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Apple Has a New Patent to Control The Mobile Aerial Gestures

Force Touch came to the Macbooks and later 3D Touch made his entrance in the iOS world, on the screen of the iPhone. Apple always goes on the hunt for ways to improve the experience of use of their terminals, and on this occasion has patented a new system of air gestures, as he also patented the use of gloves on their screens a while ago. A system that would make it possible to interact with the screen of the iPhone without touching it. Continue reading

There Are Rumors about Snapdragon 830: More Fuel to The Fire of RAM and NMS

When we use our smartphone or, above all, when we look among the wide range of options that exist today, each prioritize a few aspects. Can we build on the experience of use or may be more empirical and we look at technical specifications, such as processor cores or if lee to 64-bit. In this regard, manufacturers of processors maintain some competition in nanometers, efficiency and power, and it seems that in Qualcomm already enjoying smartphones to fit 8 GB in just over one year. Continue reading

Power Case: Your Cell Phone Protected and Charged for Longer!

For some time now, I’ve been noticing that topics related to battery life in  the Android PIT forum  are the ones that are most in demand.  Thinking about it, I decided to talk about an accessory I recently purchased: the Power Case, a kind of protective case that still offers an external battery with different capacities. Continue reading

The Use of The Mobile Phone Can Be a Good Method of Prediction of The Economic Level of a Country, as Shown in a Study

We have assumed that the mobile is a complete and powerful tool, but we don’t fall in that the benefit will not only face the user. When something becomes an extension of our hands and is a source of reception and data transmission, We leave a footprint that can be translated as statistics to try to determine some aspects of our society, and that’s what study from the University of Washington in Rwuanda. Continue reading

Where I Said “Tell”, Say OnePlus: There Will Be Official of CyanogenMod for The OnePlus 2 Support

Now a year approximately since on Cyanogen accept the contract of exclusivity in the India with Micromax manufacturer so its ROM, CyanogenMod, was present in the country in the hands of the terminals of the company and of any other manufacturer. Something that forced OnePlus to develop a software alternative if he wanted to sell phones in the country, later born OxygenOS. Continue reading

Palestine Will Be One of The Last States in Having 3G after Allowing It The Government of Israel

In 2015 we sometimes see things as other centuries as pseudoscience, censorship or hampered freedoms. Technology (or rather their use) does not escape these anachronisms and sometimes we see that it reduces forward either the scope of tools such as the internet itself by socio-political consequences. An example is What up to now has lived in Palestine, Since today the israeli Government has not allowed the State to have access to 3G. Continue reading

Evaluation of the Best Tablets of Brazil

The best is always relative, but the idea of this video is to compare 3 models of the major brands present the domestic market: Apple’s Devices, Lenovo and Samsung.

Are 3 TOP models full line of features and qualities: are they the iPad Air, Apple; Yoga 10 Tablet, Lenovo; and Galaxy Tab’sfrom Samsung.

Check out the video and details: Continue reading

Appodeal Introduces Insights, Statistics to Help Developers Monetize Their Apps

If there is something we usually do almost everything is relating the advertising of mobile apps with companies like Google, owner of the Adwords and Adsense services, but rarely we think that there are printed that they are involved in such exploitation. Developers rely on these companies for monetize your applications and one of them is Appodeal. Continue reading

Eye-Plug, The Secondary Camera for Your Mobile That Will Create Content 3D for 30 Euros

In recent months we have seen how manufacturers have featured smartphones with double rear camera. Something that we saw with the HTC One M8 a few years ago and more recently have seen in Huawei P9 or LG G5. It catches your attention this but your phone only has a camera? Perhaps managed you Eye-Plug, a camera accessory that makes the times of secondary camera. Continue reading

Learn What to Do With Your Old Cell Phone Battery

Have you ever wondered what destination to give for an old cell phone battery? It may be that you do not usually change it often, but when you get a new device, you will fatally have to give the old one a purpose-and the old battery, too.  Cellular batteries have a toxic composition. They are made from substances such as mercury, lead and cadmium, which can harm the environment and seriously harm the health of those who come into contact with their waste. Continue reading

