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Which Case Should I Use on My Iphone 6 Plus?

Apple has launched new smart phones annually, these devices come to the market with much more autonomy, with greater storage capacity and especially, with ever larger screens.

The arrival of the Iphone 6 frightened much of the traditional consumers, its size, contrary to what everyone was expecting, escaped the standard set by the company in recent years. However, being a visionary company with qualities of the iphone 6, which is indisputable, Apple has decided to follow the trend established by devices of other brands and create screens better and better and with greater definition. Continue reading

Power Case: Your Cell Phone Protected and Charged for Longer!

For some time now, I’ve been noticing that topics related to battery life in  the Android PIT forum  are the ones that are most in demand.  Thinking about it, I decided to talk about an accessory I recently purchased: the Power Case, a kind of protective case that still offers an external battery with different capacities. Continue reading

Evaluation of the Best Tablets of Brazil

The best is always relative, but the idea of this video is to compare 3 models of the major brands present the domestic market: Apple’s Devices, Lenovo and Samsung.

Are 3 TOP models full line of features and qualities: are they the iPad Air, Apple; Yoga 10 Tablet, Lenovo; and Galaxy Tab’sfrom Samsung.

Check out the video and details: Continue reading

Learn What to Do With Your Old Cell Phone Battery

Have you ever wondered what destination to give for an old cell phone battery? It may be that you do not usually change it often, but when you get a new device, you will fatally have to give the old one a purpose-and the old battery, too.  Cellular batteries have a toxic composition. They are made from substances such as mercury, lead and cadmium, which can harm the environment and seriously harm the health of those who come into contact with their waste. Continue reading

See Where to Buy Cell Phone in Miami and Orlando

Check out the best places to buy mobile phones in Miami and Orlando.  Many Brazilians traveling to Florida know that there is one of the best places in the world to shop.  Most products end up being cheaper in the US than in Brazil. The variety is huge and the prices super low, and Miami and Orlando are very good places to buy, saving a lot. Cell phones and other electronics such as tablets and notebooks are very varied and have prices for all budgets. See the best places to buy mobile phones in Miami and Orlando. Continue reading

Moto G Battery Has Longer Range than Premium Smart phones

The battery test conducted by the Phone Arena site gave what to speak in the Android community.  Much emphasis was given to the record-breaking autonomy of the Galaxy S5,the largest of a high-end so far and comparable to that of tablets. Many people did not notice, however, that the  MotoG  also shone in the test. The battery of Motorola’s economical device proved to be more durable than the flagship car launched in the same year. Continue reading

Xperia Xz: the New Sony Flagship Test

A bit sad, the development of my once-loved Xperia Z-series was right. The design has changed since the Z1 hardly, the technical details went at the best with the time and in the end the classic Z5 between the praised Z5 Compact and the innovative Z5 Premiumconcealed.

Therefore, I was quite relieved to see that the Xperia XZ finally brings a few new design accents into the Sony premium segment.Technically, the smartphone is once again class-like, but Sony understands its XZ camera technology as a fight, with the overall focus. So the phone scores at least with the aspect, which is currently particularly close to my heart. A test is therefore a duty. Continue reading

Headphones: See Five Wired Models for Sports

Sports headphones are essential for those who can not do exercises without good music. The main differential over the common headsets is the ergonomic design, which ensures that the headphones do not fall during physical activity.In addition, sports-oriented models often have resistance to water and sweat, allowing prolonged training. Continue reading

Portable Microsoft Power, Nokia Accessories Already The Microsoft Signature

Microsoft Portable Power an auxiliary battery, is so far nothing new. The first thing that calls our attention is its size, with a capacity of 6. 000mAh, the biggest thing that Nokia had offered so far.

Yes, we are talking about Nokia, since on his blog we have presented it – Nokia Conversations – and its appearance can not marry better with the accessory line had been created for the family of Lumia devices. Continue reading

Lumia 1330, Another Microsoft Phone That Expect Tomorrow

If you have already well-known to Lumia 535, the other terminal which Microsoft It could introduce ourselves tomorrow, premiering the new name – without Nokia-, is the Lumia 1330.

