Boot Trip Female: How to Use

The boot trip, also called riding boot, is a simple piece that can be combined in various ways. See the rules of combination and never miss to use it!

  1. The ground ball is one of the most classic types of boot and can form a very nice visual. They are perfect with skinny jeans. But it is important that the jeans is completely flush with the body, without folds of cloth. Pants that do not fit the body should never be used with this type of boot. The leggings, because they have the same style of skinny pants, are also permitted and recommended.The creeping black boot is the most classic and combines it with more pieces. They combine with any tone of jeans. But it’s important to always use them outside of the pants to the visual has more style.
  2. Although match with any tone of jeans, give preference to darker. Mainly for short and fat. Jeans with dark boot gives a feeling of breaks in the leg and contribute to the illusion of smaller and thicker leg. Dark jeans with black boot, for being two colors of greater proximity next to each other, form an illusion of continuity and leave the leg with the impression more elongated and thin.
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To create a more romantic look, use the boot trip with a flowered dress. When combined with the boot, the visual look of elegance and sophistication at once. Can also be used with a pantyhose.
Shorts with tights also form a great look with creeping boots.

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Why not give the same air of sensuality that boots with heels give the visual, abuse free dresses, style “girly” (little girl) and looks stripped. This type of boot is great with jodhpurs.
Although most people have low prejudice as to use a boot without heel, when well used, it may not give the impression to flatten the body. For this, always combine clothes with the same tones (preferably dark) and, when using with skirts, shorts and dresses, use the boot with thick panty and also the same color or a shade similar to not cause contrast and continue with the idea of continuity and stretching of the body.

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On the purchase to boot, try to find a model that is not too loose, not too tight. Must give the effect that was tailor-made for the shape of your leg.