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How to Make An International Call?

To make an international phone call, there are some information that you need to get started. You must first know the international prefix. This code allows you to dial out of the country you are calling and is unique to each country. Once you pick up the phone and hear a dial tone, you dial the code. In Brazil this code is 00.

The code IDD (International Direct Dial) for Brazil is 55. For international calls, the Country Codes Web site you will find the complete list, as well as a simulator with the codes of where the call originates to where it is intended.

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Fake Call on A Cell Phone-How It Works?

Cell phones are becoming more modern and with applications that allow you to do anything. You can very detailed program any smartphone function, and even to invent and create functions called lie to yourself.

An Android application called Fake Call enables programming schedules for your phone ring, like someone calling you. In the same way that there are times that we do not want to be interrupted by cell phone, there are times when we pray for a get and have a good reason to get out of any situation. This fake call app is free and allows multiple configurations, many pre-scheduled, detail and other faster.

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What is A ROM from A Cell Phone? What’s the Point?

With the constant evolution of cell phones, its similarity with PCs is becoming ever closer. Even the lowly cell has both ROM as RAM in its construction. However, a phone brings together both types of memory differently than on a PC. His long-term memory needs are different, and it uses more ROM than RAM.

Data Memory

A desktop computer or laptop has several types of memory. He use the RAM to the open documents and programs, the ROM for internal programs, general storage hard drives and DVD-ROM for removable storage. A cell phone, in comparison, has no hard drive or DVD-ROM, depending on entirely your RAM and ROM for storing data.

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15 Apps That Every Woman Should Have in Your Cell Phone!

Let’s start by saying that I never even there is an application for mobile phones that do everything. But let’s just say that there are many of them that will make your life much easier.

My Days

This application provides for when the next menstruation will happen and when you are Ovulating, showing everything in a calendar. It also gives you the option of sorting, if you took the pill, annotations, intimacy, temperature, weight, mood and other information. Is a very simple application with charts that calculate the basal metabolic temperature and you can still back up or send your data by email. In Android devices, there is an option to add the widget to your home. This application is available for Apple and Android devices (it’s free, but you can upgrade it for a fee).

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Cell Phone in the Free Market? See What to Ask before You Buy!

Buy a mobile phone smartphone on the free market is something that can be very advantageous in relation to traditional purchase in retail stores. Especially when it comes to new releases usually store prices too high, with exorbitant profit margins and therefore the purchase in alternative locations such as the Besteducationschools site can be interesting.

If you do not have a record in the free market, do the free signup now as this expedite the negotiation and you can ask questions to sellers more quickly and be notified by email when there is an answer.

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How to Trigger the Warranty of An Imported Electronic?

I just had a traumatic experience with two SSDs from Corsair. Both burned. Lucky for me, the warranty of the manufacturer has international coverage and be able to send the two SSDs for Exchange. However, this is something that I hadn’t checked earlier. I don’t know how long it would have to guarantee. And just a few days, I had to trigger the warranty of my Galaxy Note II, which had two faults in a row.

I don’t think even with cellphones we care too much about it. We have a standardized year guarantees and are satisfied with them. In most cases, bought by the imported equipment sites. Such sites offer between 3 months to a year, turning in a normal average of 3 months. It is very little compared to the guarantee out there.

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What is Geo Tagging. How to Know If It’s Working?

Geo tagging is the process of adding geographical identification metadata to various media such as a photo, video, websites, SMS, QR Codes or RSS feeds. These data usually consist of latitude and longitude coordinates, though they can also include altitude, bearing, distance, accuracy data, and place names.

Geotagging can help users find a wide variety of information specific to a particular location. For example, one can find images taken near a given location by entering latitude and longitude coordinates into a suitable image search engine. Enabled services with geo tagging can also potentially be used to find news based on location or other features. Geotagging can tell users the location of the content of a given image or other media.

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How to Get A Virus from Cell Phone?

If a phone is acting erratically or some commands do not have an answer, it is possible that your device has a virus. A cell phone with a virus may fail to make phone calls, hang up in your own applications or close them unexpectedly, and this can be frustrating.

Most basic phones don’t run the risk of virus, while the more advanced phones, such as smartphones or tablets are more susceptible to viruses for mobile phones, due to their operating systems. The more complex the phone, the more opportunities you have to contract a virus.

