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Medion X 5020: 299 Euro Smartphone with LTE and Octa-Core

Typical Medion: the X 5020 is a comparatively cheap LTE Smartphone which want to convince with all sorts of technical refinements. It is the device that visually looks like older iphones, a quality hit? Clarifies that the technical check!

Medion X 5020: facilities

The 5-inch display supports the full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels; Thanks to IPS Panel, content even at wide viewing angles are visible. An OCTA-core chip, the Snapdragon 615 1.5 gigahertz clock located under the screen. Also, Medion installed 3 gigabytes (GB) RAM, a 13-megapixel camera and 32 GB hard disk for apps, photos & co. Selfie fans is a Frontknipse with 5 mega pixels available. The integrated dual SIM function can be used only, if they abandon a memory expansion via microsd. Reason: The second SIM slot absorbs a memory card at the same time if necessary. Data connection based 5020 on the Medion X via LTE with maximum 150 megabits per second; it on fast Wi-Fi-ac switches in the home network. Android 5.0 is installed at the factory, an update to version 5.1 is already announced. The manufacturer gives a weight of 130 grams (including 2,600-milliamp hour battery) to. Continue reading

Bicycle Navi Falk Tiger Comes with Android

Still Falk keeps covered, what’s details. However, in his press release to the bicycle trade show, EUROBIKE, the company ever heralds a new era for its GPS devices. Instead of the previously used installers Android to take hold now tiger in his new bicycle Navi with the preliminary code name. That goes on sale although not until 2016, but United navigation Manager Michael Zach wants to make this ever appetite on the next cycling season.


The Tiger follows another Falk big cats Pantera (for the road) and Lux (as all-round outdoor Navi) and is much rounder and compact. The housing bracket is integrated in the device and to judge prototypes, is fixing the judge clamp, which is very common. If the advertised capacitive display of the Tigers is similar to that of Pantera from the same House, one can expect a bright and crisp-sharp display that is easy to read even in the most beautiful cycling weather under full sun. Brand new comes the low-power Bluetooth low energy in the navigation system. Theoretically, so also the possibility in the House to connect heart rate and Cadence sensors the device would be. Falk has at least already announced. Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact and Xperia Z5 Premium Surfaced

Already the 6th generation of Sony’s Xperia-Z series casts its shadow. The official launch is expected on September 2 at the IFA in Berlin. Our site will report in detail of the new equipment. But already now photos and data showed up in blogs and news sites. Therefore, there is a premiere at the premiere of this time. Under the name of Sony Xperia Z5 emerged Smartphone gets not only a small version, the Sony Xperia Z5 compact, but also a big brother to the page provided. Plus, but the Phablet not Xperia Z5 Xperia Z5 premium means according to phonearena. The redesigned power button now accommodate a fingerprint sensor.

Sony Xperia Z5

The Xperia Z5 has a 5.2-inch display with full HD resolution, according to the sources from phonearena. It would be no different to the predecessor to Sony Xperia Z3 +. This applies also for the eight core Snapdragon 810 and the Adreno 430 graphics unit. Further, the Z5 will have 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB memory. The main camera dissolves 23 megapixels. If that’s true, hand created Sony here. The predecessor has only 20.7 MP. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy J1 in the Practice Test: Aldi Offers for 89.99 Euros

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Samsung Galaxy J1 is a handy, unobtrusive Android Smartphone, which controls the basic functions and also acceptable snapshots. But who is looking for more power as to play or a large sharp display, is not happy. Best price on the Internet: 99,90 euro * per order this product at Amazon pleasant haptic memory card slot battery replace contra low display resolution low tempo now write a assessment of the editors sufficient user rating often come on the first impression and here the Samsung Galaxy J1 collect plus points. It is very handy (129 x 68 x 8, 9 mm) rounded, and all surfaces feel good. A colleague who randomly happen when assessing that push out other words: that is so not so ugly. Is true. The J1 is not ugly. Even the chrome frame surrounding the display, fits 122 grams light device.

