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TV Pro 2: Smarter TV Guide with Remote Control Four Weeks Free

Track of the current TV program to keep, there are numerous magazines but also special functions in current smart tvs. If you want everything from a single source in the truest sense, but should take a look at the app TV Pro 2. The digital TV magazine is free in the basic version the Gold version costs 9.99 Euros while a year, it brings yet more practical functions.

Programs, recommendations, and information

To know what’s hot on which channel, TV Pro offers an overview function that is built like a digital TV magazine: the program is available for each transmitter based on time. After a match prediction on an entry provides the app info about the content or background knowledge set is also a reminder if desired or just follow a specific format. So, all future episodes of the format in a browser are listed and must be selected no longer every time manually. The magazine feature makes recommendations to the highlights of the day, sorted into categories such as entertainment or series. The categories themselves can be individually list but also away from the highlight selection for each day and search, so that you quickly find the right programme or appropriate entertainment. Continue reading

MAGNAT MA 1000 in the Test

The usual Blackbox magnate MA 1000 would be without two round “Windows”. But behind his glass curtains, the German integrated amplifier in the test spread cosy warmth that arises from two tubes of the type ECC82.

You 1000 sure not wrong MA the magnate, if one classifies the intentions behind this amplifier as “audiophile standard”. A solid, affordable, good-sounding amp with enough connectivity is required and – HiFi fans have always an eye – convincing material usage, so high-quality components. Continue reading

Marantz PM 7005 Test

At first glance, the Marantz PM 7005 is similar to its predecessor. He is effectively not only with the best sound, but with additional, State of the art digital technology to the test.

Seasoned HiFi fans will be greeted with “Hey Alter, there you also” the Marantz PM 7005. The outfit, the ALU media front with the curved plastic side panels, is them – now already familiar from generations of Marantzen – well. As well as the technique: certainly the engineers – have mounted as if there was no tomorrow – back tons of single transistors. Around CD signals with a fine out to raise high dynamics Push-pull arrangement as far as the subsequent IC source selection guarantee not more harm them. Continue reading

VidOn Box in the Test

With their software developed specifically for the media call the VidOn box brings all conceivable videos over the home network on the flat-screen TV – and much more, thanks to the Android operating system and XBMC software. We have the Android TV box in the test.

There are many more or less smart Android TV boxes, but the VidOn box of the same Chinese company offers more than just a TV adaptation of the Smartphone and Tablet operating system by Google. XBMC is the core piece of the device that is to have more recently about various online retailers for around 90 euros. Behind that an open source media center software that originally made the Microsoft Xbox to the Media Center – that stands for the shortcut. Continue reading

Ionik TW Series I 10.1 Bundle in the Test

Ioniks first Windows Tablet TW series 1 10.1 boasts an excellent endurance. Display and memory, but significant weaknesses evident in the test.

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The Android tablet Ionik TP7. 85 surprised the test with an all-round viewing angle-stable, bright and high-contrast display, weighed nothing and came to the hammer price of €169 over the counter. Eagerly we were on Ioniks first Windows Tablet TW series 1 10.1. Continue reading

Technics SB-C700 in the Test

With the compact box SB-C700 offers the Japanese Hi-Fi legend for around 1300 euros of all Hi-Fi a-car and an exciting solution. We have tested the compact boxes.

Technics fitted the perfectly processed, with 34 centimetres easily placeable Bookshelf speaker with a coax chassis and thus follows the longed-for ideal point sound source. The coax uses no cone but a flat membrane in 16 format, which is built as a sandwich construction: consist of carbon fibre surface and back, while a middle-class made of aluminium with many small, honeycomb-like Chambers holds everything together. Continue reading

Technics ST C700 in the Test

The technics ST-C700 is an affordable HiRes network player that in the test shows that he can quite compete with more expensive competitors.

With 900 euros, the network player Technics ST-C700 is a particularly attractive offer. Especially since he – unlike his 6100 euro more expensive counterpart SU-R1 – no proprietary digital line with his amplifier is connected and thus also on amps of other brands could play similar. He scores visually with the uncluttered, all matching Technics design and is a true data Octopus, which can be fed on a wide variety of roads with digital music. Continue reading

Technics SU C700 in the Test

The technics SU C700, a digital amplifier, proves to be real piece of jewelry, where one would expect a higher price in the test.

