Care to Wear Pants Low

For a long time, appeared in the Windows low pants. They were the harbinger for looks more sexy women soon surrendered to their charms, leaving aside models with high waist. Gradually, these pieces take care of all the stores. Who remained faithful to the old certainly went through difficulties, in the last two decades, trying to find the tall models. Today, such models are back in fashion, but still find a lot of resistance of women, who have become accustomed to wear pants low.
The difficulty of abandoning such models walk side by side, with the problems they cause. The girls become devotees of pants with low waist, very early. The development of the body, naturally, is compromised. Waist measures are affected and the result, often, is a deformed body. This is because this type of pants tightens too much just the area that should not be compressed by the fabric. This is not the case of the high waist that although today may seem tacky and ugly, I was part of the life of all women and never deformed their bodies. Even if the sets currently point to the waist high, the vast majority of women can’t abandon the low pants. You need to be careful, to use them.

How To Choose Low Pants

First, you need to know How to choose low pants . Although it takes more beautiful models, care must be taken because they can worsen the problem of deformation of the body. Aside from shaking too much to stomach, are still mainly responsible for embarrassing scenes, leaving out the lingerie or the so called “piggy bank”. It definitely is not anything elegant. The trick is to opt for models that have a number above the body measurements. There’s no harm in using a slightly looser pants, securing it with belt, if necessary.

How To Use Low Pants

It is not difficult to imagine what should be the care to wear pants low. Who didn’t give up a certain model that, despite being beautiful, the movements and does not allow the person to at least sit, without showing too much, should use it with longer blouses. These can be larguinhas or attached, since a good part be in your pants and hide the “piggy bank”. Women with love handles, but who do not abandon the low pants, shall give preference, the soltinhas sweaters because they hide the measures. Their tops too tight, on the other hand, should be avoided.
Finally, the trick is to create a “slap piggy bank”. To do this, simply turn a top with elastic fabric in a sort of belt, which should be on the bottom of the pants. So, when sitting, the woman will show what should not.