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If You’Re Young and You Have Success, Remember This Phrase: This Also Happened (Te Sentiras Best)

You have 25. You lead a busy life. You work much. And you are successful. Perhaps you’re a youtuber with hundreds of thousands of followers. Blogger with important contracts with world-class brands. Instagramer who travels all over the world to expenses paid. You just offer to write a book to tell your story. You are invited to give lectures. Be you is the dream of thousands of teenagers. You have imitators. Perhaps even haters. Continue reading

Google Announces Special Channel for the World Cup on YouTube

“Palpita Brazil” is the name of the channel created by the company in partnership with Sony Music and ESPN will focus on videos uploaded by Internet users. It will serve as a form of videos site users cheer for Brazil in the most anticipated sporting event of the year, in addition to being used as a stage for reporters team ESPN, which will bring unique information on the channel. Continue reading

YouTube Includes More Editing Options and Increases Limit of Videos

A short time that YouTube has to offer its users some more advanced tools for video editing. In fact, today full week they are in the air. And not a few: there are options to improve the stability of the video, change orientation, add effects and filters and a shovel of other things. Still, today announced YouTube even more editing tools and included as a bonus limit the extent of the videos. Continue reading