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Learn How to Stimulate Your Child from 5 Years

They grow, they begin to be aware of your place in the world, show that came, make clear their will and your personality. When the child completes 5 years, she enters a new phase of development and stimulate this is essential. His fine motor skills is already well established. His visual perception, gustatory, tactile, olfactory and auditory already has a very Rico repertoire. She desvencilhou of mom, I know you’re a human being unique and full of choices. Continue reading

10 Creative Ideas for Making Toys with Cans

I already did with ideal creative post using cardboard box, popsicle stick, clothes-peg, contact paper, and more. I was thinking about the kind of material which had not yet explored to make the text today and realized that I never talked about another item that we always have at home and that can yield several interesting activities:empty cans. So my tip today are 10 creative ideas for making toys with cans. Continue reading

LEGO Duplo Block Toys


Constructions with LEGO Duplo is very intuitive and so all children to stimulate creativity, that’s the beauty of Duplo line, allow children to give free interpretation to every game, creating many times.

Build with LEGO Duplo keeps kids engaged for hours, helping to stimulate the imagination, the creativity and the attention in the construction of things.

For those who still do not know LEGO Duplo is a particular set of blocks dedicated to children, are suitable for children up to 4 or 5 years of age. The bricks that make up this series are eight times larger than traditional ones, this is to prevent it from being swallowed by mistake by younger children, unless they have the mouth of a lion.

Compared to LEGO bricks, Duplo buildings have double width, height and length to be handled more easily from the hands of children.

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Types of Toys

  • Construction set
    The Greek philosopher Plato wrote that the future architect as a child should play in building houses. A construction set is a collection of pieces that can be assembled together to create templates. Popular models to be built include cars, spaceships, and houses. The things that are being built are sometimes used as toys once finished, but generally the purpose is just to build objects that will eventually be removed, so you can reuse the pieces to build new ones. The oldest and perhaps the most common types of constructions are a set of simple wooden blocks, often brightly painted and given to children. Construction sets like Lego bricks and Lincoln Logs are designed for children slightly larger and were quite popular in the last century. Construction sets appeal to children (and adults) who like to work with their hands, solve puzzles and have imagination.

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Tips for Choosing Toys

If you are budget conscious moms, you know that children’s toys are very important and for this reason should be chosen carefully in order to avoid problems of which I will speak in the next paragraphs. Read the guide to know the characteristics, types, security and how to choose toys for children on the basis of quality, price and accurate information to the consumer.


A toy is an object that is used during a game. The toys usually associated with children and pets, but it is not unusual that even adults or animals domesticated not have fun with toys. Many objects are produced specifically for this use, but also objects produced for other purposes can be used as toys. A child can pick up an object and “fly” by pretending that it is an airplane, or an animal can play with a pinecone in campaigning over the paw, morsicandola, rincorrendola or propelling it into the air. Some toys are produced mainly for collectors and not to play it. The origin of the toys goes back to prehistoric times; dolls representing infants, animals and soldiers, as well as replicas of tools used by adults, are easily found in archaeological sites. The origin of the word “toy” is unknown, but is believed to have been used for the first time in the 14th century.

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Kid Rocking Horse Toys

Back and forth, back and forth, his head becomes lighter and the biggest smile: the soft lull of a rocking horse lifts the hearts of young and old. But not just a toy rocking horse brings all the charm of the past in the bedroom or in the living room.

Rocking horse: childhood memories

The pleasure of swinging: a return to childhood, an unconscious desire to leave abandon to that gentle movement that so brings us to the rhythmic lull in the embrace of the parents. From the cradle to the swings, the swing has always marked moments of joy, rest and play in our lives. For this reason the rocking horse remains one of the most classic toys and more loved by everyone – from children to the most adults who still feel a little ‘children. