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Getting to Know the E-Bikes-Sustainable Bicycles

The generation of energy today corresponds to one of the subjects most discussed in round tables that debate on the future of the environment.

Every day more and more people are interested in seeking some sustainable way to generate clean energy and easy renewal, so that it is possible to contribute effectively to the environment and also to society, with the main objective of developing a quality future for Future generations. Continue reading

What Shoes to Wear for Cycling

Anyone traveling on long journeys by bike, need the right footwear to get comfortable, and above all without blistered feet through the day. But what shoes you should wear while cycling?

Longer Biking: What shoes should be worn while cycling?

Cyclists – and here it is irrelevant whether they are experienced riders or occasional drivers – should ensure that they put on longer bike rides on a solid, but at the same light footwear. Lightweight shoes Bow fatigue ago during the bike tour and support the condition on the bike. Also important are also stable soles in cycling holiday. These ensure that the pedal pressure is distributed over the entire foot and that therefore not only a part of the sole of the foot is tired or overloaded during pedaling on the pedals.

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Exercise What Muscles Do You Exercise?

Written By Susan Sivek | Translated By Elton Alves Ribeiro

Cycling builds cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. Although it seems that riding a bike only works your legs, it can also involve your upper body and central muscles if you use good posture of cycling and stay alert with the muscles during your ride. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Holland Is the Country of the Skinny

Have you ever imagined a place where there are more bikes than cars or even people?For this place is called Holland, a country that since the 1970s has embraced this sustainable mode of transport in its politics, culture and economy. There is no secret, no magic. It was the willpower to combat congestion, air pollution and improve the quality of life of the population that led the Netherlands to become a world example when it comes to the “skinny” with 26% of all traffic movements in Its territory made on two wheels. Continue reading

Series-Competition Beats Record of Subscribers and Has New Sponsors

In less than a month for the opening of the Brazil Enduro Series at Zoom Bike Park in Campos de Jordão, São Paulo, the organizers of Brazil Enduro Series announce the newest gold sponsor of the competition: Chaoyang Tires. The leading Chinese brand in tire manufacturing, with more than 50 years of experience, will have the naming right of the event in 2016 and once again enter the Enduro scene, reinforcing its vocation to produce quality tires for various modalities. Continue reading

Cape Epic Started This Sunday with Brazilian Fighting for the Tri

Marathon runner Abraão Azevedo seeks the top of the podium of one of the biggest international mountain bike competitions.

Alongside Dutchman Bart Brentjens for the second consecutive year, athlete Scott Abraão Azevedo represents Brazil at the Cape Epic, which takes place between 15 and 22 March in South Africa. More than that: the goal for 2015 is one more Reach the top of the podium. Champion in the Master category in the last two years, the ultramarathonist will have to face an eight-day route, 739 km distance and 16 thousand meters of climbs between the University of Cape Town (Cape Town) and Meerendal Wine Estate in Durbanville.

Favoritism? Abraham stares with naturality. “It’s normal for us to be a reference, even for the results achieved in the last two years. But we have to deal with naturalness. I’ve trained a lot and I’m focused on my work.”

At age 45, his main focus is long marathons like this, which require in addition to a physical conditioning equipment that responds to height during the races. This year, Abraham will ride a full-size bike with 27.5″wheels, the Scott Spark 700 RC.

“I pedaled hard tail in 2014, but this year I’m using a Spark. For long events like the Cape Epic it is a big differential, because I can maintain good performance and without compromising so much in relation to tiredness. I’m already 45 years old, so the more comfort I can have while pedaling, the better,”joked the experienced athlete.

Recipe to go well

Prepared and with Bart Brentjens as a pair, Abraão Azevedo considers that the Cape Epic will be fierce in terms of competence of the other teams. For him, regularity is the secret to winning the tri.

“You have to be in tune with the pair and maintain a regularity to get well placed at the end of the eight stages. It does not matter if we end up second or third in a few steps, we have to get ahead in the sum of all the steps during the eight days.”

Scott is considered one of the leading brands of cycling worldwide. With great focus on engineering, technology and innovation, its products are reference when it comes to cycling. In Brazil, the Swiss brand has been distributed for more than 20 years by IGP Sports, always working with premium brands of worldwide prestige.

Paraguaçu High MTB Challenge Promotes Reforestation at Chapada Diamantina

Our sport is directly linked to nature, so we have a whole environmental concern.

On September 09 and 10 more than 500 cyclists from all over Brazil will participate in the 5th edition of the Alto OGGI Challenge of the Paraguaçu de MTB that happens in the city of Mucugê-BA in the modalities of XCO (Olympic circuit) and XCM (Marathon). In addition to participating in one of the most charming and technical evidence of Brazil, in the scenario where the largest ultramarathon of MTB in the Americas, Brazil Ride, each athlete will donate a native tree seedling that is used in the reforestation of the banks of the Paraguaçu River in the Caribbean Community. Continue reading

Caio Godoy Lavishes Talent and Wins Competition in France

In exchange for the CBC, Caio Godoy, 19 years, played on Sunday, March 15, the GP Bourg Em Bresse, destined for elite athletes. The competition brought together the main riders from the Rhône-Alpes region, who competed on a fast, almost flat course, totaling 101.5km in length. Caio completed the race in 2h36min14, winning in an exciting way to score his first win in Europe. Continue reading

Your Job Does Not Have a Shower, Go to Bike?

If you feel like cycling to work, but leave the idea aside whenever you remember that there is no changing room or shower, these tips are for you. Willian Cruz, from the blog Vá de Bike, and Guga Machado, from Eu Vou de Bike, listed some simple solutions to adopt the bicycle as a means of transportation-even when you can not take a shower before work. Continue reading

Route of Emotions-a Lovely Experience by Northern Coastline, CearÁ

Once again Vera Ferreira, granddaughter of the famous “King of Cangaço”, himself: Lantern, took the initiative to organize and encourage the realization of this track. Their initiatives are building and consolidating an annual calendar of extraordinary bike rides. After the Uruguayan coast, from Puerto Alegre, last year, it was the time to pedal to the northern coastline of Ceará. Traveling by bike through the emotions route was a unique experience of cultural interchange and beautiful landscapes in this “giant by nature itself”. Continue reading

Pernambuco Will Have Its First Cycle Route in Agreste

Route Of 180 Kilometers Will Link The Municipalities Of GravatÁ, Bezerros, Caruaru And Bonito

Visit waterfalls, museums, churches, ecological parks, practice extreme sports, learn a little about the history of the place where it goes. Activities common to any tourist, such as these, can be done in a different way in Agreste Pernambuco: bike. The first cycle route of the State is expected to start operating this semester. The 180-kilometer route will connect the municipalities of Gravatá, Bezerros, Caruaru and Bonito. Continue reading

Fifteen Women and a Destination-Circuit Lagamar

In October 2015, through an article published in Bicycle magazine, Friends Alexandra Domingues and Monica Trancoso met the circuit Lagamar, which would be launched in November. With the favorable comments of cyclists who ran the circuit shortly after their release, its various attractions, terrain diversity, exuberant nature and relative ease, friends invited other cyclists from Grupo Pedaletes do Litoral, less experienced in bicycle paths, to join the Lagamar. And at 4 hours of the 26th of May, this remarkable adventure began in the life of each of the Pedaletes, which would have traveled from thence 180 km in four days! Continue reading

CBC Members Attend World Doping Event in London

New world anti-doping code was one of the main issues on the agenda, president of Uci, Brian Cookson, was also present.

Committed to the fight against doping, the Brazilian Cycling Confederation (CBC) participated in the “Tracking Doping in Sport”, an event held from March 18 to 19 in London. The entity was represented by the Legal Advisor and member of the Anti-Doping Commission CBC, Paulo Marcos Schmitt, in addition to the President of the Anti-Doping Commission CBC, Dr. Eduardo De Rose, and the member of the Disciplinary Commission of the UCI and the Anti-Doping Commission CBC, Luciano Hostins. Continue reading

Novelties in Drop and Arrival 3rd Step of CIMTB Levorin

Dumped will be in front of the Congonhas Museum. Event is with open entries and happens between August 18th and 20th.

The dust will rise in Congonhas (MG) with the marathon 3rd stage of the International Copa Levorin de Mountain biking (CIMTB Levorin). The event occurs between the 18th and 20th of August and has the entries open. Meanwhile, the organization is already in the historic city by elaborating the logistics of the event. Among the novelties, site of the drop, technical Congress, excerpts from the runway and others. Continue reading

Brazil Cycle Fair Promotes Interaction Between Athletes

Many BMX maneuvers, rides tests from one of the main brands of the market, chat about the use of bicycle, mechanical tips and the sale of promotional tickets to Brazil cycle Fair stirred the park Villa Lobos in Sao Paulo, this Sunday (09), in a kind of heating for the main bicycle fair in Latin America.

In an unprecedented and free action, hundreds of visitors might enjoy and closely accompany some athletes performing various BMX maneuvers. Who always wanted to feel how it is to pedal a bike used by professionals, might test some of the TREK models, one of the main brands of the market. Continue reading

5 Proposals for Safer Crossings for Different Modes of Transport

The National Association of City Transport Officials, known by its acronym NACTO, has developed six principles for drawing intersections that talk about how to take advantage of the streets to offer more efficient and safe journeys to all road users-pedestrians, cyclists, Users of public transport and drivers. Continue reading

Biggest National Bicycle Meeting Starts Fundraising Via Crowdfunding

Interested in contributing to the realization of the 2016 Biciculture can already make their donation through the platform juntos.com.vc. The crowd funding campaign was open to the general public on Wednesday (6/4) and will run for about three weeks. The objective is to raise R $ 35 thousand, which, after deducting the costs of rewards and fees, will result in R $ 28 thousand, which will be used to expand the programming of workshops and panels. Thus, the resource for this area would increase from R $ 62 thousand to R $ 90 thousand. The campaign with the complete description can be accessed at our site . Continue reading