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Firefox for Nokia N9

Firefox is a relatively heavy for some Android smartphones but in Nokia N9, he shows a much better and more complete alternative to the native browser or even Opera.

Firefox for Mobile Platforms

The Mozilla team has done an excellent job of porting Firefox for several mobile platforms. With Google Chrome for Android and Chrome for PC, the competition became more fierce. The best thing about this is that browsers applications should improve even faster in quality and efficiency, which translates into speed and compatibility from the user’s point of view.

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Nokia C2-06 – Dual-Chip Critical Opinion for You to Read before You Buy

The Nokia C2-06 is a mobile phone with 2 slide type chips that hides a simple numeric keypad, these you need to press several times to type each letter. Is not a device for anyone looking for a smartphone, but for those who want a basic phone but of known brand and the possibility to use two chips. Is a breakthrough compared to the Nokia C2-00 and Nokia C1-00, we talked about recently here on the site.

It comes with a 2 GB card, has 2.6 inch screen and touch-sensitive. Allows you to use MP3 ringtones and has FM radio, very useful for outdoor exercises or to listen to while running on the treadmill at the gym. The camera is well common and simple 2MP in the style of the same device.

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Nokia Phone 808 Pureview-41 Megapixels!

Nokia has always been famous for creating resistant, cell phones with good quality cameras hardware and mostly better than the market average of portable phones.

In the crongresso of technology which takes place in petsinclude this week (2/28/2012) Nokia presented another device that promises to heat up even more to fight for better cameras in cell phones is Nokia 808 PureView technology.

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