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TI Also Te Pasa? You Get Bored with Everything and You Can Not with Boredom. We Tell You Why

We are the generation with more access to information and entertainment of history, we have more friends (virtual light) and possibilities for contact with them than ever and the possibilities that open before us entertainment are endless. Then what we get bored so easily, and above all, why everything bores us? Continue reading

Facebook Kills Your Lite Version and Connect [Updated]

Eight months after making a fuss to launch version “featherweight” of your home page, called Facebook Lite, the social network of Mark Zuckerberg quietly announced that it will no longer offer this option to their users.


“Thanks to everyone who tested the Facebook Lite, but it is no longer available for use. We learned a lot by testing a lighter version of our page, “says a wistful post on your fan page.

Some rumors suggest that among these lessons the Lite left was that simple page also eliminates a number of features that ensure the profitability of the site, while others point out that the newest versions of Facebook were significantly faster, making unnecessary Lite.

Mariners attempting to access the address lite.facebook.com will be redirected to the normal service page.

[Updated 16:30] During the conference F8 developers, held in San Francisco, Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook Connect, a tool that allowed the social network to be displayed on third-party sites also becomes part of the past. Instead the app will be replaced by the Open Graph, which among other differences supports OAuth 2.0 protocols. [Via Mashable]


Facebook Pages Gain Scheduling Posts

The page management Facebook is more practical. The social network has just released two new features: scheduling posts and greater control of user permissions. Before the change there were two possible permissions: administrator and user. Now there are five administrative positions, from the manager, who can do everything, even the information analyst, who can only view information.

Continue reading

Facebook Announces News Feed with New Look

Mark Zuckerberg called the press to announce the new news feed Facebook. At an event held on Thursday (7), at the company headquarters, the CEO highlighted the main points of the new layout: feed based on multiple subjects and consistent design across desktops, smartphones and tablets. The purpose of the change is to provide a “personalized newspaper” for each user. Continue reading