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My Cell Phone Has 2 IMEI Numbers? Why?

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbers are used to help the mobile phone companies and you keep track of the use of the mobile phone. If the phone is lost or stolen, the phone company can enter the IMEI number in the database and permanently disable the phone. Even though the SIM card is changed, the cell phone doesn’t work. There are some things you can do to find the IMEI number of a mobile phone.

Open the battery of your mobile phone and remove the battery. The IMEI number should be located on the white sticker underneath the battery. It’s going to be 15 to 17 digits long with no letters or bars. You only need the first 15 numbers. If the IMEI number is not located under the battery, there are other ways to find it. Connect the phone to initialize before continuing.

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How to Choose the Best Cell Phone Battery?

Cell phones come with a variety of hardware and software capabilities that reduce battery life. If you’re not careful, you can get your phone and find your dead battery when you need it most. You can extend battery life of your mobile phone, by following a few simple best practices, disabling features that you don’t use and adjusting the settings of your phone.

We say this because simply there is no cell phone with better battery in choosing a smartphone. Yes, there are models that will better manage battery life. but at some point, she will need to be replaced because the useful life of the batteries of electronic devices. The only technical specification which is nice to note when choosing a cell phone battery’s mAh (milliamp-hour): the higher, the more battery capacity and longer it will last. But is to stand out that the more powerful for your appliance, more battery it will consume too.

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What Type of Cell Phone Plan is Right for You: Prepaid, Postpaid or Control?

Choose the right cell phone plan can be confusing. Nowadays there are so many different options in the areas of pricing, data, minutes, text and then on top of all that, you have to decide the cell phone you want to choose.

We made a small list for anyone who wants to sign up for a new contract. It is important to address what are the elements of a phone plan are important to you and, therefore, help you decide which cell phone plan is right for you.

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How to Identify A Cell Phone Xing-Ling?

Fake cell phone manufacturers mimic all aspects of the appearance of a phone to make them appear genuine, making it difficult to identify if a phone is true or a “xing-ling”.

When possible, it is always preferable to buy a phone through a registered dealer or carrier store, I can attest to the authenticity of the phones. However, with the prevalence of stores and auction sites on the internet, this may not be an option.

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How Long Do I Have to Load A New Cell Phone?

Your cell phone is constantly without battery? This is a great reality in today’s smartphones. You can make your phone battery last longer with a few easy tips. Many cellular manuals say to leave the cell by pressing for a certain amount of hours on the first use is required. It is not so true: it’s much more important a good administration of your battery to extend her life, that is born with the days counted.

How Long Do I Have to Load A New Cell Phone?

Basically, even for the most modern batteries of lithium-ion battery, there is no need to charge the phone for a minimum time. However, as the batteries comes standard with a lower load, it is recommended that you leave loading until they reach the maximum load during a time that will vary according to the size of the battery, but that will be displayed by the cell when the charge reaches 100%. However, it is extremely important that you keep these batteries away from heat sources, as this will damage and its useful life.

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Cell Phone Needs Protection for the Screen?

This question is very common among people who buy a mobile device again. Most devices out there nowadays use Gorilla Glass, which is a more resistant glass, or at least something similar. Even with a better protection, it’s worth noting that screen savers offer a bit more than just risk protection on the screen. Here are some other uses for the screen saver:

Anti-Glare: like all devices that have glass screen, it can make your device very difficult to see under the sun while you may not need to protect themselves against risks, there are still some great screensavers out there that give a feeling more dull for the screen, saving you the brightness and allowing you to see the screen wherever you are;

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10 Tips for Your Cell Phone Last Longer!

This article will cover tips to keep your mobile phone safe and make it last for a long time. It may be that even so, you still want to change your mobile with a good frequency. But it’s always nice to be able to resell your product for a good price or even have a machine in good condition as a reserve for emergencies. So let’s get the 10 essential tips that will increase exponentially the durability of your mobile device.

Safety First

How cell phones are delicate, they are required to be handled with extra care. For good results, it is best to use a protective hood and always handle the appliance firmly in his hands.

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How to Choose the Best Cell Phone Screen: LCD or AMOLED?

When shopping for a phone, the screen will always be a factor in the choice, but it’s not going to be the most decisive for many people who want to buy a smartphone. The important thing is to understand what is being offered.

