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How to Combine Clothes with Your Male Belt Look

Belts are indispensable in the production country of cowboy. The accessory represents much more than the functionality to adjust the waist, he provides a look even more democratic and authentically backcountry. You need to follow some tips to achieve a bold and full of production management. For this reason, split up some style tips for men to Bushmen can bet the belt male country more has to do with your style. Continue reading

How to Choose Cufflinks and Wear?

Cufflinks are one of the few supplements, which can make special men and their often classic black tailored business suit. Cufflinks again come to a point of interest, and those are just details, which may be men in society a little shine.

Cufflinks have a long history, had previously been used more as a decorative element, now also fulfills a practical function when to combine two of the cuff. Classically cufflinks used for shirts with French cuffs, double cuff is folded, all the buttonholes are behind them and thread the knob. But if you own a shirt, you can also use a normal shirt with universal cuff. Continue reading

Essential Posts that You Should Have Read of Men’s Channel

Taking advantage of the 3-year anniversary of the Male Canal that occurs today (15/05), we set up our already traditional list of posts directed to men of style that want to improve more and more your dress, your care of grooming and the way they treat their clothes. Who ever follows us for ages, as our thank you, can you check if you didn’t leave a post going on this past year, who has now arrived, welcome and get ready, because the journey is long, but we hope that it will be enjoyable and rewarding!; )

Below is the selection of the posts of the third year of the Male Canal : Continue reading

Jeans Clothes Wholesale

If you are a jeans dealer or are thinking of starting a resale you need to read this article.

Hello Readers,

The pieces in jeans are in the wardrobe of most women, because they are pieces that are always in fashion, are versatile and democratic and give possibility to more varied combinations, adapting to the most diverse styles. For this reason, many people decide to resell these pieces as a professional activity or to supplement the income. Continue reading

Dudalina Collection Photos, T-Shirts

Release Dudalina Collection 2018

The Dudalina brand is the favorite of women who work for a social and differentiated look, and the quality of the clothes of this brand are incomparable, so much so that there are people who give much preference to it, and that’s why we have come to bring the new Dudalina Collection 2018, and if you also love the clothes of this brand stay inside the news in today’s post. Continue reading

High Heels and Top Sneakers Fashion

Training helps a lot, but some models give you confidence and make it easy!

It may seem easy, but walking with  high shoes   is sometimes very uncomfortable. And it’s no use wanting to put a leaping to create a powerful look if we are not feeling confident. But that’s not why you need to be alone in the sneakers and the creeps, okay? We prepared a list of models that make life easier to parade with a jump there: Continue reading

Rakuten Fashion Week for Them

Rakuten Fashion Week is your opportunity to prepare the wardrobe to dress well every day, blending trends such as chess, printed T-shirt, sportswear and other combinations and looks that modern man seeks to always be fashionable. Whether with different colors, basic prints or clothes for any occasion, discover that it is possible to be fashion every day at Shopping Rakuten. Check it: Continue reading

Style Guide on Sweaters

Winter is the time when you can mix most fashionably. Because during the transitional period, a shirt, a cardigan and a blue jeans are sufficient, so in the case of the really cold days much more must be conjured out of the wardrobe. The secret is to carry so many layers on top of each other, until you are able to withstand the temperatures: the onion plate principle.

However, not every man feels secure in dealing with this methodology. It offers a lot of potential for great, unusual looks, but also as well as sources of error, which must be avoided. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to the onion tray principle in today’s style guide and clean up with possible sources of error. Continue reading

Lingerie DeMillus!

Want to buy lingerie DeMillus?

Today we bring you some more about the Demillus to anyone who is looking to buy the products of the brand but would like a little guidance. The Demillus, which is one of the most traditional brands of lingerie from Brazil, producing intimate fashion since 1947, strives to update and maintain your lingerie in the expectations of brazilian woman accompanying the fashion and the market trend. Keep-if renewed during this time is one of the biggest challenges of Demillus, and with the products of this post we will show the result of this effort. Continue reading

Plus Size Regata Jeans


Regatta: who does not have at least one in the closet? The piece is super useful and easy to match. It goes well with jeans, skirt, shorts, blazer and so on. In addition, nowadays, the options of regattas models are many, from the most basic ones, like the white regatta, to the more formal ones, like the ones of silk and still the jeans regatta, the hype of the new Collection Summer 2016 of Consciousness Jeans.

When popularizing in the 50’s, the race was no longer fashionable and became a must in any wardrobe, both male and female. Nowadays, it is no longer used only in gyms and leisure time and has gained more formal airs with applications of income and finer fabrics. Continue reading

Tips for Choosing the Right Bra for Your Body

Did you know that wearing a bra badly adjusted, may compromise your health? Many women, especially those with large breasts, end up suffering from rashes, tendonitis, headaches, indigestion and even irritable bowel syndrome on account of this piece of the wardrobe! The problem has such big proportions that it is estimated that four out of every five women wear lingerie unsuitable for your body type! Can you believe that so many people make the wrong choice of bra? Continue reading

Buying Wholesale Shoes and Purses

Shoes are imperative in people’s lives and in particular for women who tend to buy several of these items and make an exchange every month of the year and wholesale stores can be a great alternative to save money or for those who want to enter this market Extremely profitable.

The web has increased the social and business interaction we had before.  Continue reading

How to Design a Vintage Garden

Inspire you to give a nature and poetic spirit to your garden.

A Poetic Nature Garden

Conducive to daydreaming, the nature garden is distinguished by a particular decoration, featuring materials. Natural but whimsical, he staged of the rattan chairs hanging on the wall, some aligned shells and sticks forming a teepee. Creative, and recreational, nature garden is above all a place of escape. Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Bag

There are some basic rules for buying a purse. Check out the tips of the stylist Maria Zhou:

:: Big women should prefer large handbags or strong.

:: Petite women should make smaller grants option compatible with your stature.

:: Scholarship to work has to be functional and have a certain professional air. It is important that you have enough space and combine with any visual clothes. For example: the colors Brown, Brown or black are wild; so

Continue reading

Right Bra for Your Body

At the end of the day you feel pain in the shoulders and back, the culprit may be of your bra. Colors and models are important, but some are designed exclusively for those who have small breasts or back. Wouldn’t you have used the wrong model for your body?

Small breasts:You have the good fortune to be able to take advantage of various models of bras, not just with bulges, but also with filling. If the intention is to gain volume, choose models with thick foam on the entire bulge, now if all you need is to “up” and make the impression of a more defined, choose Bras with small portions of only foam on the underside. Continue reading