Buy Mobile Xing-Ling or Original?

Want to buy a phone and you do not know yet if you want to spend more and buy an original cell, with fewer resources, or spend a little less and buy a Chinese phone, a “xing-ling”, apparently with more resources. This article is for you.
Currently, there are so many mobile phones of all kinds on the market, which offer lots of features and the leaves in doubt before buying a new one. But at the time of the dispute between the two, which one should I choose?

Mobile Screen
Some Chinese phones offer 4 inches or more for a more affordable price. What’s good for users who love to watch movies, play games or view entire pages on their phones. However, these screens typically comes with a resolution worse than cell phones. This is your choice for quality or size.
Customization of the Mobile Device
Chinese phones can be more customized than an original device, either with capinhas, changes to the system and very more. However, this customization has already reached many cell phones, with covers that can be modified, changed and even protective cases with several different styles. The originals, however, has a more expensive price.
Storage Capacity
Most mobile phones with Chinese offer a larger internal memory and the possibility of increasing this memory for a microSD slot. Original cell already has models like microSD option arrive to offer. Again, the original offer more memory and slots with a more expensive price.
Processing Capacity of Cell Phones and Speed
In the most basic equipment, the Chinese apparatus “xing-ling” almost always have processors with greater processing power than similar documents. Intermediate models already, the originals almost always are in great advantage.
Accept Two or More SIM Cards
Most “xing-lings” incorporate two SIM cards on any device, from the most basic to the most advanced. The major operators just put this feature in a few devices on time.
Multimedia Capabilities
Here’s what the original WINS by far. Hardly you will find a “xing-ling” who can balance a camera with good image quality, plus the ability to record and play sounds with efficiency. However, there are few phones that receive signal from TV broadcasts, something that is quite common in “xing-lings”.
Cell phones “xing-lings” are much cheaper than the originals, no matter where you buy them. This is the great victory that still attracts a lot of buyers for these devices, which have so many features for so little money.
Durability, Reliability, Quality, Warranty and Social Responsibility
However, this is the triad of factors that “xing-lings” lose ugly. They offer very more features for a price much less. But usually with much lower quality. There is no type of quality management in these devices, which can last for years or just days. You also will have no warranty as to its own security, with batteries that may explode at any moment or screens that can stop working suddenly.
Another reality is that most of these mobile phones enter the Brazil via smuggling, namely, skimming off the top that could be used on improvements to our country. Add to that the fact that almost none of them is guaranteed and you have a time bomb in your hands. And these cellular factories in China, are typically those that pollute more, less concerned with the health of people and contribute to pollution.
It Pays to Buy A Cell Phone “Xing-Ling”?
Definitely not. For more attractive they may seem, you save a little and get a cell phone from a recognized brand and consolidated in the market for longer than that. Quality, a good technology and a conscience take has a price worth paying.