Care for Delicate Items

In the summer most of our wardrobe is made from cotton parts easy to wash, in winter a horse of a different color, or texture. In addition to the classic wool pieces – which is imperative to treat with care for remaining in good condition from year to year – this season the delicate parts list increases with two of the major trends of the season: the lace and the velvets.
As such, these cleaning tips meet all the rules to learn and retain their favorite parts and avoid unpleasant surprises.
Respect the washing symbols
The truth is that the labels of the clothing are a guide you should not ignore. Are same to read and follow to the letter, because an unsuitable cycle can ruin the parts forever, how to shrink a shirt or wash out a tissue. If you need help to understand all the symbols, find more information here.
Wash the parts by hand
When it comes to the delicate wash, wash by hand. Especially when it comes to lingerie or lace pieces. Unless the label says otherwise, wash this type of fabric in warm water with a detergent suitable for delicate items.
Avoid washing parts constantly
Pieces such as bras and sweaters of wool do not need to be washed. Do not rub and twist these items, in order to keep the rubber bands and colors. If you choose to wash them in the machine, put them in a bag to wash itself (or a pillowcase) and don’t forget to choose a cycle to delicates.
Separate laundry by fabric type
These are basic rules to wash all the clothes:separate dark clothes from whites and not to mix lightweight fabrics or delicates to heavier fabrics. When washing your delicate parts do not fill the machine, in order to avoid friction and protect its fibers.
Treat stains immediately
Wash delicate clothes is a task that requires care, take stains out of these tissues is even harder. The solution is to get wet soon part with stains, first with cold water to not fix the stain and then immerse them in warm water and a detergent for delicate fabrics. Avoid leaving this kind of sauce for a long time.
Forget the dryer
Don’t fall into the temptation to put delicate fabrics in the dryer-the ideal is to let them dry in the open air or in a towel (not shrink or distortion). Also avoid direct sun exposure to prevent these lose your original color.
And now you’ve met all the golden rules to take care of your delicate clothes, it’s time to explore all the possibilities for coordinated with their favorite parts. For more ideas see here.