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The Light Division of Philips Goes Public

IPO Rinses Philips®-750 Million Euros Into The Coffers

The light Division of the lower laedischen Electronics Group of Philips has today on the stock exchange and has conquered according to 750 million euros. According to the company a total of 37.5 million shares at about € 20 should have been sold. The today’s 27.5.2016 Friday was the first day of trading on the stock exchange. The entire lighting Division of Philips is rated a total of EUR 3 billion. Continue reading

Led Lighting Provides Peaceful Sleep and Welcoming Environment

When we’re pregnant, planned a number of things that can help us to experience a new routine after the baby is born, you need basic care that help provide quality of life and safety.In addition to organizing the outfit and accessories, we need to devote a bit of our time, even during pregnancy, to decorate the baby’s room. And on that last point, we can’t stop thinking about the lighting corner where the little guy will take the naps, relax and sleep soundly. Continue reading

Creative Lamps Made with Crafts-Models to Inspire You

Check out some models of creative handcrafted luminaries, and see how to assemble yours, with the tips from our special article.

The luminaire is an object widely used to offer different lighting in each environment, and can be found in models of the most varied styles, such as pendants, lamps, ceiling lamps, among others. Continue reading

Designer Lighting

Lighting is essential to create the right atmosphere and light fittings can transform the style of a room by adding character and originality. They know well the designers for whom lately the word is recycling. Many studies point to the fact in a creative reuse of materials and articles, taking them from everyday life and transforming the usual use. Many amazing results!

The young designer Pierre Ospina, starting from the forms of nature, has redesigned the lighting inventing an artificial vegetation of lights and industrial materials described on lightinghowto website.

Its Blossom Bulbs Forest is made from stainless steel and cast iron pipes, coated with silicone and the rubber of the bicycle inner tubes. From these “industries” post sprout like buds small light bulbs, perfect to illuminate modern interiors but also outdoor spaces.

Continue reading

How to Organize Mini Wedding? Step-by-step

You want to do an intimate wedding and for few people? Then bet on the mini wedding.

Learn How to organize mini wedding, whereas the essential items that can not miss on this type of event. Here you will see some good tips on how to choose location, invitations, decorations, menu, lighting, among other factors. Continue reading