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Skype for Windows Phone! I Was Taking

After Microsoft purchased the Skype many rumors emerged that Skype voice calls would come to replace the MSN Messenger voice calls. What it looks like is that the main goal was in fact acquire the customer base to have a product famous and known, thus helping to increase faster the user base of Windows Phone.

For us users to news is excellent because it will soon be possible to change to a cell phone with another operating system without losing the applications with which we’re accustomed. Of course there will always be changes of interface and the natural look of each operating system will be different, but it’s better to start from scratch.

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Hi Charged Account Using Voicemail?

Do not tire of surprising me with the phone operator Hi. I’m satisfied with the prices of phone plan I hired, that allows me to talk to my whole family, which has Hi, at zero cost. This raises the cost benefit of the plan that I have, and allow the use of the data plan. The automatic debit of the Hi still does not work and I am still having problems of signal quality, yet I see reports like that of other carriers and the migration may not solve the problems that still exist.

But this week I had trouble paying the invoice again that didn’t reach my address, it wasn’t for the automatic debit and wasn’t available on My Hi before maturity. I ended up paying late and with fine for Oi’s failure. What surprised me was to receive more than 20 SMS within a few days, warning that the Bill was overdue and even a note in the mailbox! I understand that it is interesting to warn the user that the Bill is pending, even after having been paid and Bank compensation do not have occurred, which takes a few days. However, I found it very invasive leave a voice message on voice mail, making you the same access to hearing and depending on the case, to pay for this.

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Hi Month Account Does Not Appear in My Hi!

The phone operator Hi never tires of amaze me negatively. In my point of view that has been easy to sustain, the service is so bad in every way that when something works as it should I consider that is momentary. This happened with the signal quality and now with My website Hi. Ifelizmente, Oi is the worst phone service I know.

The issue of quality of sign refers to the fact that there was a week in January that the service worked fine, with clear connections and without falling in the middle of conversations, without cross-lines and everything. But it was “straw fire” and now everything is bad again. I’m tired of talking to my contacts: “wait … I’m going to call again to see if it improves. And it’s not the place where I live, I can be in qualqeur place in town that this happens at some point.

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My Phone Stopped Working Out of Nowhere. What Do I Do?

Cell phones have become a vital part of everyday life of many people. As the technological capabilities of phones has grown and their uses have diversified, became more essential for people who use them. When the phone crashes, can be an important cause of stress, both for work and for personal stuff. If the phone suddenly won’t turn on, there are some things you can try to get it to work again.

Starting the Process Of Diagnosis

Hold the power button down for five seconds or more. This may reset the phone in many models and possibly cause a reboot, if the phone has frozen. If that doesn’t work, remove the battery from the phone and wait at least 30 seconds. With the power supply off for a long period of time, any flaws that prevent the phone to be connected must be removed. Press the power button without the battery. After 30 to 60 seconds, replace the battery and see if the phone can be switched on again.

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What is It And How Does Wi-Fi Direct?

The world is abandoning the cables, but the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth we know and love is not always the best way to connect devices. Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily connect Wi-Fi devices, without messing with access points and long passphrases? That’s what promises the Wi-Fi Direct.

Wi-Fi Direct is A Suitable Pattern

He came up through the Wi-Fi Alliance, the global industry association responsible for certifying Wi-Fi kits.

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Landline Phone in Phone-How Does This Work?

Today Brazilians are increasingly using cell phones and leaving their landlines aside. Less and less we stayed in our homes, which complicates the use of landlines. But have you ever thought that you can put both in a product?

Most mobile operators in Brazil have launched plans to blend the phone to fixed telephony service. In reality, it is a normal cell plan, which uses a mobile device but with values similar to those used by a landline and creating possibilities, such as the installation of internet in your House among others.

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How to Choose the Phone with More Memory?

The internal memory of a phone can please many people. 8 GB handsets are already industry standard at the time this article was written. However, the more technology and applications appear on the market, more internal memory we want for our equipment, because we also need space to store our photos and videos taken with the device.

