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Disguise Droopy Eyes with Makeup Tips to Fix Imperfections

How To Disguise Droopy Eyes, Makeup Tricks And Tips To Fix Imperfections

What women want is to feel perfect, but this is something that occurs in their own opinion, always having something nasty in their appearances, which bother you a lot. Several methods of correction of dissatisfaction were created to meet the imperfections, which not only adhere to the female audience, but all sexes. In this way in recent times plastic surgery is quite popular, but it’s a pretty dangerous act that involves some risks to patients submentem the procedures, getting this method to the bold. Continue reading

Makeup Tips with Jake Broullard on NARS Masterclass!

Yesterday (17), rolled a Masterclass with the top makeup artist from NARS, Jake Broullard, at Sephora Shopping Pátio Higienópolis. The class was very intimate, to about 20 people who share one thing in common: a passion for makeup! Jake Broullard is one of NARS Lead Makeup Stylist, in that post, he has participated in many incredible actions by United States brand, mainly in Chicago-the city in which it operates. Not to mention he maquia celebrities amazing as Chanel Iman, the icônia model Alek Wek and Oscar-winning actress, Lupita Nyongo ‘ . Continue reading

Wedding Dresses in Civil – Photos

Wedding Dresses Photos and Models for Wedding 2018

It is very common to meet women who prefer to marry only in civilian clothes, but they do not stop worrying about the clothes they will wear, because whether or not it is an important moment that should be marked with good clothes, and for such cases there are especially the wedding dresses in civil 2018, which are simpler and more delicate. Continue reading

Spring Summer Makeup Trends 2016

It’s always like this, every new season, field bets of the main designers of the world, are the so-called trends, some catch, while others do not come out of the walkways.

Well, the spring or summer 2016 Edition of Milan fashion week brought a lot of betting super different makeup next season.

Certainly, on the catwalks it’s all over, just to draw attention to what they want, so we saw the eyes of the models loaded with colorful graphics and outlined.

And more bold and colorful, believe me, they all had the same vibe, colorful! In my eyes a lot of color, while, most bet on nude mouth – no lipstick, no balm or anything.

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Makeup Lips: all the Trendy Colors

With the arrival of spring we have to prepare the fateful moment of the change of the cabinets, but not only. Even our beauty case will need a beautiful arranged.

It ‘an opportunity to get rid of the products that we no longer use but mostly it is the right time to put aside eye shadows and lipsticks from winter colors and take a look at new trends in made of make-up.

As we have seen on the catwalks for spring-summer 2015, this season the protagonists of the make-up are the lips that are colored in bright colors at Makeupnecessities: dark red, orange, fuchsia and pink.
There are lipsticks from glossy or matt and gloss finish brilliant and bright. But which to choose for the new season?

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How to Make Halloween Makeup

OK, you already know how to make that party show of Halloween (as shown here), it’s all right but … and make?

Or so appeared a last minute invitation-and he can’t refuse – for a party? Whatever the reason … can’t play in a production basiquinha at a party like that, isn’t it? So, if you’re in that situation, the tip is to be inspired by the celebrities. So, we decided to show here some inspirations of makes for Halloween, so you can choose the one that matches your style! If you’re the style that likes to get in the mood but no way was I going to get ugly … relax, we’ll show you a really cool options!

Increasingly popular in Brazil, the Halloween parties are already part of our calendar, and end up appearing in droves at this time and, of course, it takes a lot of creativity to not repeat the same makeup, so we decided to show several different options of vintage Halloween supplies that make for Halloween, for all tastes, we’ll see!

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How to Do Makeup for Eye Shapes

Each eye has its own shape and each form has its own make-up perfect, to be enhanced or attenuated. Here is a list of tips for all types of eye makeup in the best way.

Not all eyes are equal and to make a make-up perfect you have to take this into account.

We’re not just talking about the color of the iris: in fact the eyes have many different forms ranging valued or “hidden”with the appropriate make-up. Continue reading

DIY Face Masks for Dry Skin

We prepare to face ‘winter with creams, scrubs and maschere. Alcuni simple tips to follow to have a skin clean and purified after the’ summer, ready to face the cold winter.

Treat our skin is always necessary, especially in the fall, because of continuous exposure to the sun, but also to better prepare our skin in freezing winter.

