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Men’s Sunglasses Summer

The sunglasses are accessories used by both men and women, after all, this is an accessory not only suitable for composition of a fashion look, but the health of your eyes, the summer requires even more attention with this care. We already have knowledge about the benefits of the Sun, but we also know the evils that can cause, but taking proper care, we can all enjoy it and why not with style? Continue reading

Sunglasses for Spring

Sunglasses for spring summer 2015, models not to be missed and most popular trends of summer. From classic masks from profiles over alle explicitly retro frames there is an embarrassment of choice 1 here are the must-haves to “bounce back”.

I’m the coolest accessory par excellence: we wear them in the winter to cover dark circles after a wild night, but in the summer are a must have for which we would never deprive us. Season coming, accessories that are renewed, and sunglasses works exactly the same way, even though we find it hard to set aside those of the previous season. Some I can totally do without, others collect them now, so we think it’s time to find out what will be the trends spring summer 2015 in sunglasses. Continue reading

The Style Is Ageless!

What is dress according to age? By the way have you heard say that 50 years is the new 40 and so on. Portugal is in the 29 countries in the world with a life expectancy of over 80 years, according to a report of the World Health Organization (who) to 2015. In other words, we live longer and work until later. Therefore, most women have a more active life than previous generations. Continue reading

Standards: Animal Print

If you like animal patterns, so inspired by these looks for your day to day even though lush, these patterns can be used with neutral tones such as black, white, beige, Brown and grey – for a classic look. Or if you like combinations more daring, try using them with stronger colors such as orange or green, that will reveal your creative side. Continue reading

Want to Have a Younger Image?

There is nothing better than to accept the passage of time and feel confident in your skin. Nowadays, there are easy to follow and simple tricks to circumvent the effect of old, such as wrinkles, lack of lighting, dark circles and puffiness, sagging, cellulite and white hair. In fact, all women go through phases of transformation of your body, skin and hair. Such is not associated to the age, but also to motherhood, the sedentary lifestyle, lack of time and sleep, balanced nutrition, to excessive Sun and lack of skin care and body. Continue reading

Red Pants: Fashion Istructions

Colored pants are one of the most fashionable trend today. The Red pants are a good example of this, being a piece quite versatile and ideal for a large number of looks. Check out fashion tips on how to use your Red pants. Continue reading

5 Fashion Trends Spring Summer

The spring fashion summer 2018 promises many new features for someone who loves to dress in accordance with the main trends of the fashion world. The traditional mixture of colors, so characteristic of that period sunnier the year, arrives with everything, and among the attractions are also some styles that made success in the past. Check out what’s new below! Continue reading

Jogging Pants: How to Use

The jogging pants appeared being made with sweatshirt, but became a fashion item and so came to be made of fabrics such as crepe and wool, adding a more refined touch to any look. But that kind of pants, although very fashion, still creates many questions for women who don’t know how to use them. The jogging pants has several models, the bulkier the driest, with longer models or with part of the ankles. And they are very easy to use and create looks stripped and modern. Learn how to use the jogging pants. Continue reading