Every mobile phone comes with internal memory. With the ability to upload videos, songs, applications, ringtones and other media forms, internal storage of your phone can be filled quickly. With a memory full, the phone can become extremely slow, which makes connections, watch videos and use applications something unpleasant.

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Which Phone Has Better Signal?

Speaking of cell phones in Brazil, we are involving a number of factors: quality of the signal 3 g and 2 g, antennas available, location, where the person is making calls and more. However, speaking of phones, we’re also talking Wireless signal quality, Bluetooth, GPS, and more.

Taking these criteria into account, you can elect a mobile device with a better signal?

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How to Cancel Advertising SMS of Hi, of Course, Vivo and Tim! Solved!

Welcome to our website and article today will speak of a problem that plagues the lives of almost all the people of our country. We’re talking about the carriers advertisements that arrive every day in our equipment. What many people don’t know is that now there is a law. You’re just going to keep getting these advertisements and advertising if you want to choose to receive them.

It’s very simple to cancel these messages, and that’s what our article has brought to you. You will learn below how to cancel the SMS advertisement of Vivo, Claro, Hi TIM. See the step by step for each carrier and get rid of these unnecessary bother messages in your life.

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It’s Dangerous to Answer the Phone by Pressing?

I rate this warning “exaggerated” because it derives from one or two small newspapers reports of third world countries where a person was affected or killed by the use of mobile phone while carrying. But no one talks about brands or the situation in which the case occurred, that is, there is probably a lot more involved.

Assuming that the report was accurate, without taking into account some environmental factor, it is fair to conclude that either the phone or the charger was faulty, since you won’t be able to find many reports of people being electrocuted when using a mobile phone charging. Also, under normal circumstances, the current flowing to a cell phone should not be strong enough to kill anyone and neither the manufacturers nor consumer agencies warn customers against using cellular phones while they are being loaded.

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How Do I Know If My Phone is Locked?

Anatel, along with the Brazilian Government, decided that from next year the phones “pirates” will be blocked. That is, any cell phone without approval from Anatel will be blocked and will work within the Brazilian territory. That goes for all those cell phones “xing-ling”, without recognized brands on the market or not-so-faithful copies of mobile phones of most popular brands. There will be exceptions, but we’re on it step by step.

How Do I Know If My Phone is Locked?

If your cell phone has stamp and numbering of the Fcc, operating system compatible with the device, packaging, complete with operating manual in Portuguese and good quality in finishing, chances are that your mobile is original. Many of the devices “pirates” are trying to copy the most original models of major brands, such as Nokia, Samsung and Apple. The best way to make sure you’re buying a phone, plus the original purchase by recognised market stores, is checking the model name on the internet. In most cases, the models “pirates” does not exist on the websites of the manufacturers. In addition, the boxes contains Portuguese errors, poor quality printing, among other problems.

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How Do I Know If My Phone 4G Work in Brazil?

The term 4 g refers to the fourth-generation cell phone network technology, succeeding the previous standard for third-generation, 3 g. It is commonly used as a marketing term for network service providers of mobile telephony to describe upcoming improvements to the existing cellular network.

Official Standard

In October 2010, the telecommunications standards body International Telecommunications Union, set the standard for 4 g technology. According to the ITU, the 4 g network must be capable of delivering a maximum download speed of 100 megabits per second (Mbps) for highly mobile applications such as cellular phones and tablets, and be able to reach up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps), in a local wireless access environment.

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How to Buy Cheap Phones and Good?

While the convenience of a mobile phone is priceless, the phone itself can vanish with the money from your wallet. Your cell phone can provide a cheap cell phone when you renew your contract or provide you with a credit that drops the cost of the phone. But what if you break your phone and don’t have insurance or a reservation? Fortunately, there are several ways to find cheap cell phones and trusted.

Operator’s Offerings

Normally, cellular operators will allow you to have discounts on new appliances or free templates through and frequent flier plans. Some carriers have including points and fidelity, where you can exchange these points for appliances, discounts, accessories and even tablets. Is it worth getting for the operator’s table for this research and even wonder if it’s better business to exchange a prepaid cell phone, card, for a plan with the carrier gives you allowance on a phone model better. Sometimes the cost of postpaid is the same value of the cartridges that you make often and compensates for the return, paying a slightly higher value, if applicable.

