Breaking the Myths for Plus Size Girls

When you are a plus size girl living in a world of skinny girls, you have to face various myths and beauty rules. The dictatorship of the sets often makes you avoid using some parts. But who’s to say what the other must do? So, here are some myths and revealed some rules you can break, being a plus size girl:

You should never use horizontal stripes

Can admit. You started to avoid horizontal lines after hearing they were fattening. We’re here to tell you that this myth has been broken. The horizontal stripes can make you look bigger, but only in some cases. The hint to use these stripes if you’re a plus size girl is knowing their proportions. The stripes don’t need to be too thick and the spaces between them must also be proportionate.
If you still don’t feel free to dive in this look, start small. Use a striped blouse on under your cardigan, or favorite jacket.

You should always use the basic black

At the same time that use dark colors can really make you look thinner, you should never think that it is forbidden to use the rest. The notion that you, as a plus size beauty can’t be pretty nonstandard monochrome colors is not only wrong, as it is entirely impractical. The world is full of strong and vibrant colors, why should you be allowed to use them?
If you still feel worried in time to get out of the black and dark blues, start small in this case as well: use colorful accessories, like bags and belts, until you feel comfortable to place a red jeans.

You will never be able to wear skinny jeans

Being a plus size girl, you’ve probably heard that you have to avoid the skinny jeans at all costs and use more remains wide. While these jeans can be favorable for you, skinny can also. Tighter clothes, in fact, can shelter her curves better than the wider, so don’t be afraid to try this look.
The hint to use it the best way is to choose a play fair and not tight. The first will make you look chic and sexy and the other can of uncomfortable, vulgar and – Yes – make you look bigger than you really are.

You should never wear loose clothing

Please throw this thought out. We can’t understand why some designers like to play girls plus size clothing big and wide inside-this is not necessary every time. Most of those times, use the loose clothing can create the opposite effect: make you look bigger than it is.
Don’t hide inside large and dark clothing because you think you need. Use clothes that fit comfortably and that are balanced among the most fair and the most larguinhas.

You should never use prints

You may be afraid to look bad in a floral print, for example, or to choose a polka-dot pattern and use them in a look, but the truth is that the prints can be great in plus size too! You should not veto your clothes automatically just because someone said they wouldn’t serve you.
As well as the horizontal stripes, use prints correctly and according to the proportions can be great for your silhouette, she is thin, or not. Remember that not all plus size bodies are the same, so it’s important to find something good in you and that makes you feel good.
Combine the pictures with a jacket, or a dark belt to complement the colors.

You should only use fabrics that add value to the body

The “culture of thinness” ever determines that the plus size girls should be careful in choosing the size, the cutting, the prints and stripes, now even the tissues? As it is! But we have a novelty: it’s okay if you want to use crochet, knitting, fake fur, leather, metal and all other types of tissues. Just remember to keep everything in balance and proportional to the rest of your look and your body. That way, you can take advantage of all the fashion options without worrying.