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WordPress Templates: Everything You Need to Know

Since I started to write articles I have been looking forward to it this time: month WordPress. It is a month where I will teach you to know that you must have a template, to know her more thoroughly, to be able to change simple things… But first thing is first and should never start a House with the roof, so today will teach you everything you must have a template that you can serve to your project and is not simply into something visual of it. Let’s start with a phrase that I repeat much: “the beauty is important, Yes, we are Visual beings and always going to be fooled by the pretty things, however, how useful is even more important”. I.e., if a template is not responsive or is not well built level SEO, by very nice is not going to serve. So Let me show you what you should have your template and then you already look at whether is beautiful: Continue reading

Android Wear Comes New Watchfaces

One of the most fun aspects of the Platform Android Wear is that there are hundreds of ways to customize it with the ability to change the watch face at will. The independent developer community has acknowledged this possibility with great enthusiasm, and today they are literally thousands offers of any kind, free or not, whose highlight does not fail to point out from time to time.

If all this were not enough, Google has decided to forge partnerships with some internationally renowned designers to complete watch face “branded”. The five that were already previously, they’ve added another nine; Here’s a quick roundup and, below, the descriptions of all (in sequential order). Continue reading

Google Will Index All Public Tweets

It’s been some time that Google has added some options in the results page of search. Among them is the Updates option (or updates the version in Portuguese) showing search results on social networks such as Myspace, Buzz, and Twitter. This search option will receive a focused update on Twitter that proves once again Google’s mission to catalog all the world’s information.

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Google Announces Special Channel for the World Cup on YouTube

“Palpita Brazil” is the name of the channel created by the company in partnership with Sony Music and ESPN will focus on videos uploaded by Internet users. It will serve as a form of videos site users cheer for Brazil in the most anticipated sporting event of the year, in addition to being used as a stage for reporters team ESPN, which will bring unique information on the channel. Continue reading

Yahoo Mail Users Might Have Google Account

The Google announced that users that Yahoo can use their accounts email to also create a profile on Google Account. In practice, this means that anyone with an email @ yahoo.com (and variations) will be able to read your favorite blogs – including TB – on Google Reader easy so without relying on an e-mail @ gmail.com or @ googlemail.com .But how?

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Google May Have to Pay 100,000 by Collecting Improper Data

Last year, Google admitted that its cars used Street View to capture data improperly. In addition to capturing images of buildings of streets where he passed, company cars also collected data from open WiFi networks and MAC addresses, something they should not do. At the time an investigation was opened by the FTC, the agency that aims to protect customers and consumers in the US, but it did not penalize Google. Today, however, another agency decided to do so. Continue reading

Google Play Brazilian Also Sell Books and Music

When Google unified services application sales, movie rental and purchase of books under a single platform, the change hardly made a difference to Brazilian users. Basically, the Android Market changed its name to Google Play and nothing else. This should change in the coming months when the Mountain View giant finally release the sale of books and music in Brazil.

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Google and Microsoft Show Where Santa Is

Another Christmas tradition is confirmed. Besides Uncle pavé and that grandmother asking girlfriends, we have NORAD tracking exactly where in the world is Santa Claus. The impression I have is that the employees of the Defense Command North American Aerospace work only once a year, just in the hours before Christmas. Interestingly, this year two Internet giants decided to air the good old location tools. Continue reading

Chris Wetherell: with Google Today, I Would Never Have Created the Reader

A few hours after the Google Reader have gone better for this, Chris Wetherell, principal name behind the project, told Forbes magazine that it was today, would never have created the feed reader as a service Google. It is perhaps a sign that the appeal in relation to the universe of the company is no longer the same.

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