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Types of Flashlights

Type of lens and reflector

This is sometimes not a good case, but the power and type of led as well as its lens and its reflector (the silver zone) are as important as quality can improve or worsen performance.

Type of lens, There are smooth and rough, the smooth ones usually show concentric rings and a light clear and powerful, the rough have the function of blurring the light making it more smooth and even. It is evident that this is also related to the type of light (launcher or innundadora). Continue reading

Tha Councils: Green Lanterns

In this new entry of the Councils of Tha I will talk about the ecological lanterns , that is to say flashlights that instead of carrying batteries use other ways to get electricity.The most common are dynamo .Thanks to a lever or a crank that we are driving is able to generate electricity.This type of flashlights usually use LED bulbs because they have a lower consumption, that if in return they usually give less light than a conventional flashlight.However this is not a handicap for the use we give them scouts. Continue reading

How to Choose My Headlight

For a correct choice of a headlight it is necessary to know the following attributes in order to choose the product that best suits your needs.

1. Maximum reach:

The range announced in Petzl lanterns is the distance in meters to which the front flashlight produces illumination greater than or equal to 0.25 lux.This level of illumination, which is comparable to the clarity of a full moon night, is considered a threshold below which the frontal flashlight is no longer effective. Continue reading

Micro Flashlight Tip

Micro flashlights are popular jewelry makers, both for their low cost and their convenient size. According Ganoksin, an online jewelry-making resource, most micro torches costs less than $ 60 and 2010. Also called pen torches, flashlights pen and flashlights mini, these self-starting tool producing a 2 to 5000 ° flame, depending on the type of fuel that they need. Micro flashlights are useful for soldering, glass fusing and a number of other jewelry applications. Used properly, a micro flashlight to make jewelry making process much easier.

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How to Find the Right Flashlight

A flashlight is an important non-negligible piece of equipment, I will help you find the right flashlight for your activities. Whether as anglers, mountaineers, soldiers, artisans, diver or a housewife, to have the right flashlight at hand is essential.

Stop! You do not want to look far, but simply a good lamp, then I can only TN12 recommend.

What are the differences between flashlights?

Finding the right flashlight is not always easy. It is therefore important to know in advance which target you with the lamp and which criteria are important. A diver will need another lamp as a soldier and a caver is unable to work optimally with the air of a housewife. Some criteria as an example:

  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Waterproof or splash protected
  • High performance through good battery
  • Pinpoint or Scattered light

As you can see, it is not impossible to pick out a good lamp, but the choice of the lamp should not be neglected. I know only too well the event that you are 5 cheap flashlights in the garyflashlights, only 2 of them go, one reflects badly and the last has a loose connection.

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Rustic Decor for Marriage: Over 75 Amazing Ideas!

Check out colors, materials, ornaments and all that goes with a rustic wedding.

Want to make your guests feel at home? So nothing better than playing the rustic decor for wedding. This style, which is super high, values the personal and intimate touch of engaged, both at the ceremony and the party. Continue reading