Brazil Has Medal Chances in the Pan-American MTB

According to cadu polazzo, the team will have to overcome altitude (2,500m) to seek the podium and continue in the race for a place in the olympic games.
The Mountain Bike Brazilian team faces the first international challenge of the season 2015. In search of the spot in the 2016 Olympic Games, Brazilian cyclists compete next week, between 25 and 29 March, the Pan-American Championship of MTB, in Cota, Colombia.
According to the coach of the Brazilian National Team, Cadu Polazzo, the challenge is one of the most important of the year, as one of the competitions that are worth more points in the ranking that will define the participants of the next Olympics. In Elite, the most important category of the dispute, the first place guarantees 200 points in the ranking. Second and third places will add 150 and 120 points, respectively.
“The Pan-American is fundamental in the search for Olympic vacancies. The differential will be the adaptation of each athlete to the altitude. The competition takes place at 2,500 meters above sea level and adaptation to this condition is different for each person and it will be critical in the performance,”says the coach.
Represented by athletes Henrique Avancini, Rubens Donizete, Ricardo Pscheidt, Fred Nascimento, Sherman de Paiva in the Elite Men; Raiza Goulão, Isabela Lacerda and Erika Gramiscelli in the Women’s Elite; And Luiz Henrique Coccuzi, in the Under-23;Brazil should arrive in Colombia later this week and the most important: with medal chances.
And Cadu Polazzo says: to ensure the best performance, the recipe is empty mind and focus on the movements.
“The athlete needs to get out of the head the external and internal charges. Anyone who can focus only on his movements and what he should do during the race will have a better performance. Before the start the competitor must imagine the race and try to make the race in his mind. We call this mental training and can make a difference in the result, “the coach of the team adds.
Cadu Polazzo is a physical trainer and Master in Exercise Physiology and Sports Training. Currently, part of the technical committee of the Brazilian National Mountain Bike and is the coach of several athletes of the Brazilian Elite MTB, as the Olympian Rubens Donizete, Isabella Lacerda, Raiza Goulão, Sofia Subtle, Daniel Grossi and Jose Gabriel de Almeida.