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Spring Summer Makeup Trends 2016

It’s always like this, every new season, field bets of the main designers of the world, are the so-called trends, some catch, while others do not come out of the walkways.

Well, the spring or summer 2016 Edition of Milan fashion week brought a lot of betting super different makeup next season.

Certainly, on the catwalks it’s all over, just to draw attention to what they want, so we saw the eyes of the models loaded with colorful graphics and outlined.

And more bold and colorful, believe me, they all had the same vibe, colorful! In my eyes a lot of color, while, most bet on nude mouth – no lipstick, no balm or anything.

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Homemade Beauty Treatments Recipes

The beauty is often just a fridge. Do not believe us? Yet among the stuff that we forget in the refrigerator there can be allies of our beauty: hair and face. Let’s find out what you can do with a jar of mayonnaise or yogurt.

he beauty is often just a fridge. Do not believe us? Yet among the stuff that we forget in the refrigerator there can be allies of our beauty: hair and face. Let’s find out what you can do with a jar of mayonnaise or yogurt. Continue reading

Makeup Lips: all the Trendy Colors

With the arrival of spring we have to prepare the fateful moment of the change of the cabinets, but not only. Even our beauty case will need a beautiful arranged.

It ‘an opportunity to get rid of the products that we no longer use but mostly it is the right time to put aside eye shadows and lipsticks from winter colors and take a look at new trends in made of make-up.

As we have seen on the catwalks for spring-summer 2015, this season the protagonists of the make-up are the lips that are colored in bright colors at Makeupnecessities: dark red, orange, fuchsia and pink.
There are lipsticks from glossy or matt and gloss finish brilliant and bright. But which to choose for the new season?

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Best Beauty Product Reviews

Every year, during the cold season, people tend to use the lipsticks from darker shades, this year, however, the colors black, purple, burgundy and bordeaux are real must-have in the beauty world. The trends seen two clear contrasts: the nude look on the one hand and lips protagonists other. We see all the lipsticks most beautiful autumn-winter 2015-2016, a ranking made up of 10 lipstick destined to be talked about:

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Makeup for Sides Plus Size

As with clothes, makeup shape is not the same for all women, makeup depends much on that part of the face you want to highlight, your color, skin type and others.

For us plus size is hard to find a good makeup but it’s not because we do not know our makeup, the problem is that some makeup styles do not go with our face.

The best we can do is we women adapt our style plus size, usually have a broad, oval face, then our main goal is to refine the face and defining features.


Glare and dark shades are the perfect way to reframe our face, apply a dark color based around your face, do not forget below the cheekbones, the chin and eye shadow.


We must create a contrast in our face, we use the illuminator on our forehead, chin and nose.


Then eyes blur the basis to define our cheekbones with some flushing (the color depends on your skin color and the one that suits you)


They like the smoky effect, well to complete our makeup style plus size highlight our eyes with smoky effect.


Our lips should be very bright, as a general principle if you have thin lips uses strong colors and thick lips change if you use soft colors.


I hope you have served these tips and hope to return soon!

Plus Size But with a Radiant Face

We know that sometimes those extra pounds we play and live a hard time thinking how to get rid of them but keep in mind that your face is also affected by making it look fat accumulated in most cases greasy and unkempt. Here we show you some homemade masks that you can use to highlight and beautify your face!

For all we have either heard of masks, but Everyone needs to use a face mask? What should be applied? When do I start noticing results? The first thing to consider is your skin type, the result to be obtained and must be constant to obtain a noticeable change. Here we will mention some recipes that you can use as needed for your skin.

Kiwi mask 

The kiwi is ideal because it is a fruit with high astringent properties that controls excess fat and removes most impurities from the face. You simply peel the kiwi, cut it and place it in the bowl of the mixer. Then add two tablespoons of plain yogurt and stir both ingredients until a smooth, compact paste. Apply the mixture to clean skin with gentle movements and leave on for 15 minutes. Finally, remove it with water and apply a specific moisturizer for oily skin for best results.

Oatmeal mask 

It’s amazing how smooth is the skin after using this mask. You just need to liquefy or crush half a cup of oats well and add half a teaspoon of honey, two tablespoons of milk, two drops of geranium oil and two drops of chamomile oil. Mix well and apply this paste with your fingers using circular massage. Leave for 15 minutes and remove it with warm water. Your skin will be as smooth as a baby.