Pump Express 3.0, The New MediaTek Not Quick Charge System Overheated Phone

Given that manufacturers are reluctant to try to develop new technologies in which a battery is concerned, and that they tend to be increasingly thinner, it seems that all the efforts are concentrating on fast loads. Systems that allow You can be less time, better, together with a plug before leaving with a fully charged terminal. Continue reading

See Where to Buy Cell Phone in Miami and Orlando

Check out the best places to buy mobile phones in Miami and Orlando.  Many Brazilians traveling to Florida know that there is one of the best places in the world to shop.  Most products end up being cheaper in the US than in Brazil. The variety is huge and the prices super low, and Miami and Orlando are very good places to buy, saving a lot. Cell phones and other electronics such as tablets and notebooks are very varied and have prices for all budgets. See the best places to buy mobile phones in Miami and Orlando. Continue reading

They Become Video Games Cartridges, But The Console Will Be Your Smartphone

The ways of retro and indie fashion are inscrutable, whether in clothing or in technology, paradoxical as it may seem. Beyond the emulators of arcade computer games and mobile or developers who rely on the time for current games graphics, are initiatives as the peak Cassette, which seeks to revive the mobile that you rolled back to your childhood: video game cartridges. Continue reading

Mobeego, an External Battery Which Will Give You a Few Hours of Battery a Change of Two Euros

We have already spoken on many occasions external battery. These devices are inventions that many have saved run out of battery on more than one occasion, but of course, whenever we remember going out with the external battery is charged. There are more and less capacity, but almost always with that condition, Remember to recharge it. Continue reading

Moto G Battery Has Longer Range than Premium Smart phones

The battery test conducted by the Phone Arena site gave what to speak in the Android community.  Much emphasis was given to the record-breaking autonomy of the Galaxy S5,the largest of a high-end so far and comparable to that of tablets. Many people did not notice, however, that the  MotoG  also shone in the test. The battery of Motorola’s economical device proved to be more durable than the flagship car launched in the same year. Continue reading

Samsung Already Thought a “3D Touch”: Its Technology in Its Next Terminals Could Be

The third dimension box has been opened in Smartphone technology. We saw it with Huawei and its Mate S sensitive to pressure and even able to do as a balance, we saw it with the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and one of those hypnotic videos Jony Ive and subsequently from Synaptics carraspearon advertising ClearForce. Already rang Xiaomi name in this release and now returns to ring next to the Samsung and one of its patents. Continue reading

More Investment in R &Amp; D by Part of Huawei: 1,000 Million Dollars for Its Developers

Huawei has been doing. Manufacturer, with its renovated lines and a Huawei S matte is no lagging nothing wrong analyses, has sights beyond the hardware that mounts to the phones and invests a total of one billion dollars to support developers in a 5 year plan. The announcement took place at the Congress of developers of enterprise in Shenzhen, China. Continue reading

Xperia Xz: the New Sony Flagship Test

A bit sad, the development of my once-loved Xperia Z-series was right. The design has changed since the Z1 hardly, the technical details went at the best with the time and in the end the classic Z5 between the praised Z5 Compact and the innovative Z5 Premiumconcealed.

Therefore, I was quite relieved to see that the Xperia XZ finally brings a few new design accents into the Sony premium segment.Technically, the smartphone is once again class-like, but Sony understands its XZ camera technology as a fight, with the overall focus. So the phone scores at least with the aspect, which is currently particularly close to my heart. A test is therefore a duty. Continue reading

Qualcomm Says There Are Already 30 Phones That Use Its Snapdragon 820

Samsung is going to brand new, or has all the earmarks of being the first to put it on a phone that is sold in mass, which is what really matters. We speak of the Snapdragon 820, This so-called chipset to be a solution for a season in which Qualcomm has not been very successful, with a controversial solution for high-end as the 810 is. Continue reading