Offer at Aldi

Already in July 2015, there was the Samsung Galaxy J1 at Aldi Nord. Under the same conditions, Aldi South takes the Android Smartphone to 3 September in the offer. The Samsung Galaxy J1 is there for 89.99 euros in black and white. As usual without SIM-lock, with two years warranty and 10 euro Aldi talk starting balance. In online trading, the device without allowances is currently even a few euros more expensive. The discount price is so fair. Continue reading

Alcatel One Touch Pop 3 5 and 5.5: New of Entry-Level Smartphones

Compelling Android smartphones not equal to several hundred euro must cost, had shown Motorola with Moto G. As reported by Winfuture, wants to shake now the popular market with cheap phones of this country little known manufacturer of TLC. To the beginning of September in Berlin IFA technology trade fair started by 2015 the mobile farmer has in Europe under the brand name according to two models in their luggage, the report, Alcatel one touch pop 3 5 and 5.5 should appear. Officials, still nothing is known, but already before the start of the fair land more and more information on the latest developments of the technology show in the network.

IFA 2016: the most important novelties

Alcatel one touch pop 3 5.5

With the Alcatel one touch pop 3 5.5 is the manufacturer to users, for which a possible large display in the foreground stands. With a screen size the pop by 5.5 inches 3 5.5 when it comes to size hardly differs from noble smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus or the iphone 6 plus. With a targeted price can’t around 150 euros but without sacrificing the amenities. Accordingly, the display only has HD resolution (720 p). The processor comes from mediatek (MT6580) and has four technically not quite modern kernels (cortex A7) with a clock speed of 1.3 ghz. 1 gigabyte memory to the side stand while 8 gigabytes of internal flash memory that operating system, apps and personal data record. Thanks to the microsd card slot it can be expanded. Continue reading

Microsoft Nokia 222: Simple Phone with Internet and Radio

Who wants long battery life, do not get around a non-Smartphone. The Microsoft Nokia shows 222 dual SIM that you therefore don’t must forgo all the amenities of modern life. This phone uses the operating system Nokia Series 30 + and stay up to 21 days at a time in terms of battery life.

2017 MWC: Smartphone innovations from A to Z

51 mobile phones

The most important new devices

Technical data

Resolves the 2.4-inch screen with 320 x 240 pixels. Instead of a touch screen to operate the Nokia 222 via buttons. There are two menu buttons and a d-pad with enter key. On such a small screen, a touch screen control is hardly possible. That is why for example the blackberry passport has a 4.5-inch touchscreen. The design requires a T9 keyboard: This means that the ten selection buttons for several letters. Who is still not quenched, should have little problems with the Internet speed faster than EDGE (236,8 kilobits per second) you are not actually progressing on the Internet so? By comparison, currently iphone 6 or Samsung S6 surfing speeds are possible with an Apple theoretically up to 150 megabits per second (Mbit/s). After all, there is the possibility to use two SIM cards. For the entertainment, a radio and a MP3 player are installed. Thanks to 32-gigabyte memory card to take with a lot of music. The built-in camera shoots images with a maximum resolution of 2 megapixels, the camera records videos only in 320 x 240 pixels at 15 frames per second to liquid to play a movie it takes at least 25 frames per second! Also, current models show what is possible. Even the relatively cheap Motorola take photos of Moto G 13-megapixel images in decent quality. So the Nokia 222 is not a multimedia machine. A treat is offering the phone but: who briefly hovering with the hand over the display, activate the screen and sees the time. Continue reading

Patent Dispute: Supreme Court Rules Against Apple

Which are battles in the Smartphone patent war almost all beaten, without that there would have been a clear winner. Now Apple must significantly to take note, that the patent protection of the iphone was much weaker, as once summoned by Steve Jobs. In the dispute between Apple and Motorola, the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) has declared a patent from Apple to unlock iphones and ipads to be void. At the trial concerned the question whether the typical swipe across the screen as a technical solution was patentable. Otherwise as the Federal Patent Court the Supreme Court considered the invention while a beyond the State of the art development. However, a user-friendly display for professionals through the State of the art was already suggested have been.

6 iphone and iphone 6 plus: Apple’s dream duo?

68 pictures to the image gallery the patent in suit was therefore not an inventive, the Supreme Court based its decision. Already, the Federal Patent Court had rather given to Motorola and declared the patent invalid. (File No.: X ZR 110/13). Apple had kicked off the patent war in the spring of 2011, to protect the iphone from the competition of the Google Android operating system. Company founder of Steve Jobs saw the design and operation of the Apple Phone copied and wanted to clamp down on the. Apple took non-Google Android developers, but device manufacturers such as Samsung and Motorola in the visor, which countered with own patent lawsuits. Continue reading

Mobile Phone Tariffs For Young People: To Attract Providers And Students

Advertise the network operator Telecom, Vodafone and O2, the mobile virtual network operator 1 & 1 with special rates for the attention of young people, pupils and students. O2 about grants a discount of 5 euros to the monthly fee its allnet flat rates and doubled the volume of included. Other providers, while the monthly costs remain constant, but there are to in the mobile Internet as well as in addition or as an alternative a SMS-flat or premium access here too more volume for excursions a music streaming service

Who is allowed to use special tariffs?

