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More about Nokia Lumia 830: New Images and Specifications

On the Nokia Lumia 830, is very short time so that we may know it officially, but always interested in anticipating things like that here now. This leaks, sometimes they do more than teach us more than what we already know, others, teach us new details in images.

In the batch of images that we have – courtesy of WPDang-, we can see that the back cover can be removed (probably compatible with Wireless charging standard qi). Inside telling us that there is a mid-range phone, something that we could anticipate for the numbering. Continue reading

Microsoft Prepares New for September 4, Lumia 830 on The Horizon

Microsoft managers seem to have caught the reins of the business of mobile devices that have acquired Nokia and after the presentation yesterday of the singular 130 Nokia are already strongly preparing new surprises.

Confirms that the invitation that has come to the media and in which We quoted for on September 4 in Berlin, where will the company tell us its novelties in an event that will be held in the framework of the IFA fair. The invitation gives clues about a new model of smartphone that could be the future Lumia 830. Continue reading

The Possible Final Dimensions Are Filtered and More Data from The Nokia Lumia 730 to FCC Documents through

During the last few weeks not only have leaked the possible specifications of the imminent Lumia 730; Apparently, one of the manufacturers of this smartphone in Viet Nam has unveiled its price, which as we told you a few days ago, could swing around the US $240 free and Dual SIM version. And there is still more. Today is spreading through the Internet more hitherto unknown data from this expected mobile. Continue reading

Nokia 130, The Information

We still have to get used to that that is Microsoft whom we announce new mobile, but it is so, we opened the morning with new phone Nokia, designed to be the most affordable that we find in the shop.

We speak of the Nokia 130, a very simple phone conceived the old-fashioned way which so successfully brought to the Finnish company. I.e., alphanumeric keypad under screen, and candybar format. Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 1520, Analysis after a Month of Use

The Finnish company has been absorbed by Microsoft this year, the branch of mobile telephony, and before the acquisition is carried out already had prepared which would be the latest smartphones Windows Phone the original Nokia.

Among them highlighted the phablet Lumia 1520 which became a benchmark in terms of hardware within the family of processor Snapdragon 800 Windows Phone smartphones, quad – core 2.2 GHz, with 2 GB of RAM and display IPS FullHD. From Engadget already analyzed it and it has not been until now when we can give an overview of the terminal that has surprised us against the initial analysis in various facets. Continue reading

And If Microsoft Launched a Public ROM of Your Fork of Android?

This post comes a week later. At that time who signs it was on vacation, but I had already in mind to publish a reflection with a motion that would have seemed very interesting to me by Microsoft. It seems impossible that that will happen already, but and if Microsoft published a ROM of your fork of Android, the same who joined Nokia Nokia X original?

The new CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, confirmed six days ago that the future of devices Nokia X was determined: they would integrate the mentioned fork of Android to pass to be ruled by Windows Phone. Opportunity lost? So I think it. Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 530, The Information

It is here the expected Nokia Lumia 530, conceived to be the phone Windows Phone 8.1 more affordable on the market, without losing its DNA Lumia, nor their logos from Nokia in the usual positions. That Yes, it has been announced by Microsoft Devices Group.

If we take a look at the specifications, they seem fair for what we ask for it. First we have an LCD screen of 4 inch with FWVGA resolution (854 x 480 pixels), and move to the phone manager is a Qualcomm Snadpragon 200, It works 1, 2 GHz. Continue reading

Microsoft Sold 5.8 Million of Lumias in a Quarter That One Month Is Missing

I have already spoken on the results obtained by Microsoft, conditioned by the purchase of Nokia and the changes that are occurring in the industry, in which bets on the mobile device, rather than the personal computer that so much life given the company of Remond.

them they approach it as a challenge, loose ballast, and start walking in a market where they are strong, if we listen to the latest sales figures. The numbers Microsoft has shared include Lumia phones have registered sales of 5.8 million units, during the second quarter. Continue reading

Nokia X Will Leave Android to Become Phone Windows Phone

Microsoft He plans to leave his family’s phones Nokia X without their ration of Android, or at least perform some transformation with the range of existing and future products. How? To use in the future of the House, Windows Phone operating system.

CEO, Satya Nadella, intends to guide efforts in the same direction, a strategy based on Windows. We understand that it is going to do is select the work that is done with terminals Nokia X to become new Lumia. Continue reading

Twelve Nokia Lumia 520 Million Assets Worldwide

At this point in the film nobody will be surprised the good performance in the market of Nokia Lumia 520, the small terminal Windows Phone has rung on many occasions as a main bastion of the platform’s Microsoft, and its sales are recognized in many markets.

Other high-end terminals have been most striking in time, but without a doubt, the Lumia 520 has become the most popular. Microsoft had never informed about numbers sales concrete thing we have today by hand. Continue reading

Phones Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8 Begin Today to Receive Cyan, Upgrade to 8.1

The update is here Cyan for phones Lumia. Those terminals Nokia Windows Phone 8 may pass to version 8.1 starting today. Software cooling to phones this summer, with lots of new features, including greater possibilities of personalization.

The new notification Center- Action Center -shows activity with only deploy scrollbar, even with the phone locked. From it. In addition, we have access to major configurations. Continue reading

Is Microsoft Preparing a Phone with Android Lumia?

To see how focused the news, first for the sake of their ingredients: Lumia, Android, Microsoft, Nokia. Second, to bring to light the subject of denominations that generated so much debate during the weekend.

Third, to come from the hand of the “filtering” fruitful and most accurate of the mobile industry, evleaks. But not always match, so we must take with tweezers what they are telling. What is that us advances? Then there’s development Lumia phones with Android feature as operating system. Continue reading

“Nokia by Microsoft”, May Name Up to The Disappearance of “Nokia”

A couple of days ago we presented a leak of an unknown Nokia Lumia, it called attention to its aluminum body and a camera module something different from what we had seen in previous models.

If it was a Lumia 830 or a McLaren, We cannot confirm it yet, but the majority of specialized media point to the first. In addition, thanks to a new image appeared, you can that we have discovered a new designation for phones: Nokia by Microsoft. Continue reading

Microsoft Has Clear Phones Lumia Will No Longer Use The Brand Nokia

According to inner material of Microsoft, filtering by evleaks, we expect that sometime this year or next, Lumia devices no longer having the brand Nokia in their denominations.

Being more specific, and trusting us that the documentation is real, says that Microsoft will replace the Nokia brand new products, applications, or services, that they have to go to the market. Not in the existing. Continue reading

Microsoft Likes Designations PureView and ClearBlack, Stays with Them

We continue with the trouble of designations and rights to use – or own – brand, following the acquisition of Nokia on the part of Microsoft. Let us remember that they did with the mobile division and services, at the same time that signed an agreement to continue to use the main denominations.

There are many more names involved in the future of mobile phones that have developed together, especially related to technology–cameras, screens–as PureView or ClearBlack. We are talking about names, not technologies. Continue reading