The second Microsoft Lumia It has been seen in a couple of pictures before its supposed official launch. Here we bring it you so that we can debate its accuracy – I believe that it is real, – and the market interest that has. Continue reading

More Screenshots of Microsoft Lumia 535, Now in White

For which missed it, the terminal which Microsoft Mobile He plans to present on November 11, we teach you during the weekend. It has all the earmarks that is it, and responds to the name of Microsoft Lumia 535.

Many do not lose hope that will be at least two devices to present, and thus to satisfy different buyers, it would be very well that a high-end model comes with the new brand. Whatever it is, is the Goodbye to Nokia in the denominations. Continue reading

At Turns (New) with The Big Bet of Nokia World-Android

For years it was speculating with the arrival of Nokia to the Android world, something that finally became reality with the Nokia X and most recently the Nokia X 2. Entry phones designed to be cheap, without notable features more than its price, around 100 euros.

But we continue with the riveted to see thorn an authentic high-end Android manufactured by Nokia, and these rumours return to enliven it. Here are several Chinese media which claim that the Finnish mark, now in the hands of Microsoft, has hands a new phone which is working on the team that designed the Nokia N9, that curious device with Meego that captivated us in our touchdown, although it never curdled on the market as did options with iOS, Android or, to a lesser extent, Windows Phone. Continue reading

Nokia Aims to 2016 for Its Return to The Sector of Smartphones

A few days ago Nokia It had excellent financial results, and the company, which now continues on its way after having sold its mobile division to Microsoft, raises new challenges for the future. Among them, that of their return to the sector of mobile phones, an idea that the CEO of the company, Timo Ihamuotila, did not rule out speaking of the value of its brand in this presentation results. Continue reading

Microsoft Teaches Us How Is Your Signature on The Phones Lumia, The First Product Will Soon

Expected, as a few days ago, the American company has decided that already you will not use more the “Nokia Lumia” to their phones, and we will have to get used to Microsoft Lumia.

The idea of people at Microsoft is the simplify and unify the brands, according to Tuula Rytila, head of marketing in this new era. For them, Lumia It is still very important, and will appear in all things having to do with connectivity. Continue reading

A Third Quarter Spectacular Indicates That Nokia Seems to Be Recovering The Course

The benefits that the Finnish company has produced during the third quarter clearly indicate that Nokia He’s recovering health. So far, nothing seemed to portend that this veteran firm was able to give benefits in the short term, especially after lurches that have kept it for a long time in a “comatose” State. But it seems that this bad luck could have fallen behind. Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 730, 735 Lumia and Lumia 830: Thus Are The New Lumia under The Baton of Microsoft

Microsoft has unveiled at IFA 2014 the new Lumia 830, 735 Lumia and Lumia 730. It’s the new batch of mobile devices from Microsoft that show a continuous line on the released by Nokia in the past but which provide notable improvements in several sections.

Not just in design, with more refined lines, but also improvements to the operating system: Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 will be called Lumia Denim and it will integrate improvements to Cortana and, above all, the photographic experience, which highlights both the 830 by its rear camera the 730 and 735 by its front-facing camera. Continue reading

A New Firmware Allows Some Lumia to Have a Static IP, of Time in India and Latin America

Sometimes 18 megabytes they give to much. This is what ‘weighs’ update for Cyan (Windows Phone 8.1) which are apparently receiving some owners of terminals Lumia 525, 625 Lumia and Lumia 925. This new firmware for Microsoft Mobile could have passed as one minor update of not having referred to a very interesting feature: the possibility of enabling a static IP address. Continue reading

So PureView Nokia Lumia 830

This morning I have tabled to the Nokia Lumia 830, more or less we found something we had expected, confirming that the camera would be signed by the prestigious brand PureView, that distinguishes the best cameras within the Nokia family of phones.

In the presentation, we learned that he had 10 megapixel This new module, which was accompanied by a LED flash, but little else. Fortunately appear new details on it, which help us to understand what aim at Microsoft Mobile and Nokia to put the distinctive PureView. Continue reading

Microsoft Mobile Prefers Lumia Nokia Start to Change Names of Applications

Updates of applications present in phones are coming Nokia, and developed initially by the Finnish company, and at the same time as they arrive, we are seeing that there are changes in designations.

Under the guidelines of Microsoft Mobile There are many things that have to be changed, and that must be noticing. For one thing, like the Americans more How sounds Lumia, as Nokia does it. Well, more like it, sure there is some involvement in the owner of the denomination. Continue reading