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Launer: Death of Margaret Makes Her Handbags Popular Again

Margaret Thatcher, the “Iron Lady”, is at the same time revered and hated by the British.  This was a good thing to see at their funeral these days. While one of them paid tribute to a great politician, the others let their contempt and ridicule free rein on a person who ruined the British social system in their eyes. Let us come to some more profane things at this point, because Margaret Thatcher, whether involuntary or not, was for many a fashionable model. Continue reading

Changing the Bag from Bag

The backpacks are increasingly appearing in place of the common handbags. This accessory that was previously restricted to the school environment, or the sports closet geeks now part of looks beautiful in  just about any occasion. But how to use with the day to day production or in a look? Separated some  practical and simple tips  to inspire those who want to join: Continue reading

Why All Love Cross Handbag or Shoulder Bags?

The beloved cross bag still on high and looks like he’s back to stay. With many advantages to compose visual female, this model of woman’s handbag is still doing the head of both the it girls, the most influential fashionistas and also the general public on the street. You may also love to use a purse and didn’t realize the reason. Continue reading

Carpisa Handbags UK

Today we offer the gift ideas preorderhandbags for Valentine’s Day 2011, it’s not neccesary to spend crazy figures to make a woman happy or to recover morale if you are single! Carpisa shows us that even with little money you can be beautiful and to feel beloved, surrounding romantic bags, key rings and other attractive gift ideas that will be very pleasing to us girls.Another great thing about Carpisa is that these accessories are put on display so even the boys can not combine disasters! Continue reading

Box Handbag Buying Guide

The boxes are that can hold our greatest secrets. We present the box bags

When it comes to bags for every woman opens an infinite world did must have accessories, accessories important not only to look but just for practical purposes. Those days are critical to deal with an entire day in navigating between the various daily tasks. Those, however, have a pure and clear decorative function.

During this hot season there are many creations to which it is impossible to resist. Among these are certainly the floral bags as well as fluorescent models. If you like classic fantasies you will surely make your a nice striped bag but generally it will be hard to say no to one of tints it bag of the season.

Continue reading

Paraguaçu High MTB Challenge Promotes Reforestation at Chapada Diamantina

Our sport is directly linked to nature, so we have a whole environmental concern.

On September 09 and 10 more than 500 cyclists from all over Brazil will participate in the 5th edition of the Alto OGGI Challenge of the Paraguaçu de MTB that happens in the city of Mucugê-BA in the modalities of XCO (Olympic circuit) and XCM (Marathon). In addition to participating in one of the most charming and technical evidence of Brazil, in the scenario where the largest ultramarathon of MTB in the Americas, Brazil Ride, each athlete will donate a native tree seedling that is used in the reforestation of the banks of the Paraguaçu River in the Caribbean Community. Continue reading

Want to Have a Younger Image?

There is nothing better than to accept the passage of time and feel confident in your skin. Nowadays, there are easy to follow and simple tricks to circumvent the effect of old, such as wrinkles, lack of lighting, dark circles and puffiness, sagging, cellulite and white hair. In fact, all women go through phases of transformation of your body, skin and hair. Such is not associated to the age, but also to motherhood, the sedentary lifestyle, lack of time and sleep, balanced nutrition, to excessive Sun and lack of skin care and body. Continue reading