The exact offers of the four provider Our site has brought together in the text line. There you will also learn what requirements you must meet in order to take advantage of the special rates at all. Because as a student with the special conditions at least for most providers is no later than 30. Continue reading

Icloud: So You iphone, ipad and Macbook Places

If iphone stolen, lost or just anywhere, forget was, begins the stress. But using find my iphone have the chance to see where the device is located. This applies also to ipads, ipods and even macbooks. To have access to the hardware, in case of an emergency, you need to find my iphone the function enable in the settings under icloud in the lower part of the menu. Once done, you have two options: either you seek (and find) the iphone browser on any computer, or you use that app find my iphone on another device. Our site will tell you how you do it. Continue reading

LG Magna for 169 Euro at Aldi Nord

Test conclusion: what you should know

The LG Magna is an Android Smartphone with current operating system and a proper display. In everyday operation is simple by hand, but it is simply too slow for computation-intensive games. If you use your Smartphone humanely and much surfing, also lacks LTE. Best price on the Internet: 151,09 euro * this product at Amazon order Pro simple operation battery replace memory card slot neat display handy housing contra no LTE and NFC poor game performance weak front camera satisfactory assessment of editorial users rating now to review the LG Magna there is August 27 for 169 euro at Aldi Nord. The discount pricing is once again geared to the lowest Internet price and undercutting him around 10 euros. Together with two years warranty and 10 euro Aldi talk starting balance there to offer nothing. The question is whether the Magna is worth its money or whether there are no better alternatives?

LG Magna

Product photos and screenshots Continue reading

The Big Apple Raffle Has Ended: Folders Collect Now And Save Lots!

Clear Apple products now! CD/DVD code to unlock and register for the raffle participation until October 25, 2015 for all buyers and subscribers of Our site issues with CD or DVD. The Our site issues 17-22/2015 with CD or DVD might soon help you to win a great many Apple prices. The code from the CD or DVD cover of each new issue guarantees you a ticket for the raffle. If you collect all cases and store, you can register up to six times until October 25, 2015 for the raffle. Just above click the action button or enter your unlock code. In the below Photo Gallery, you will learn what attractive prizes are waiting for you.

This Apple prices are waiting for a new owner

So you make with

Now secure mini subscription at a discounted rate and no promotional issue Miss! Continue reading

Research: on the Way to the Super Battery

The great leap in battery technology made researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) and Samsung by a hitherto unusual change: instead of as usual liquid electrolytes as power storage, the researchers led by Yan Wang and Gerbrand Ceder put on solid organic electrolytes. So far solids considered rather unfavorable, so the researchers searched for too long after the correct mixture. Recently in the online journal of nature materials, published the principles of new technology.

In current memory paradise: power battery, unbreakable
with the now found material mix of lithium, germanium, phosphorus and sulphur could it will be possible to build the long-awaited power packs for mobile devices such as Smartphones, tablets and notebooks. Using the new technique, the energy density is expected to increase for one. Do you mean: the batteries store more energy for the same size, are so powerful. On the other hand, such solid battery life should be almost unlimited the measly battery 500 charge cycles would therefore history. Continue reading

SLR Against Mobile: Who Will Score the Better Photos?

Most people snap photos and videos these days with the Smartphone. It’s always in the Pocket, is ruck, no time provided, and the photos are divided into the nu via whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram. But those who places value on top image quality and individual settings, goes better with a classic photo camera. Our site has compared current SLR cameras with the best camera phones. See the results and comparison images in the photo gallery.