Masks of strawberries 

With some strawberries and yogurt you’ll end up with the fat of your skin. Remember that strawberries have beneficial properties, such as the acid that helps the exfoliation of your skin. For this mask, make a strawberry milkshake and incorporates a tablespoon of plain yogurt. You can also add a teaspoon of cornstarch powder and a teaspoon of honey. Once you have everything mixed, spread it on your face and let sit for about 10 minutes. Then remove it with warm water and apply your usual moisturizer. In a few days your skin will look no glare and less greasy.

Yogurt mask 

Wrinkles speak of experience and maturity but nobody likes, with this mask the will reduce. Mix a cup of plain yogurt with a teaspoon of fennel seeds and another crushed leaves of the same plant. The cream should be homogeneous when the sconces on your face. Leave it for 20 minutes and remove it with warm water. Repeat every day and your skin will thank you.

Makeup for Night Plus Size

The best friend of a woman’s makeup, this time we bring you some tips to make your evening makeup makes you look charming and beautiful.


  1. First you must use a concealer to cover imperfections such as dark circles, always use a lighter shade to yours to ensure that you covered and illuminate your look.
  2. The base is essential is that this cream is to give a uniform and natural texture.
  3. Always remember to highlight your eyes One of the last perfect to wear on a night makeup trends are the “smokey eyes” or smoky eyes, a technique that offers many possibilities and blends well with any style of clothing.The classic way is up the eyes in black tones but you can also choose more bright and metallic colors like blue, mauve, silver or gold.
  4. Once defined eye makeup uses a mascara to lengthen and add volume.

5. If you have chosen a very marked up in the eyes, we recommend not to abuse the paint on the lips. Use a lipstick-length pink tones and apply some gloss with a gloss in the center to give more volume to the lips. Finally, apply a touch of color in her cheeks.

Makeup for Sides Plus Size

Makeup is the best ally of a woman, you know what they say there is not only bad makeup ugly woman. We know that others can be annoying extra pounds and have already managed to conceal but that happens with our round faces? Well neglect will give you some tips to make your face look more tuned with simple steps!

Eyes – In a round face, smoky shades are perfect to refine the face and splendorous be sporting a very trendy look. Enlarge the eyes also help and to achieve this, a white eyeliner should be used on the line of the eyelids, then apply a mascara on top lashes. Eyebrows – Round faces are more stylized and elongated with arched brows and at an angle one so high, so you can consider this little trick at the time of pluck and shape. lips – Another option for making up a round face and achieve stylize is choose to focus all attention on the lips. To do this, you can be dressed up using intense colors like red, fuchsia, burgundy, etc. and delineate first with a pencil the same color as the lipstick

The final touch is applied blush should be applied just below the cheeks, diagonally from the cheeks to the temple, using pink or peach tones, depending on preference or clothing to wear.

How to Look Like Marilyn Monroe Makeup

How is it possible not to love the 50s? These are the years of the high life, the make-up pin-up and rockabilly, years of icons like Marilyn Monroe and large flared skirts. If all these things attract you here some of our tips on how to revive a perfect look 50 years old, from make up the outfit!

Who would not want to relive the  fantastic 50 years ? The unforgettable music, flared skirts, looks pin-up, rockabilly songs … Everything in those years had become more colorful, more flashy, more rock. In the midst of these changes, even the canonical figure of the woman turned and icons such as Marilyn Monroe obtained more and more successful, to the point of becoming the kind of ideal woman.

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The Best Mac Lipsticks

Mac cosmetics as well as being famous for its high product quality, has lipsticks that they really lose their heads to many passionate make-up!

We will see together what are the best lipsticks Mac, the most beautiful, and then best-selling and most loved by the stars.

Among the must-have lipstick for Mac are both strong colors such as red to the naked portable, from matte to luster, and there are some that are considered the top of lipsticks by most women in the world.

One of the “best Mac” lipsticks is Angel, a rosé ideal for medium skin, the right balance between a warm and a cold color, finish Frost, is the favorite of Kim Kardashian.

Mac Brick O instead, perfect for autumn, is a reddish plum from Creme finish that is comfortable to darker complexions.

Among the colors pop’s most famous and beautiful we must mention the Girl About Town Mac, fuchsia switched to combine with a very sober eye makeup and put everything on the lips, the same finish of the previous year.

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How to Make Halloween Makeup

OK, you already know how to make that party show of Halloween (as shown here), it’s all right but … and make?

Or so appeared a last minute invitation-and he can’t refuse – for a party? Whatever the reason … can’t play in a production basiquinha at a party like that, isn’t it? So, if you’re in that situation, the tip is to be inspired by the celebrities. So, we decided to show here some inspirations of makes for Halloween, so you can choose the one that matches your style! If you’re the style that likes to get in the mood but no way was I going to get ugly … relax, we’ll show you a really cool options!