First impression on the technics SU C700: wrong movie? We expect a power amplifier for 10,000 euros, but not in an integrated amplifier for 1300 Euro so beautiful power hand tools. The nice simple front in aluminium and acrylic looks even more for high-end. And strongly reminiscent of the acclaimed us Technics plant SU R 1, which won the support of not only because of its massive appearance, but due to new technology.

Weight – 17 compared to around 8 kilos – not quite comparable, the SU would like to now offer comparable sophistication C 700. In terms of input options even more. In addition to a Hochpegel-In, whose sensitivity can be lowered when needed by 6 decibels, there is indeed still a phono input – with a pre-pre-electronics, which is lavishly housed in a shielding box. Continue reading

Denon DNP 730AE the Test

The Denon DNP 730AE too but with audio inputs. For this, the network Player delivers but equal to two ways to connect with the Wi-FI button.

With two antennas in the back, for the DNP 730AE already at the first glance makes it clear that he doesn’t shy away from the wireless contact on the network. And actually the player thanks to the each button activated WPS (WiFi protected Setup) and WiFi sharing options on iOS found along surprisingly quickly in the respective Wi-FI. Who sake but rather wants to put the player his music data on the Ethernet line, the antennas work back easily in their holders provided for this purpose and leaves the airspace across the bustling smartphones and tablets, which numerically exceed already the number of family members in many households. And thanks to free available “Denon remote app” can take as a multimedia remote control command.  Continue reading

Linn Box Exactly in the Test

The Linn exactly box proves to be fully digital, pre-programmed crossover in the test. She brings perfect time accuracy, correct room acoustic problems and streams without loss. The idea to enable passive boxes, is old. Linn’s new approach, however, is revolutionary

The most fully digital active concepts, similar to that seen by Linn, B & M, and Prime Meridian, are mostly proprietary systems: one buys the entire chain, streams lossless up in the box, ready… You can re-use the old components of his classic HiFi system (except the CD player reduced to the data providers maybe), nor is the system itself anything replace, enhance, or tune. Continue reading

Technics SU-R1 + SE-R1 + SB-R1 in the Test

Technics was hydrobiologie ultimate think tank of the Hi-Fi World – 2008 until they disappeared from the market. The reference system R1 from stand box SB-R1, SU-R1 preamplifier and power amplifier SE-R1 now heralds the big comeback of the Japanese and sets new standards in technology and sound.

Everyone knows technics. After all, this noble brand called once by Panasonic in the life the Hi-Fi World coined over 40 years. The Development Department supplied milestones of in HiFi history, producing, for example, the linear phase speaker system SB-7000, the first amplifier with constant voltage high-performance power supply SE-1000 or the Volkswagen beetle at the turntables DJ-purpose weapon of Technics SL-1210 periodically routinely. Continue reading

How to Connect IP Camera with iPhone and Android

View transmission of IP camera on iPhone

To see through the security camera IP on the internet from an iPhone, first that nothing the DDNS address of the camera you need, some models include it on a label attached on the bottom of the device, also showing the brand, the model, the user name and the password. A time identified these data it following that is has to do is very simple; first open the internet (Safari) browser from the iPhone, once the address bar appears what you have to do is enter the DDNS address displayed on your IP camera from Securitypology and wait for you to address.

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Ultimate 7 Port USB Hub

This Hub puts an end to port limitations on the computer.

Who does not know that! On Computer tons depend on different cables, pull all without pause current. Here some devices requires only sporadically, so they depend for most of unused PC. Although individual external devices can also repeatedly pull out, but this is associated with more work. But this is now no longer necessary. Because with the Ultimate 7 Port USB Hub, a 180cm long USB cable made of plastic, these problems now come to an end. Finally, the Ultimate 7 has seven USB ports to which the different elements of a computer can be connected. Thus circuit is connected to the cable chaos behind the PC.

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Velox x GVT x Net-Broadband Internet

The Brazil has one of the worst qualities of internet connection and one of the most expensive prices in the world. Even so, we have to live with this injustice and try to choose the best option for broadband internet for your home. These days, we have 3 major competitors in this market: Oi Velox, GVT and Net. The technologies are similar and they are all capable of delivering the contracted connection. But at what cost and what the quality each one of them? It would be better that the other same?

