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Top 10 Apps for Watching Videos on Your Mobile Phone!

We use our phones for watching movies, serials, funny videos and more. But what are the best apps to help you on this consumption? We pick 10 articles that we found the best for watching videos on mobile


Netflix is the best app to watch TV episodes, music videos, movies, etc. The app is free, but a small subscription fee is required after the first month of use to have full access to the catalogue of films and serials. For iOS and Android.

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What is 3G!

The term 3 g refers to the third generation of mobile phone standards, as defined by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). 3 g technology allows mobile operators to offer more service options to its users, including broadband mobile internet access. The 3 g service offers greater flexibility and services, making more efficient use of mobile bandwidth than its predecessor, the 2 g.

The relationship between 2 g and 3 g is similar to the relationship between the internet dial-up and broadband internet or analog TV to digital TV. In all these examples, greater spectral efficiency allowed more choices to consumers and a more effective service. In other words, more data can be transmitted more quickly.

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How to Choose the Mobile Phone with the Best Camera?

Camera phones have come a long way since the era of grainy and low resolution screens. The latest deals give you the ability to take pictures in print quality, make some adjustments on your device and send the photos to friends or share them on the web, in very little time. The convenience of having a high quality camera embedded in a mobile phone is already a reality, and manufacturers have responded with a series of mobile phones with high-quality cameras. The question is only how to choose the device with the best camera for your profile. Starting with the most important tip of all.

Avoid Buying A Camera Phone Based Solely on Megapixels

The quality of the camera’s sensor that will dictate the quality of image: more megapixels simply increases the size of the image. Once the mark of 3.2 megapixels, the quality is achieved is not dictated by the resolution (or megapixels at a2zcamerablog). Make an investigation of the quality of the images produced by the device, and base their decision on sample shots in maximum quality. Some cell phones are launched with special technologies, such as models with PureView technology from Nokia or HTC’s UltraPixel technology. These can make a real difference in the quality of your photos.

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How to Configure Your Windows Mobile Phone for the First Time?

Purchased your new Windows Phone? Congratulations! The first step you need to take is to actually set up your smartphone for the first time. Experience with Windows Phone is very friendly, then why do we need a tutorial on creating a new smartphone running Microsoft’s mobile operating system? It’s a fair question, but truth be told that many are not as skilled with computer as those who were born in this Millennium.

Having said that, it’s super simple to get your toy from the to make calls, download applications and accumulate scores on Xbox Live. What you need to get started? Nothing, in fact, only the new, large amount of battery enough to make the process and our step-by-step guide fast. Let’s start the technology-wiki.com.

Connect the Windows Phone

Wait until the presentation screens, both the system and the Welcome screen appears. Now you will be greeted by the Setup Wizard and you’re starting your journey now Windows Phone.

Terms and Conditions

Firstly, you are required to accept the terms of use of Windows Phone. The next screen will ask you exactly how you would like the smartphone is configured. The options are “recommended” and “custom”. Depending on whether or not if you used a Windows Phone before, we ask everyone to go with “recommended”.

If you choose the recommended option, the device will be configured to automatically download software updates (not applications), as well as sending phone usage feedback, data from Wi-Fi connection and keyboard touch information to Microsoft.

By selecting “Customize” screen will allow us to configure each point above, but you can limit what gets sent to Microsoft after the phone is configured and ready to go.

Date, Time and Location

After choosing exactly what data (if any) are collected and sent to Microsoft, we are now on the task to install and configure the date, time zone, country and time. Be sure to choose and define each field carefully since incorrect settings can cause problems (note that changes can be made after the installation). Simple things.


The following screen will warn us that we can log in using the credentials of the account from Microsoft. Note that, although this step is not required, it is strongly recommended. Configuring a Windows Phone with a Microsoft account allows users to:

Protect your Windows Phone with automatic backups and measures based on location (Find My Phone);

Activate Xbox LIVE, Xbox Music and Skype;

Receive and send emails using Outlook.com;

Synchronize your Windows Phone (and its contents) with a Windows PC 8.;

Make use of SkyDrive and generous free storage quota available;

To buy and download applications and games from the Windows Store;

Integrating Twitter and Linked In to the Hub;

Receive personal results in local searches, music, videos and applications in the Windows Store;

Automatically synchronize contacts with Outlook.com.

Almost There!

Windows Phone will now complete the installation and shoot some applications so that everything is ready. This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

You Are Done!

Now you can enjoy your new Windows Phone. Be sure to check applications and explore the features of your device. There’s a lot you can do, since customize ringtones and wallpapers to use more advanced functions. Have fun with your new Windows Phone!

How to Protect Your Mobile Phone Against Drops?

Every day, we have cell phones thinner and lighter. In addition, with the ubiquity of mobile phones and our accelerated pace, our concern with these items that are practically an extension of our ears and fingers end up being treated anyway and the falls are inevitable. It is therefore important to protect the appliance so that those real invested are not precious thrown down the drain. And here, we give the most important tips for you to protect your phone.

Choose A Cell Phone Risk Resistant

Cell protection begins already in the choice of equipment. Choose a phone that fits comfortably in your hands. Try the store operator devices, experimenting with different formats. Select the shape, size and weight that are best suited to their hands. Consider a robust, but cheap phone if falls are something common to you or get a cheap and disposable device for you to take and use more often than your head unit.

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ZTE Blade A452 Review

You can more closely look at the ZTE blade A452 times. It is a dual-SIM Smartphone, which uses a 4. 000mAh battery has. The battery capacity is therefore enough for almost two whole days, as long as you take the Smartphone not to much.

The blade A452 lollipop is shipped with the operating system Android 5.1 and LTE capable. Inside is a quad-core processor by Mediatek (MT6735P) with a 1,3GHz-Taktung. Thus apps, websites, games and co can be called easily and quickly.

By optical here, the phone also thanks to its rounded corners is very simple, but yet elegantly decorated. It is 145.5 mm high, 7.15 mm wide and 9.25 mm deep and therefore suitable for people with larger hands. Through the changing function of the sensor buttons under the display, people with smaller hands have’s also easy to use the Smartphone, because it can place the back button as the multitasking button both right and left.

ZTE Blade A452 Review

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