This is often not assisted by brands and dazzling marketing, such as screen Retina Apple or Reality Display from Sony Ericsson. In this case, Apple is referring to high pixel count per inch of your screen, instead of a particular technology, while the Reality of screen Sony Ericsson with mobile Bravia screen uses mostly software improvements to the video to achieve impressive results.

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Cell Phone Radiation is Bad?

There are more than 4 billion people making daily use of cellular devices, and they become increasingly frequent in our daily lives. In some States in Brazil, are already two appliances per inhabitant. More information are also becoming available, which can link to radiation exposure due to frequent cell phone use, a series of alarming health problems.

Preliminary Studies

Scientists know for decades that high doses of radio frequencies can penetrate the body, warm fabrics, damage to sensitive areas of the body such as the eyes and testicles and cause behavioral problems. The latest studies on the potential health risks from cell phone use by individuals assessed who used cell phones for an average period of three years has found little evidence to link cell phone use with an increased risk of cancer. However, in studies that examined individuals for more than 10 years suggest higher risks to human health than studies that examined individuals for minor deadlines.

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How to Configure Your New Cell Phone! Basic Tips!

There’s something interesting about getting a new cell phone. If it’s your first phone or simply an update to the latest version, with better technology, taking your phone out of the box is a very exciting event. In this time of excitement, it is important that you organize to set up your new phone and start taking advantage of it.

Assembly of the New Cell Phone

Mount your new phone, inserting the battery by placing the chip of your carrier and closing the lid, if applicable. Connect your phone on the charger and charge the battery fully. The charging time depends on the phone model. Forget that story that the phone has to stay a whole day carrying or stuff like that. Always take care not to let the cargo pass below 50%, for better management of the battery life. Depending on your new device, you may need to change the SIM card, but this can easily be done in any store of your carrier.

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Is It Really Worth It to Buy A Cell Phone in the US?

Who wants to exchange the phone for a more modern model or want to buy your first smartphone can end up falling into the temptation to ask for any relatives to buy a smartphone in the United States. Or you can go there to buy the equipment or want to order it over the internet. During stable dollar, prices can be attractive even for those interested. But is it worth it to buy a cell phone in the us? This will depend on a few considerations that you should make and through some basic questions you can find the answers to your questions.

What is the Frequency Used by the Phone to Access Telephony Networks?

We are talking here of frequencies in which the networks 2 g, 3 g and 4 g to work. In most cases, cell phones have hardware that supports more than one frequency for the same network technology (such as GSM or CDMA. See Computerannals.). If you’re looking for a cell phone ready for 4 g LTE technology of Brazil, you will need to do a little research on the device that you want to buy out of the country on the internet, in order to know whether he will support the rate here embraced. Anything will do any good to have a State-of-the-art cell but that have the same value of a brick when you get here in Brazil.

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How to Remove Small Scratches from Your Cell Phone?

Cell phones suffer a lot of abuse for use in day to day, from being rubbed against my car keys in my Pocket until falling on the sidewalk. It’s a miracle they last so long after so many tests of endurance. For many users of cell phones, it’s hard to keep a cell phone for a while without scratching your screen. Many smartphones have very large screens, and each scratch causes you to run the risk of losing the visibility of the screen of your device.

Now, if your smartphone screen is scratched by small scratches or other major, before buying a new screen, we can consider a homemade methodology to try to lessen or even remove the problem.

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I Need to Buy Another Cell Phone?

After losing your cell phone, you’ll want to replace it quickly. In addition, often ruin appliances/break and repair is too expensive, and best change the entire device. In other situations, you simply just wants a new model.

However, in the process of doing so, consider the various options available to minimize the expense. Check the availability of extra services, such as insurance. The most important thing to think about is: the more you invest in a cell now, chances are that the technologies are still very present in 2, 3 years. I say that from experience.

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WhatsApp Security Threats

Oh dear WhatsApp,

You are used every day and people are also very happy to pay the small amount demanded by you. Even if you does not send or receive something like, we love you. We need you.

The security vulnerabilities that keep coming up. Namely again in a test, it turns out that you can steal the account without much effort. Everything you need is the phone number and the device number IMEI. You can easily get both.

Then can be written and received to your heart’s content . And what makes the team of WhatsApp? Unfortunately little. The full documentation on the case has been offered and the head of the app wants to ensure a rapid close to this gap. People, however, are still waiting for response.