In this article we will face, one of the most exposed areas in both summer and winter. A little thing to take care of our skin , even without having to spend huge amounts in cosmetic products. Just remember a few simple rules from eHealthfacts to follow with different timescales: every day and once a week. Continue reading

Makeup for Maid of Honor

The maid of honor is a very important guest at the wedding so you must be very beautiful for the wedding, but remembering that the godmother can’t exaggerate on clothes and makeup not to outshine the bride. With this we put makeup tips for the bridesmaids.

The makeup to sponsor does not need to be as soft and delicate as the bride, but also may not be greatly exaggerated. First the skin should be well prepared to cover blemishes, dark circles and other flaws described by healthknowing.com. When you use the blush, he must give only a gentle touch to the face. Already in the eyes, use black pencil outlining the eyes with a trace fino and don’t forget the mascara to highlight the lashes.

Another tip is to not make a mistake in choosing the shade, give preference to intermediate shades, with opaque finish and that match the color of your dress.

At weddings, usually are the colors of the dresses are darker or open and colourful tones. Therefore, it is wise to bet on more neutral shades like grey, brown and black with blur effect or combine two colors of shadows.

Makeup Ideal For Eyes Blue Depending On Hair Color

Your eyes should be valued fantastic, but do not know how? If you have blue eyes here are some tips to create a perfect make-up can exalt them.

Let’s face it: the blue eyes are one of those elements of the face that no matter what else they are immediately associated with more classical canons of beauty. After all…nobody knows resist a nice pair of blue eyes. Fortunate then all the women who have them, but it would be a shame to waste such a gift of Mother Nature with a make-up that does not know them value. That’s why we decided to provide you with these helpful tips: a short guide on how best to  fix your blue eyes.

We now know that the color wheel can be very strong ally in choosing the perfect eyeshadow for our eyes. Then taking it into account we can see that the’ orange is the complementary color to blue and all its nuances. So space to every nuance of this color family: as bronze, hazelnut, caramel or copper. Obviously depending on our personality and our taste is up to us to decide what is the shade that we like. We keep always as a basic rule that the blue eye is characterized by very light shades, therefore the optimum is counter it with dark tones, even exalting more and making the super penetrating gaze.

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Vintage Fashion for Ladies

The vintage fashion always shows up nowadays and is mainly influenced by novels that portray the 60s or 70s. They are usually portrayed styles of those times and then they are copied by all.

The well – known bell-bottom pants are one of them, today won another name, flared pants, but are based on those often seen and never thought we would use something like that! These pants are great and match all. It is worth to have at least one in the wardrobe.

The riponga model of old with big skirts and dresses again and is doing very well. People nowadays are looking for lighter clothes to face the daily rush and so such parts when they return to arrive with everything! Because they are made with lightweight cloth combined with summer and spring.

Besides the models of vintage fashion the clothes also bring well-known patterns, such as pellets for example. We see many blouses and trousers with this type of pattern and it gives a more romantic and youthful look for women. Another pattern that is popular is glossy, according to topschoolsintheusa. These fabrics that did so much success in the golden years back with everything.

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Goodbye Wrinkles!

I’ve always had dark circles, but with the advance of years feel that these were more profound. That is, no longer just a good night’s sleep or apply an eye cream specific to solve this problem, because they’re always visible on my face. In addition, the Sun left me a few spots in the eyes, which causes have dark circles darker still. So, I’ve tried most of the brokers of dark circles, so as to disguise this problem with makeup. Continue reading

Party Looks

Dinners, cocktails and meetings between friends are a constant during the holiday season. But many women don’t have time to go home to change clothes or else you have to do in a few minutes, so you can choose the unique pieces-dress or jumpsuit – or use a more showy piece with pants or skirt you wore during the day. The accessories are also a quick way to change the your visual , making it the most sophisticated and festive. Continue reading

I’m 40 and Then?

The other day, a friend of mine took your birthday from Facebook just because I didn’t want to receive congratulations on this day, as did 42 years and didn’t want to talk about age. Which is odd, since it has a young aspect, with a face and body of girl, despite having a young son. In my view we should celebrate life to 20 years or 40, without complexes or dramas. The body, the hair and the skin there are changes, the energy level is different, but there’s no reason to hide the age. Continue reading

Want to Have a Younger Image?

There is nothing better than to accept the passage of time and feel confident in your skin. Nowadays, there are easy to follow and simple tricks to circumvent the effect of old, such as wrinkles, lack of lighting, dark circles and puffiness, sagging, cellulite and white hair. In fact, all women go through phases of transformation of your body, skin and hair. Such is not associated to the age, but also to motherhood, the sedentary lifestyle, lack of time and sleep, balanced nutrition, to excessive Sun and lack of skin care and body. Continue reading