Mirror reflex against cell phone camera

Big chip = better pictures at lit

Make on a sunny day smartphones great pictures were it not the annoying screen reflections. It is often the motive only to hint at. Different photo cameras: In bright sunlight is to recognize when son adorns the sand castle with clams through the built-in viewfinder exactly. Closer look at the images fast falls the higher quality in the eye, which is due to the better image sensors and lenses. Consistently all tested cameras knipsten better photos than the test used top-Fotosmartphones Nokia Lumia 930, Apple iphone 6 plus and Samsung Galaxy S6. Photo cameras deal better with their larger sensors with large brightness differences, such as shooting in premises. When lit, the difference is even clearer: photo cameras take great photos without Flash, smartphones to produce mostly noisy, muddy images. Continue reading

Xperia M5 and C5 Ultra: Sony’s New Selfie Specialists

Via Twitter Sony had already announced a new Xperia Smartphone with almost rimless display in the run-up to the C5 Ultra, as it turned out in hindsight. But the manufacturer has another device in store: the M5 that Aqua is the successor of the M4. Both newcomers equipped with a particularly high resolution front-facing camera perfect for Selfies.

Sony Xperia C5 ultra

The 6-inch Smartphone offers full HD resolution with 1920 x 1080 pixels. Towards the sides, it is virtually borderless, to the upper and lower edge, there is a relatively wide range (unit size: 164, 2 x 79, 6 x 8, 2 mm). The most important feature of the C5 located top front Ultra: a 13-megapixel camera for Selfies. On the back, Sony once again installed the same lens with LED Flash and full-HD video recording. An OCTA-core (1.7 ghz) processor, 2 gigabytes (GB) of memory, as well as modules for LTE, Bluetooth, wifi and NFC radio are located under the hood. Android 5.0 is on the 16 GB preloaded data memory; According to the manufacturer, approximately 9.5 GB are free usable. The installed battery gives 2,970 mah. Continue reading

LTE Plans, Smartphone Co: Offers Bargain Check

Here’s the order of winsim tariffs

At this point, the most recent or most interesting bargains around the telecommunications world be checked every week. Worth the advertised special promotions and discounts?

New and already a bargain: Moto G3

The Moto G of 3rd generation has been unveiled recently. And could persuade the test improved camera with waterproof housing. Single hook: as first Moto G model it costs well over 200 euros, namely 229 euro. Who needs just a cheap 1 gigabyte rate (O2 network) and hardly any phone/text (50 free minutes/50 free SMS), get the Moto 3 G the tariff costs 9.99 Euros generation for 1 euro. If you want to find a problem: the Moto G3 cannot be LTE, the tariff. At the price but is bleating on high level.
Offer: Moto G3 for $1 with 1-GB Flat for 9,99 Euro Continue reading

Bosch and Our Site Jointly Develop Navi Cards

Ensure Google and other Internet companies increasingly to cause trouble in the auto industry. No manufacturer wants to go into dependency of young corporate California. Therefore, the auto parts supplier and Navi manufacturer Bosch and tomtom forge an Alliance. The German Dutch team wants to establish together high resolution digital maps, as they are required for autonomous cars. Thus, a circle is closed: the first navigation systems from Bosch worked with teleatlas maps, which were taken over by tomtom a few years ago. For example Navi systems by Mercedes and VW digital maps of tomtom are currently using. In addition to Google’s biggest competitor is here. The former Nokia subsidiary had become the major supplier for car manufacturers through the acquisition of the map provider NAVTEQ and to BMW and Mercedes are applied now by an Alliance of Audi,. Continue reading

Expired: Lte Tariff For 6.99 Euros Monthly Including 1 Gb Surf Flat

Smartphone plan for 6.99 Euro per month! Secure LTE flat with 1 GB per month for high speed surfing! Who not too much on the phone with the phone, but extensively surfs should be suspicious: the exclusive LTE rate for monthly only 6,99 Euro and our site can mobile surf on the Internet in the LTE high-speed Tempo (data rate up to 50 Mbps) per month for 1 gigabyte of data volume, watch videos, play online games or upload photos. 100 free call minutes and 100 SMS to all German networks are also included.