Let’s start with the GVT. In forums, discussion sites and Word of mouth conversations, which everyone says is the best internet service provider. Still expanding, its area is still very limited. You can choose to buy only a single package, with internet and telephony or a more complete, including cable TV. The most basic plans, which must have the combo with telephony, from 5 MB to big capital, begins with the approximate value of R$105,00. The speed can reach up to 100 MB, depending on your location. It is interesting that the GVT controls the sale of its services, the opening of new franchises in areas where the limit has been established. It’s a little frustrating for the consumer could be without service, but it is guaranteed that it will be something with quality.

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How to Make Internet Connection?

Keep domestic costs low has never been so important, then why not save money by making phone calls over the internet? There are many services that allow you to do this for little or no cost.

Voice over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) is the way in which people do to connect over the internet to cellular or landline numbers. The most important requirement to be able to make these calls is to have a good internet connection, a minimum of 1 MB (recommended 5 MB). You can know your internet speed very easy by connecting to your internet service provider.

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How to buy Apps on Google Play?

Buy Google applications Play an easy task. You only need a few things to make it possible.

The first step is to have a Google account. If you use other Google products like Gmail, Google, etc, then you already have an account ready to use with Google. If you don’t have a Google account, it’s easy to get a free to subscribe. You can do this simply by creating a new account on Gmail.

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How To Turn A Tablet Notebook! Compensates For Same?

In today’s world, what more practical and more useful have, certainly will be a great looking product and with huge success of acceptance. All days are launched new appliances, applications, accessories and many other things. We are here to inform you of a novelty that has been much talked about in the world of computing.

How about turning your tablet in a notebook? Now there is that possibility, but it pays to do this transformation? Check out all the information below that can answer these questions.

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Pad Transformer – Compensates for Joining Smartphone and Tablet?

ASUS, a company well known in the technology industry, has launched an interesting product. The so-called Padfone, is a technological experience that tries to innovate in the integration of devices that are part of our daily lives: the tablet and smartphone. Watching some videos with technology, and following the evolution of the concept pad transformer from ASUS, I was able to form an opinion more concrete about this mixture.

What is the ASUS Padfone?.

The pad transformer is a phone and a tablet. The difference is that the tablet is just a bigger screen, in which the phone needs to be connected to work. In other words, you have the option of increasing the screen of your handset by placing in a “case” of tablet in it. Would be equivalent to connect a laptop to a larger screen, a tv, for example.

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X Tablet Ereader: When Each is Best?

There was a time when eReaders and tablets were very distinct places in the market of electronic devices. The eReaders slid and exhibit books, while tablets assumed the task more complicated to run interactive applications, such as video playback and Internet access.

Well, this is no longer the case. The eReaders are beginning to invade the territory tablet with touch screens and Internet browsing capabilities, while the tablets are seeking to overcome eReaders on way to display books.

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What is HTTPS?

HTTPS is the abbreviation of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, which in Portuguese means “Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol”.

Currently, this is the most secure version of the Protocol for transferring data between computers on the internetbecause it makes the encryption of the data provided, requires the authentication of servers, among other tools to guarantee the security of data sent and received by the user.

HTTPS is the combination of HTTP and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

Learn more about the meaning of the HTTP.

This protocol appears before the e-mail address of the site that the user wants to access (URL), ensuring that it is a secure data connection between the user’s computer and the servers that host the websites accessed.

The sites that are accessed from a Hypertext Transfer Protocol secure, appear with the code “https://” before the URL.

The main difference between an HTTP protocol and the HTTPS is encrypted communication, which helps to prevent possible attempts of theft of information during the transmission of data between the user’s computer and the servers of the sites.

However, the HTTPS connections are not completely safe, being necessary the presence of Internet Security software installed on your computer, in addition to always stay aware of suspicions of questionable connections.


Windows 7 can be Upgraded to Windows 8

You probably know that because it happened to each one of you ever: you buy a new product, rejoice as Bolle and an update, upgrade or the successor will be announced on the next day. Very annoying.

You now calm down, a new Windows PC or laptop you can buy “another” Windows 7 running the guys and gals from Redmond to upgrade to Windows 8. Thus, it is possible to download 7 systems you bought during the period.

Limb al Review

Where is your phone right now? Usually, when you’re sitting with laptop or computer, whether the phone is next to you, doesn’t matter. When you consider that you have spent several hundred dollars for this, isn’t it very annoying?

Here is Namely, the guys think that the smartphone is in the future as additional screen at your workplace. So you can watch for example pictures, your calendar and to-do BB´s display or the display simply use as a extended screen. Here, you’ll get a glimpse of what will be.

Basically as the computer, you want to know where the smartphone just is, a very nice idea.