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10 Apps to Get More Out of Your Camera Phone!

To improve your photographic skills and impress friends and family, nothing like some applications to help you in this task. Below are some of the best to suit all tastes and uses. Some of them are free. Others cost a bit, but nothing that will break your bank. You will find that there are far beyond the common and popular Instagram.


Normalize quickly and easily reverses the modern photos and tedious back to its original form, using impressive filter technology. It also works very well bringing to life old photos.

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My Phone Accepts 64 GB Card? Exaggeration or Worth It?

Hundreds of manufacturers they place on the market memory cards and devices built with SD standards in a variety of storage capacities and speed classes from three different physical sizes: SD, miniSD and microSD. SD memory cards are commonly used in personal computers, video cameras, digital cameras and other electronic devices of larger size. The microSD and miniSD are commonly used in small electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers. Some manufacturers of memory cards offer adapters that allow microSD cards fit an SD card slot. This gives you even greater versatility and flexibility to use the card in a mobile phone and a computer or video camera.

To determine the right card that combines with your appliance, always consult the device’s user manual or contact the manufacturer. All memory card options are easily available on the market, produced and distributed by a wide range of manufacturers, in points of sale around the world, including pharmacies, electronics stores and computer and Internet sites. And it’s important that you know the limitations of capacity of your mobile device, since some card capabilities will not be possible to be activated in your device. At the time we wrote this article the high-end phones limit is 64 GB.

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How to Use the 3 G Phone in the PC, Notebook or Ipad? Does That Really Work?

Most modern smartphones are able to use 3 g wireless technology. The connection allows smartphones to access the Internet, use advanced mobile applications and transfer large files, besides the possibility of using the network to watch videos and listen to music. In addition, the 3 g smartphone can also be used for desktops, notebooks and tablets such as the iPad, to access the Internet. This process, called tethering, may need a few extra applications download for sharing 3 g connection of your phone with other devices. Remember that this can be very useful especially for people who want to save on buying a tablet, since the versions with built-in 3 g connection are a lot more guys who only versions with Wi-Fi.

How to Use My Phone to Connect to the Internet?

Download and install an application on your smartphone 3 g tethering. Using your smartphone app store, search for “tethering” or “tether”. Select one of the programs to the search results, and download the application. The Android operating system has native tethering since its 2.2 version. Just only you to access your device settings and look for the connections and settings “tethering” or “hotspot”.

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My Phone is Certified By Anatel. How Do I Know?

From next year, only approved by Anatel phones may work on Brazilian soil. With that, came the curiosity of many people about what a phone approved, how does this certification and why this was happening. But let’s not create a panic and we will better understand what it is and the role of the Fcc in this whole roll.

What is The FCC?

Is the acronym for national telecommunications Agency. Basically, it has the function of regulating, grant and monitor telecommunications in Brazil. She helps “promote the development of telecommunications in the country so as to give it a modern and efficient telecommunications infrastructure capable of providing adequate services to society, diverse and fairly priced throughout the national territory”. Beautiful isn’t it? It also includes monitoring the quality of mobile operators, internet and consumer electronics devices that also are sold in Brazil, but not all of them.

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Your Phone is Fragile? And If It Were Carbon Fiber?

Look for your mobile device. Chances are he already has at least a few scratches on the sides of the screen. And the material used in its manufacture, for the most part, it was plastic or some pieces of aluminum.

And who has never seen an appliance break easily? Is after a fall, or by simply opening the battery cover, small and delicate pieces break with great ease. Is there any way to prevent this?

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How to Recharge Your Phone with Credit Card?

Everyone who has a prepaid cell phone has passed for the situation to get out of credit at a time when most needed. The worst, is that to put the credits back into the phone, you, at the time they broke up, I was without money in hand and didn’t even have a way out of where I was to buy more credits.

Thinking in these cases and to give greater flexibility and benefits to its customers, the mobile phone operators have launched the recharge of prepaid cellphones on the card.

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