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Carpisa Handbags UK

Today we offer the gift ideas preorderhandbags for Valentine’s Day 2011, it’s not neccesary to spend crazy figures to make a woman happy or to recover morale if you are single! Carpisa shows us that even with little money you can be beautiful and to feel beloved, surrounding romantic bags, key rings and other attractive gift ideas that will be very pleasing to us girls.Another great thing about Carpisa is that these accessories are put on display so even the boys can not combine disasters! Continue reading

Blake Lively Chanel Handbag

A few weeks ago the rumor that raged Blake Lively would be a testimonial for Chanel, well the various rumors are founded results from Paris arrive precise information that the beautiful star of Gossip Girl will become the face of a new line of handbags. Blake Lively is a fashionista and off the set of Gossip Girl and this engagement by Karl Lagerfeld is not surprising, the two basically it courted for a long time, including clothes, bags and front row at fashion shows this was inevitable, right? Continue reading

Box Handbag Buying Guide

The boxes are that can hold our greatest secrets. We present the box bags

When it comes to bags for every woman opens an infinite world did must have accessories, accessories important not only to look but just for practical purposes. Those days are critical to deal with an entire day in navigating between the various daily tasks. Those, however, have a pure and clear decorative function.

During this hot season there are many creations to which it is impossible to resist. Among these are certainly the floral bags as well as fluorescent models. If you like classic fantasies you will surely make your a nice striped bag but generally it will be hard to say no to one of tints it bag of the season.

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Different Types of Bags for Childrens

The children’s fashions are increasingly estilosinhas right … From bags to baby to the scholarships for pre-teens, the Child ATV bags are following fashion.


Bags for babies generally follow the color of the little room decor. So are those common blue, green and brown colors for boys and pink and purple for girls. Since the themes are very varied.

He has bags with dolls, some with pets, with Provencal theme and has the custom.

The age at which children themselves begin to use bags ranges from boy to girl. The girls tend to imitate the mother and other women with whom they have contact and ask pouches to go for a walk.

Since boys tend to hate and only use them when they enter the school stage.

The children’s bags has several themes. Today the bags of fashion characters are the most desirable, chicken Pintadinha, Peppa pig, Well 10 and Monster High. Always more drawn to women’s issues. If you have a girl get ready to spend much more.

Small bags that look like a hand-carrying, make the greatest success comes the girls 5 to 9 years.

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Backpack Spring Summer 2016

Also during this hot season backpacks are back in fashion: we discover together what are the most beautiful models of the moment.

Among the bags by 2016 this spring trend there is a model from a few seasons is regaining women, especially younger girls. We are talking of backpacks but certainly not ones to school. There are many fashion houses that are doing wonderful. Anyone who has followed in the past will have probably seen parades of all kinds and certainly the most unique and colorful we encountered on the catwalk of Moschino. On the other hand, we also found many made of textured leather, some characterized by special processes and other simpler.

The backpacks for spring/summer 2016 are very different from each other but are definitely perfect for making great outfits, especially by day. Just a t-shirt and jeans to be delicious but there are also those who match them in mini dress with flared skirt or a romantic and chic look in general. Let us see some pattern, so you too will discover the new seasonal backpacks covered on

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How to Make a Heavy Backpack Lighter

SCHOOL BACKPACK TOO HEAVY – have prepared the backpack, you stuck in every book, the diary, notebooks and anything else that may be useful to you, then stick it on his shoulders to go …. And look who took the specific weight of the lead! If you happened to be forced to walk so bizarre to overcome the force of gravity and don’t get dragged on the ground from your backpack (at the risk of being stretched out like a turtle flipped on his shell) then you need some advice to better prepare your chart and to wear it without having back problems!

HEAVY BACKPACK TIPS – Keep shouldering a backpack too heavy can cause back pain and in fact can also lead to problems in posture. To avoid this it is important to choose the right backpack and follow the advice that we offer on here and Aparentingblog.

-First of all, if you’re buying a new backpack, you should know that it is best to take it hard and padded backrest, with the seat belt to fasten in life and with an internal division in various sectors. These are things that help to download and organize the weight better. You can even choose a backpack with wheels, trolley type so you don’t have to carry it on his shoulders but you can drag it ashore.

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Multipurpose Bag Guide

Would you like to have a bag to which you could give many different uses? One that adapts to your needs and that you could carry around easily: the gym, travel, work … Such bags are called multipurpose bags, which could serve you well for sport, travel or take any other personal usage. Find your ideal multi – purpose bag!

The multipurpose bags are versatile and practical . We can use them for many different activities and also we can find them with very different designs for all tastes. We reveal all the details about the purpose bags you find it easier to choose yours. Become a multipurpose bag and keep your makeup kit, comb, a notebook or even a bottle of water in it! There are endless possibilities!

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Backpack Gorjuss

As I mentioned, I had bought a panel of Gorjuss, specifically brought 8 Dolls, and it cost me arrrancar because he saw between my fabrics no appropriate. When I had the “need” to make the first, all fabrics combined … and so was the “non – stop” to use six of them. in this I used a gray fabric topitos remains great, at least I think so.