Mini-LTE-tariff for Maxi-surf fun

LTE mini special in the our site Edition exclusive tariff average Smartphone owners use behavior involving. The statistics portal Statista calculated Association provider of telecommunications and value added services (VATM) and the consumer portal Verivox: Most cell phone owners need no (allnet-flat) flat rate for unlimited calls and SMS a large volume of data is important for many! According to these surveys, telephoned the German average users per month only 143 minutes and shipped just 35 SMS. With the 100 inclusive call minutes and 100 inclusive SMS in all German networks, who’s stuck in the super cheap our site rate, you are all right. The inclusive units are gone, more call minutes or SMS cost only 15 cents.
Continue reading

Dress and Friends: The Wardrobe This App Makes Smarter

Clothes make the man we know and with the content of our cabinets we could dress probably 150 of them in all sizes and colors, and for every season. Only for one itself is something never! Whether hot date or important job interview: who went wild in the closet like a raccoon in the trash can, rarely pulls out a winning outfit, but comes to the following conclusion: I have to attract anything! So, time is to gain insight, to be inspired by the existing clothes and in addition to ask friends for advice or (in all acute cases) to a loan. The app dress and friends want to link styling plagued and ambitious fashionistas and thus be a kind of Facebook for the closet.

Once inventory

I had not even a purple scarf? Just who is well sorted, keeps track of all the pants, skirts, dresses, cufflinks and hairpins, which have accumulated over the years in cupboards, dressers and drawers. With the app you can bring order to chaos once: capture your pieces and put together your existing favorite outfits. So forget not the successes of the last fittings also: for example, that the yellow strappy Sandals have much better suited to the blue chiffon dress as the nudefarbenen ballerinas. You can archive directly also the matching earrings. The big advantage: The outfit is down to the smallest detail and takes less time at the next event. Continue reading

Smartphone on the High Seas: So the Cruise Will Cost Trap

Who would like to make a journey through time in the early days of mobile telephony, a cruise book easily. On the ships, passengers pay up to 5 euro per conversation minute and much more data for a megabyte downloaded from the mobile Internet. Who are not previously informed about these prices and further leverages the Smartphone as usual, seen at the latest with the next cell phone bill a rude awakening.

Satellite connection extremely expensive

It is not so easy to find out the prices valid for Smartphone use on one of the many cruise ships. It has also technical reasons. Because the vessels via satellite to connect in the global telephone and data networks, to the shipping companies have signed contracts with the operators of these satellite networks. The cell phone provider about Telekom or O2 has also completed ideally contracts with the satellite operators. Continue reading

Honor 4A: 5 Inch Android Under 150 Euro

Honor is a brand of the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei. Under the (former) premium brand top models such as the honor 6 debuted plus, but also cheap offshoots such as the honor Holly. Again, the new honor 4A is aimed at people who spend a small fortune for a Smartphone would.

Technical details

The device details according to the 4A honor appears as the model with and without LTE radio. Equivalent Let’s guess at 88 euros or 103 euros (LTE variant). It is strongly assume that the recommended retail price in Germany start less than 150 euros. What does the honor 4A when it comes to technology? The display measures 5 inches and represents 1280 x 720 pixels. The page the new Snapdragon 210 used, which features four 1.1 gigahertz nimble computing cores and 2 GB memory is available as processor. Apps, photos & co. Can be on the 16 gigabyte data store. Next to a dual-SIM card slot, there is a slot for microsd cards. Continue reading

Smartphone Prices: The Cheapest Allnet Flat Rates For Normal Users

The allnet Starter Klarmobil fare aimed at users who don’t often use the Smartphone. At a monthly price of 6.95 euros obtained 100 minutes and 100 SMS to all networks only 200 megabytes as well as 400 megabytes previously were inclusive volume for excursions in the mobile Internet. Connection costs 4.95 euros, resulting in a more effective monthly price of 7.15 euros.

Klarmobil flat now with 500 megabyte

Klarmobil offers for more active smartphone users the tariff allnet-savings-flat. 16,85 euros for a fee, the customer receives a flat rate for all calls to the German fixed and mobile network, as well as 500 megabytes inclusive volume previously were still 250 megabytes. Because the Starter Pack costs nothing, the effective monthly price is also 16,85 euros. Continue reading

LG Zero

Aluminium body, a 5 inch display protected by Gorilla Glass rounded on the edges, a 13-megapixel rear camera and support for LTE networks. These are the main characteristics of “Zero”, new smartphone from LG mid-range recently arrived on the market. Let’s see how it behaves in our review.

Hardware, Materials and ergonomics:

LG Zero is a midrange Android smartphone from the segment. You place in 299 € price official but it is 100 € less online warranty Europe. LG has chosen for this device a Snapdragon processor, a 1.2 GHz quad core 410 with 1.5 GB of RAM and GPU Adreno 306.

Overall performance is pretty good both in terms of usability that in terms of performance in the most demanding applications. After a gaming session diffuse, non-localized heating, back though not high. Continue reading