Increasingly popular in Brazil, the Halloween parties are already part of our calendar, and end up appearing in droves at this time and, of course, it takes a lot of creativity to not repeat the same makeup, so we decided to show several different options of vintage Halloween supplies that make for Halloween, for all tastes, we’ll see!

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How to Do Makeup for Eye Shapes

Each eye has its own shape and each form has its own make-up perfect, to be enhanced or attenuated. Here is a list of tips for all types of eye makeup in the best way.

Not all eyes are equal and to make a make-up perfect you have to take this into account.

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DIY Face Masks for Dry Skin

We prepare to face ‘winter with creams, scrubs and maschere. Alcuni simple tips to follow to have a skin clean and purified after the’ summer, ready to face the cold winter.

Treat our skin is always necessary, especially in the fall, because of continuous exposure to the sun, but also to better prepare our skin in freezing winter.

In this article we will face, one of the most exposed areas in both summer and winter. A little thing to take care of our skin , even without having to spend huge amounts in cosmetic products. Just remember a few simple rules from eHealthfacts to follow with different timescales: every day and once a week. Continue reading

Giorgio Armani Fashion Show

In this parade Monday, one day after the end of the Milan Fashion Week, Giorgio Armani also talked about his style for next autumn-winter 2012/2013, on the occasion of the Milan catwalks. After admiring the Armani look that they wore at the red carpet of the Oscars 2012, Italian group today is again the protagonist of the international style, with its interesting collection of pret a porter fashion. The show ended a few minutes ago, starting with a slight delay, but that we could admire in streaming on the brand’s Facebook page. Continue reading

Paris Fashion Week Schedule

There is no time to recover from the catwalks of Milan fashion week for nextautumn-winter 2012/2013, which here is that our attention must now turn to other runways. Because tomorrow, Tuesday February 28, begin the parades of Paris Fashion Week. And will last until next March 7, with great names that will take part in a new Festival fashion women’s fashion collections that we offer ready-to-wear for cold weather to come. After New York, London, Milan, now is the turn of Paris, which ended the intense period of parades.

After admiring the beautiful collections of Milan fashion week f/w 2012/2013, here we take a look at the calendar of Paris Fashion Week on recipesinthebox: Continue reading

Dsquared2 Milan Fashion Week

Dean and Dan Caten, the twin founders of DSquared2, have staged this morning a really colorful and youthful collection that all girls will go crazy on next autumn/winter 2012 2013. Is to lower the curtain on the Milan fashion week, Milan fashion week collections which gave us beautiful and very different from each other that enhance each, in its own way, the femininity of a woman. The first collection presented today was that of a colored woman and they have proposed a DSquared2 casual claiming to be from an American high school. Continue reading

Milan Fashion Week Schedule

The last day of Milan Fashion Week has come to keep us company: today will be the turn of other fashion brands, some emerging and young people, who will be called on to comment on the woman’s wardrobe of next fall-winter 2012/2013. And Yes, it’s already been a week since we launched at women’s pret a porter fashion shows of Milan: it was last Wednesday when it all started, and like every good thing, unfortunately the Milan catwalks they end too soon. Eyes will remain however much longer the beautiful glamour clothes and accessories of the best fashion brands they proposed. And it’s not over yet, because the presentations continue to this day.

Here then in detail which shows and what events of Milan Fashion Week A/w 2012/2013 we witness today, the last day possible of walkways for an event that showed collections and trend absolutely fantastic, we admired and that we can’t wait to show off in the next cold season! Continue reading

Makeup for Maid of Honor

The maid of honor is a very important guest at the wedding so you must be very beautiful for the wedding, but remembering that the godmother can’t exaggerate on clothes and makeup not to outshine the bride. With this we put makeup tips for the bridesmaids.

The makeup to sponsor does not need to be as soft and delicate as the bride, but also may not be greatly exaggerated. First the skin should be well prepared to cover blemishes, dark circles and other flaws described by When you use the blush, he must give only a gentle touch to the face. Already in the eyes, use black pencil outlining the eyes with a trace fino and don’t forget the mascara to highlight the lashes.

Another tip is to not make a mistake in choosing the shade, give preference to intermediate shades, with opaque finish and that match the color of your dress.

At weddings, usually are the colors of the dresses are darker or open and colourful tones. Therefore, it is wise to bet on more neutral shades like grey, brown and black with blur effect or combine two colors of shadows.