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Power Case: Your Cell Phone Protected and Charged for Longer!

For some time now, I’ve been noticing that topics related to battery life in  the Android PIT forum  are the ones that are most in demand.  Thinking about it, I decided to talk about an accessory I recently purchased: the Power Case, a kind of protective case that still offers an external battery with different capacities. Continue reading

Learn What to Do With Your Old Cell Phone Battery

Have you ever wondered what destination to give for an old cell phone battery? It may be that you do not usually change it often, but when you get a new device, you will fatally have to give the old one a purpose-and the old battery, too.  Cellular batteries have a toxic composition. They are made from substances such as mercury, lead and cadmium, which can harm the environment and seriously harm the health of those who come into contact with their waste. Continue reading

Moto G Battery Has Longer Range than Premium Smart phones

The battery test conducted by the Phone Arena site gave what to speak in the Android community.  Much emphasis was given to the record-breaking autonomy of the Galaxy S5,the largest of a high-end so far and comparable to that of tablets. Many people did not notice, however, that the  MotoG  also shone in the test. The battery of Motorola’s economical device proved to be more durable than the flagship car launched in the same year. Continue reading

10 Creative Ideas for Making Toys with Cans

I already did with ideal creative post using cardboard box, popsicle stick, clothes-peg, contact paper, and more. I was thinking about the kind of material which had not yet explored to make the text today and realized that I never talked about another item that we always have at home and that can yield several interesting activities:empty cans. So my tip today are 10 creative ideas for making toys with cans. Continue reading

Brazilian Team Celebrates Evolution at the BMX Supercross World Cup

After two steps, the country’s female elite is approaching favorites. next challenge will be in the netherlands

The Brazilian team finished on Sunday (10) their participation in the second stage of the World Cup BMX Supercross, which was being held in Manchester in England. The team celebrated the good performance of the athletes Bianca Quinalha and Priscilla Carnaval who reached the quarter-finals of one of the most difficult competitions of the season. Continue reading