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Power Case: Your Cell Phone Protected and Charged for Longer!

For some time now, I’ve been noticing that topics related to battery life in  the Android PIT forum  are the ones that are most in demand.  Thinking about it, I decided to talk about an accessory I recently purchased: the Power Case, a kind of protective case that still offers an external battery with different capacities. Continue reading

Razer Launches Accessory that Is a Smart Watch and Bracelet

The Razer manufacturer once again shows that it is not interested in just working with computer accessories and has introduced a fitness wristband that makes digital clock paper and comes at a very attractive price. Under the name of Nabu, the accessory will be released as early as the first quarter of this year and should cost less than $ 100, or eja, less than $ 237. Continue reading

Moto G Battery Has Longer Range than Premium Smart phones

The battery test conducted by the Phone Arena site gave what to speak in the Android community.  Much emphasis was given to the record-breaking autonomy of the Galaxy S5,the largest of a high-end so far and comparable to that of tablets. Many people did not notice, however, that the  MotoG  also shone in the test. The battery of Motorola’s economical device proved to be more durable than the flagship car launched in the same year. Continue reading

Apple Watch Will Be the First Smart Watch

Wearable devices have been on the market for some time, big manufacturers have already released their versions of wristbands and smart watches. Apple is preparing to launch Apple Watch soon, Tim Cook said the device will be out in April.Many believe that this will be the watch that will change the market for wearable devices, even Apple. Continue reading

Android Wear Comes New Watchfaces

One of the most fun aspects of the Platform Android Wear is that there are hundreds of ways to customize it with the ability to change the watch face at will. The independent developer community has acknowledged this possibility with great enthusiasm, and today they are literally thousands offers of any kind, free or not, whose highlight does not fail to point out from time to time.

If all this were not enough, Google has decided to forge partnerships with some internationally renowned designers to complete watch face “branded”. The five that were already previously, they’ve added another nine; Here’s a quick roundup and, below, the descriptions of all (in sequential order). Continue reading

Panoramic Photo App for Android

On the iPhone for a long time there are Apps to create panoramic photos and now on Android a free application allows you to do the same.

This is the Panonama Pro at ablogtophone, the app that allows you to create panoramic photos easily by pressing the camera button like it’s take a picture and go turning the device to capture all the surroundings that should come out in the photograph.

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2012 FIFA for Android

Computer games and video game gradually are gaining space in mobile platforms like Android and iOs (iPhone, iPad, iPod). While the games for consoles and computers cost at least a few dozen dollars the games stop cell phones and tablets can be bought for a few dollars. The form of distribution much cheaper and practice is one of the justifications for this great reduction of the final price.

If you are already a fan of games for Android a good news from Photionary is that you can now download the FIFA 2012 to run on your Android smartphone! EA Games has released FIFA 2012 download that brings many good graphics for a handheld device and a even better gameplay, being easy to control players even using the screen of the device. The price of R$ 9.37 is low if compared to PC games, but high compared to the average of the mobile games.

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Voice Command iPhone X Android

An interesting video posted by Motorola shows a comparison of the operation of the voice commands of Android devices in comparison with an iPhone 4S and your voice system, the crab. The Androids are used the Motorola Electrify, Motorola Atrix 4 g 2 and the Photon. The voice command allows you to talk on the phone tasks to control the appliance and perform various functions. You can send text messages just saying, register shipping lanes just talking about fate, access websites talking about the address or even save small reminders of text in the appliance. It’s even possible to access and use some applications compatible via voice commands.

Comparison Between Motorola and iPhone: Voice Commands

All videos were made without much scientific criteria, and this should be taken into consideration when judging the fairness of the outcome. I can’t tell, for example, if the network connections of the two devices had the same speed or latency. The differences between the times are small and this may be a possible cause. In any case, it’s an interesting comparison.

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Temple Run-Another Excellent Game for Android

After the success on iOS platform, which runs on Apple devices with iPad, iPhone and iPod, the Temple game Run will now be released for Android according to aBlogtoPhone.

The aim of the game is to collect coins and win more and more points while overcomes the obstacles of a race for time. You control the direction and keeps getting faster and faster. It is necessary to jump in right time and turn at every turn of the path. Jumping at the wrong time you run the risk of leaving the track and then have to start again.

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What’s New in Google IO 2012

I didn’t have a round in the Chamber and not timing to be able to plan and participate in the Google IO this year. Is an annual event in which Google releases are presented to developers and fans from all over the world. It’s basically a technical event, held in the city of San Francisco and whose tickets cost $ 900 in 2012, having doubled in value from the previous year. But still pays off!

