Brazilian Team Celebrates Evolution at the BMX Supercross World Cup

After two steps, the country’s female elite is approaching favorites. next challenge will be in the netherlands
The Brazilian team finished on Sunday (10) their participation in the second stage of the World Cup BMX Supercross, which was being held in Manchester in England. The team celebrated the good performance of the athletes Bianca Quinalha and Priscilla Carnaval who reached the quarter-finals of one of the most difficult competitions of the season.
Around 50 of the best cyclists of the time participated in the dispute and the Brazilian pair showed a lot of potential coming to mark times very close to the semifinalists of the event.The Brazilians made a very conscious qualifying phase and reached the quarter-finals very motivated, but ended up taking very strong batteries, containing Olympic and world medalists, and did not advance to the next stages. Anderson Ezequiel also represented the selection, but did not advance to the final stages.
“We had real chances to advance to the next stages and maybe even get into the final. Their times were very close to the favorites on the podium, but it is not enough to have a good performance on the track, you have to have the head to handle the pressure and today there was a “Guilherme Pussieldi, coach of the Brazilian BMX team, said:” We are very happy to be able to do this.
The third stage of the World Cup is scheduled between May 7 and 08 in pedal, the Netherlands. The event marks the return of Brazilian rider Renato Rezende to the tracks after being recovered from a fractured collarbone. This will be the last stage before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, so a great opportunity to assess how the riders are for the biggest multi-sport competition in the world.