For the lining fabric anoint stars that gives plenty of light, and the label in plain sight.


I booked two that perhaps become covers for agendas / notebooks. With this heat wave, as costs sewing, writing and generally do anything. And you still sew…

Shopping Bag Guide

Although most comfortable making the purchase of the week in large areas such as hypermarkets there are times we can also encourage local trade buying bread or newspaper in our neighborhood stores . In addition, these occasions are ideal for release this shopping bag that is too small to carry the weekly shopping.

Another reason why we bet on the shopping bags is ecology. In many supermarkets and encourage the practice of each person reuses plastic bags have at home or even shopping bags fabric or recycled materials. Help us care for the planet and grab your shopping bag. Discover everything you need to know about shopping bags.

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Samuel Backpack

Gorjuss that are beautiful !!! The girls we like !!! Of course if !!! long I bought my panel Gorjuss and still had not used because he saw a suitable fabric to combine ago.

I had to make a gift and knew it would be correct using one of them. I chose this fabric in raspberry colored marmolada I think doing very well. For the passing tapes of topitos in gray and white. And for lining cloth in pink and white gingham squares. I like vichy fabric because it gives body.
Anastasia is delighted with her backpack, I hope you do too you liked it . I can not put measures because I was doing on the fly and I forgot to take them, but if you have not yet made any backpack, this site published a tutorial.


This backpack is part of a cage Samuel, my commissioned my friend Maitxe also pad seeds and other things and I could decide. In this fabric I have no more to make a whole backpack, some little chunks of panel I already see how I use it. this time, for the interior I have chosen a vichy green stripes and the result has liked it.


If you are interested the back, here I show you.


Although backpacks babies the ground do without culete, in this case if I did because moms begin to put things and thus has more capacity. The lyrics, as always, ready to stem, by hand, with thread La Finca the number 12.

Recycling Backpack

Well my little girl has a tour in a few weeks and did not want to carry the backpack that hangs on the shoulders, prefer a shoulder strap and is more comfortable when get something. In other backpacks every time you want something you have to descolgártela, support on a site, search for what you want and hang volvértela. With the strap you have everything at hand and do not have to be holding the strips as shoulders that in a exclusion Noah looked all children clutching the straps of backpacks because they were running down the shoulders coat. Noah was super comfortable with his shoulder. We have decided to make taking advantage of a backpack Dora the Explorer we had saved that he did not like because I saw very childish (made me more ains …). This was what I had: backpack Dora the Explorer and one of my shirts old (the fabric was in perfect condition at Sportingology).

The top zipper left it as it was. That is, the zipper not descosí, I left the strip sewn in which he saw and descosí the entire strip. The idea was to make 2 boxes 30cm x 30 cm. Then 4 strips, 2 for the sides (30 x 12 cm), 1 to the base (30 x 12 cm) and one up (30 x 12 cm which is already has sewn zipper).


And that is all friends! Inside fabric lining wears a fuchsia satin that had saved a disguise (there is here all) of the same measures that the backpack. And in one of the padded shoulder straps that brought the backpack lined with fabric and sewn strips fuchsias. I hope you liked it . Recycling save, generate less waste and make unique pieces.



Backpack Alba

Bags, baskets and backpacks, seems to do nothing else, but if, as I will be teaching … Today I wanted to show you this backpack for Alba. In this case I mixed up two lonetas. Beige and a pink with stars and moons The loneta where it goes hand embroidered name, about stem and thread No. Finca 12, it is very rustic and gives an appearance of linen. For the interior, I chose a fabric of white cashmere patchwork, look how beautiful:


Although different provision, measures of fabrics and how to do it, you can find it in this tutorial. I love making backpacks, all equal and all so different. The secret lies in the combination of fabrics. And you still sew sew …

Cool Outdoor Backpacks Reviews

There is all: backpacks for children about the day backpacks, bike backpacks, the backpacks for trail runners, bags like backpacks up to high-tech backpack for long treks and expeditions. Also here: shoulder and side pockets, pack bags, accessories! For a list is sorted by usage areas.


All of the backpacks/bags models are gauged by us. We do this with fine-grained plastic granules (diameter approx. 1-2 mm), the trickling of a container using a device in the backpack dry bag. And although “use common”, that is, not burst through the seams of the backpack, to achieve a maximum value, but in a normal level, as close as possible to reality, so how you would even put his own backpack.


To the simpler notion of the size of the backpacks, we specify the dimensions in height, width and depth. Please note that these values are only approximate values. The mass can differ from the backpack volume mathematically. The often irregular or conical (cone for end) backpack Pack sack forms allow only an approximate measurement. These values are approximate and are intended only to support.

All of the backpack models are even gauged of us and also here the information can differ from those of the manufacturer.

In the area of laptop bags or laptop inserts, as well as photo accessories we specify the inner dimension (height, width and depth) for the subject.

Outdoor Camping Backpack Breathable Foldable Zipper Closure Side Mesh Pockets

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