Essential Bottles for Home Bar

If you want to start creating cocktails, it is not necessary to keep many bottles at home. But, if you want to have a bar where you can make exotic and not-so-exotic – creations and also a number of classics, because then you need several bottles in existence. It is the author’s opinion that it should be a bar that can provide guests of the House a different drink that coca with rum or whiskey with mineral water. If you don’t have guests as then it is for the satisfaction of one also. It is likely that one can get away with it and only have tequila or vodka in the home. And yes you can make cocktails of those bottles. The only problem is that there is no variety and the variety everyone loves. Then, here are 10 essential bottles to build your bar.

Home Bar Bottles
A note to all bottles. Buy brands popularity, especially when speaking of spirits. Probably cost a bit more than the generic, but the taste difference is incalculable.

1. Geneva

I have met many people who say that Gin is an acquired taste. That is probably true if it is only taken. In cocktails is spectacular, as his taste of Juniper and many other ingredients are that you can combine and give flavors that one would not think of cocktail. For recipes, I recommend the classic Martini, White Lady, or arrest of love (a little cliche name, but was created for Valentine’s day).

2. Tequila (Blanco and Reposado)

Blanco and reposado tequila have two different flavors. The white tequila only left to rest for a few months in metal containers; This adds no flavor or color as it is only for smooth tequila. These tequilas tend to have vegetable flavors, according to waterbottlesshop, which are the natural flavors of the agave.
In contrast, the restful Tequila left in barrels previously used for bourbon of two months to 1 year. This makes tequila have a dark color as well as flavours and aromas of smoke and vanilla.
There are some experts who say that it is not necessary to have tequila in a bar, as the only classic cocktail that you can do with it is a margarita. But that would be the world without them?

3. White and dark rum

Here are cheats, because the rum should be two separate bottles. Such as tequila, white rum and dark rum have different flavors for the amount of time spent in wood barrels. Although there are a wide range of different types of rums, with different ingredients (types of molasses) and flavors, it is advisable to start with simple rums to start to differentiate the flavours. Good marks for white rum would be Havana Club (if you can get it), Appleton white or white diplomat.
For Dark Rum, Bacardi 8 years, diplomatic reserve or recommended a Zacapa 15.
List of cocktails with Rum is extensive, but to start can be the Mai-Tai, Daiquiri, the hurricane or the Bacardi Cocktail.

4. Vodka

In the modern era, vodka is the best-selling distilled in the world, probably by the ease of hiding its flavor in sugary drinks. This lack of flavor is a detriment to the use in cocktails: has so little taste that many bartenders and mixologists are reluctant to use vodka because it adds nothing to the end result.
But even so, it is an important bottle have in a bar, because it serves to make cocktails like Cosmopolitan or Apple or a chocolate Martini . It also serves to infuse flavors, such as PEAR and basil.

5. Scottish whiskey

Scottish whiskey is important in a bar to serve with a little cold water and rocks. And it is probably the only thing you need for this distillate. It is difficult to use in cocktails, then smoked and strong flavor predominates over the other flavors. A few good cocktails can be a Blood and Sand or a Rob Roy. That Yes, you should not use an aged whiskey cocktails. It is better to use a more inexpensive or less price mark.

6. Bourbon

Bourbon is the other face of the whiskey. Made with at least 51% corn – and the rest by other cereals – bourbon has a strong and spicy flavor that makes it perfect to mix with fruit and spices. Made only in United States law, bourbon is aged for a minimum of three years (although there is not a law) in new barrels made of white oak and toast.
For good bourbon, Maker completo Mark, Jim Beam or Wild Turkey are recommended.
As for cocktails, these range from the venerable (and my favorite) Manhattan to an Old Fashioned or Mint Julep.

7. Cointreau

Cointreau is a French triple sec. Triple sec is an orange liqueur. Cointreau, is one of the best brands that you can find in the market and their price is equal to its very good quality. If you ever purchased a generic bottle of triple sec, you could remember that it is nothing more than alcohol distilled with a little cough added Orange flavor syrup flavoring. The difference is abysmal.
Cointreau is used in many cocktails, such as the Margarita and Daiquiri. You can also find it at an Embassy Cocktail or a Long Island Iced Tea .

8. Red and white Vermouth

These two should also be separately, but I think that 13 sounds better than 14 or 15.
The vermouth are simply wine fortified with species. Your recipes are maintained as national secrets. Red vermouth is typically sweet, while white is dry. The two are different cocktails such as the Manhattan and the Martini. In addition, it is normal to take a red vermouth on the rocks as an appetizer. Indeed, in Argentina and Chile called Vermouth time taking. Other classic cocktails with vermouth is the Martinez, and the Negroni.

9. Amaretto

One would be interested in knowing that amaretto, a bittersweet liqueur flavored with almonds, not necessarily has to be made with almonds. In fact, this liqueur is made with apricot seeds (or apricot).
The most recognized brand is Disaronno famously mentioned that it does not use almonds in your preparation, so it is perfect for people with nut allergies.
This liquor is essential in the bar and is an ingredient in cocktails such as the Godfather, Toasted Almond or a breeze of Cuba.

10. Kahlua

Kahlua is a brand of coffee liqueur. In fact, I should not mention a bottle in particular, but Kahlua brand has dominated both the market which almost the same is to mention his name. Another of the major brands of this spirit (of coffee), is Tia Maria.
Kahlua cocktails are classic. Among them is the famous Black Russian, White Russian, Baby Guinness, or an Cocktail Espresso (Espresso Cocktail).