I just finished watching the Keynote, which is an opening ceremony of the event in which the main novelties are explained to everyone (broadcast live on Youtube) and Google is impressive every year. In this the most impressive in my opinion was the presentation of the glasses that the company is developing. All the audience could follow in real time a parachute jump from a blimp over the city of San Francisco. The athlete “has landed at the top of the building in which the Conference until everyone saw everything in real time by Google, Plus Hangout, over his glasses. Just amazing!

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Android App for Abdominal Series Training

Keep fit is increasingly difficult in a world where technology is always making life. Since the emergence of the remote control there is no shortage of equipment and software that increasingly avoid you to have to move. The cell phones are clearly one more of these equipment, because they are always at your side, and just reach in to meet, rather than move to the landline. Not to mention the main function of the General telephony which is to avoid the displacement of the people when they need “just talking to each other”.

On the other hand appear initiatives of mobile applications to help the quality of life and generate statistics from sports. We’ve talked about some applications for running and other sports training, now we present an app to tell and you assist in correct practice of ABS.

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Formula 1 App for Android

Those who like to spend a Sunday or late nights following the formula 1 racing will like new F1 application released for Android. It is expensive, it costs R$ 56.45 and also has a free version. It is interesting to note that, even with a price so high, almost absurd if compared to other mobile applications, the paid version has had between 1000 and 5000 downloads at the end of this article.

Although so expensive the app is well done and promises to change completely the way to follow a race, is seeing simultaneously on TV, live at the racetrack or even on other sites that have internet access.

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Take Pictures Quickly and Silently on Android

One of the most frustrating things of cell phone cameras and compact cameras is the fact that the camera application is usually very slow, delaying or making it impossible to take pictures of events with speed. Even if you have a cell phone too fast, it will probably be well slower than professional cameras when you need it for a quick photo.

An app for Android called InstaCamera promises to solve this problem by opening the camera instantly to photograph anything. Fast and efficient.

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Android Smartphone with Great Cost Benefit

For more than two months analyzing the Android model available on the market to replace my handset Motorola Milestone that I served for two years. Now he presents defects and a slowness that makes use of the same martyrdom. I still think that two years is a short time to change device and maybe I’d be a little more with the current device, but as the price for replacing the faulty touch screen of the Milestone is high, the repair is not worth it and it is better to replace.

I’m going to change the Milestone and also give a gift to my fiancee. As she got an N95 in deplorable conditions, the exchange for an Android is going to be a leap in terms of functionality. I went out looking for a device better but not so expensive and that it wasn’t top of the line as when I bought the Milestone. The cost benefit greatly increases after the first few months of launching a smartphone, especially because the price drops too. One of the devices that I found really interesting is Samsung Galaxy W, a smartphone with a better processor than the Milestone, much more current and it certainly meets my expectations of having a good appliance and not too expensive from Ehuzhou.net.

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Chrome-is A Reason to Have An Android?

Google Chrome on PC is the fastest browser today, both in speed to start the opening pages when in growth of market share in relation to its competitors. Now Google Chrome is available for Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0).

Works for cell phones and tablets, and has some functionality that today we can only installing third-party tools. One of these features is the synchronization of bookmarks and open tabs between your phone Google Chrome from your computer. There is still nothing compared to password synchronization between Android and PC in this beta version of Chrome, but I believe it is only a matter of time, especially since this is a good reason to bring multiple users of Firefox for Chrome.

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Wi-Fi Scales with App! They Can Help You?

There are many gadgets on the market that say improve their quality of life and sports. What do you say then of a scale that accompanies your weight, BMI and body fat measurement through an app for Android, iOS and PCs?

The Withings is a scale that does it all for you. And then some.

You can keep track of everything you need to take control of your body-weight, body mass index (BMI) and body fat mass. All in a single weighing that easily evaluate if you’re losing fat or gaining muscle.

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How to Update My Android? Has Newer Version for My Phone?

Android is the operating system for mobile phones and tablets of higher growth in the world. There are many manufacturers of Android devices, and the downside of so many manufacturers is to keep always updated appliances. Google has updated the Android system several last year, but not all devices will receive the update at the same time, the same worth to future updates. Depending on the carrier and manufacturer, some phones receive the update as soon as they are released and others arrive to take months.

Updating Your System Android “Over-the-Air” (OTA)

Update your system Android OTA means using the “official” update, be it your mobile operator or manufacturer. Note that cellphones that have undergone “root” can have conflicts and do not recommend updating by this method.

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What is Google Now? How Does It Work?

Google Now is a smart personal assistant available for the Android operating system, Google, and soon also available for cell phones that use the iOS operating system. Initially, the application is an extension of the Android Google Search.

Google Now uses a natural language interface to answer questions, make recommendations and take action, delegating requests for a set of web services. Along with the answers to user-initiated queries, Google Now passively provides information to the user by providing what they want, based on your search habits.

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