Boots: How to Find the Ideal Model

The boot is one of the shoes that offers more diversification, there’s always a model that matches your style. In addition, she always is on the rise and is part of that list of shoes every woman should have in her closet. Below, check out a list of the main models of boots, showing its features and combinations featured by Youremailverifier.

How to use boots without heel

The boots without heel are those more practices, which can easily be used in day to day and bring all the comforts that a woman needs, without necessarily losing the charm of the look.


The boot is that shoe inspired boot used by soldiers during the wars. She has a medium barrel most of the time and its most striking feature is the shoelace, indispensable in this model you have in your main fabric leather.
Because of the shoelace, the boot is a boot a bit more coarse and therefore combines with women.
How to combine them: if you want to create a more modern look and less cumbersome, use it for delicate items made in lace and ruffles. Also looks great with military-style parts.


Riding boots were worn by practitioners of equestrian, therefore, its characteristics are highest pipe and the buckle. Today we see a wide variety of boots of this style, as it is one of the Favorites of women. This is a boot more used on cold days, I usually get hot enough the feet.
How to combine the riding boot: The riding boot is perfect in a combination with tights the same color of the boot, but also sit well with dresses and jeans shorts with tights.


Country boots are those inspired by the models used by the cowboys. Have a pipe and have a few more salient details, like the thin beak. With its popularization, the boot won most simple, but who continue printing a very characteristic style. To escape the cowgirl style, simply run this style combinations and from to a more stripped down and modern.
How to combine the boot country: to create looks more tidy, combine with jeans and shirt. Right looks more robbed, the tip is to give preference to shorts and t-shirts.

Low flat pipe

This is one of the most versatile boots, since it is not limited to just one style. She may come with various details, such as tassels, buckles and studs, as long as you didn’t jump and the barrel is short. Quite comfortable, it is ideal for women who want to print a modern style to your look. .
How to combine the boot low barrel flat: this boot looks great with many parts, the combination will depend on the style that you want to pass. For being low, barrel is great for use in the summer with a shorts styles (destroyed is a good thing) and a most basic blouse.

Tall flat

The tall flat boot is one that has the barrel above the knee, as well as over knee, but there’s no jump. She is great to print style to any look, but be careful if you are short, because it can flatten you.
How to combine high-top boots flat: the perfect combination with this boot is with short pieces and ultra feminine. Also looks great with skinny jeans and leggings.

How to wear boots with heel

For those who like to wear boots, but still staying a few centimeters taller, there is also a wide variety of boots that you provide it. The jump boots are stylish and pretty women, in addition to always give a touch of sexiness to any look.

Ankle Boot

The boot with the short barrel, below the ankle, and high heels is called ankle boot. This is perfect for use in formal events, since it resembles more the other shoe models than the other models to boot. Giving a touch of refinement to the visual, the ankle boot is good for work, but also to the ballad.
How to combine ankle boot: to create modern visual, use it with dress. If you want to be more feminine, combine with most romantic parts. For casual looks, it looks great with jeans.
Over Knee
The most powerful among all the boots, over knee, which means above the knee, is with fair and long pipes and jumps through the roof. To use it, a lot of personality and sexiness are required to create your look fatal. Not all women are adept at this kind of boot, since it’s needed a lot of character to face it. But, if you want to get out of the traditional and create a visual impact, this is the right choice.
How to wear over knee: with dresses and skirts, the boot is very feminine, with skinny pants or leggings, the look is extremely modern.

Cano alto

The jackboot and jump is one of the most traditional boot models. Its muzzle is long, but not enough to be above the knee, and the jump may be thin or platform. Also has some details, such as buckle and is easily confused with the jackboot.
How to combine the high-top boot: the dresses here are also good options, but these boots are perfect when worn with pants. If you want to lengthen your silhouette, preferably the pants of the same color of the boot.