and your child from head to toe.

But let’s go with order, and begin to describe the amazing Diesel clothes for your children and your children smaller (6 to 18 months, baby collection), which will be really adorable with dresses and shoes diesel, with its unmistakable style. Continue reading

DIY Masks for Carnival

It would be a shame if the dear-life forced him to give up the Carnival! If you think buying Carnival costumes is too expensive but you don’t want your kids give up a costume party, here are some useful tips to make carnival masks DIY.

In addition to saving even fun is guaranteed!

  • A Carnival costume DIY perfect for girls is thetooth fairy. To achieve it you need a leotard and a colorful sweater on tints of pink, a kilt made like the corolla of a flower (which you can easily make with leftover fabric or crepe paper), cardboard wings and a wand. You can also make a nice hairstyle with a hairband and colorful flowers.

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Must Haves for Summer 2016

Here are the shopper for the summer 2016, the perfect models for the beach or Office that can not miss in your summer look! From the city to the sea, we find the most beautiful tote bag that will give a touch of style to your outfit.

The shopping bags are roomy, practical solution to each of us, that we always have stock of mortise items galore! Tablets, books, documents, wallet, cosmetic bag for makeup and so on and so on and so forth, the bag is never too big to accommodate everything we need bring with us! Continue reading