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Legal Issues Related to Surveillance Cameras

First widely used in the 1970s in high security settings such as banks and sensitive government facilities, video surveillance cameras have grown in popularity. Ranging from increased government use of surveillance to public safety to individual owners using hidden “nanny-cams,” cameras are now everywhere. While they may be useful tools, they also open up a lot of legal concerns. Privacy Concerns Continue reading

Tips on How to Install a CCTV Camera System

The first step is to raise the strategic and vulnerable points of your residency. You need to plan where you want to put the cameras, and how many cameras you need. Another point is to set the site a DVR installation, there’s no point in having a complete security system, high-res cameras and recording if at the time of an occurrence you have your stolen DVR. (Check out other tips on this materia of GSNEWS: “Security Tips!”) Continue reading

The CCTV Solution Ideal for Surveillance of Large Spaces

More and more furtantes of goods profissionalizam at what they do: discover places where cameras are installed, study blind spots, invent new gadgets and suited to new technologies. It’s like a race. We need to be on the lookout for new technologies, because the criminals are always trying to circumvent them. Continue reading

Security in Traffic Light Cameras Save Lives, Study of IIHS

According to an analysis by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety-IIHS-, cameras installed at the traffic lights in the 57 largest United States cities saved more than 1,300 lives during 2014; on the other hand, in populations where there is this kind of technology the number of accidents grew 30 percent. Continue reading

Do Benefits Offering Security in Bars Cameras?

The bars provide 36% of employment in tourism sector, so that its economic impact is of great importance. So that new technologies allow greater control and optimization in the same operations, unfortunately, levels of insecurity in them has been increasing impacting economically and above all, the confidence of the consumer. Continue reading