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Samsung Galaxy Note 6: Release Also in Europe

Samsung has a larger fan base in Germany and the whole of Europe than has previously been assumed when it comes to the Galaxy Note series. The current Galaxy Note 5 did not come to Europe despite all the hopes of the customers, which in many places caused bitter disappointments. Even today, Samsung is asked in the social media, for example, whether it will still bring to the market. The sobering answer: No, there is no release planned for the Galaxy Note 5 in Germany. However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, which will appear in summer, will also be available in Europe. Continue reading

Facebook Home: from Smart Phone to Social Phone

Facebook has just introduced his UI “Facebook Home”. No big surprises, but we now know more about the functionality of the launcher. Mark Zuckerberg said at the beginning of the event: “Smart phone should be designed around people, not around apps.” From the smart phone to the social phone-that is how Facebook imagines: Continue reading

How Game Developers Can Take Advantage to a Coup D’Etat

The potential of Asia in the market of mobile speak continuously, something that is not surprising when we find that represent large percentages of population around the world and countries that are home to hundreds of manufacturers, being China and India which tend to star in the news. However, there are aspects beyond the population that represent an advantage for the market, such as the fact that there is a coup d ‘ état. Continue reading

Never Play a Angry Birds Was So “Real”: So Is HoloFlex, The Mobile Flexible and Holographic

After years of flat and rigid screens, for a while seems that they are the past and that they have to leave room to the curved as well put fashion on Samsung since its Edge S6 (that do not with the Edge Note) and occasionally images reach us of as some “tontean” with the flexible screens, mostly LG & the same Samsung. However, other manufacturers seek an application something different from this type of screens, as it is the case of HoloFlex. Continue reading

Which Case Should I Use on My Iphone 6 Plus?

Apple has launched new smart phones annually, these devices come to the market with much more autonomy, with greater storage capacity and especially, with ever larger screens.

The arrival of the Iphone 6 frightened much of the traditional consumers, its size, contrary to what everyone was expecting, escaped the standard set by the company in recent years. However, being a visionary company with qualities of the iphone 6, which is indisputable, Apple has decided to follow the trend established by devices of other brands and create screens better and better and with greater definition. Continue reading

The Mobile as a Resource for The Education of Refugee Children? That Raised Some NGOs

The situation of the refugees It is worrying and does not seem to go to better despite the efforts that various groups put on several levels. One of them is Aliim, a nonprofit that fights so that all the world’s children receive education and whose main action is the Smartphone School Program, an initiative in which program as we can deduce the mobile is the key. Continue reading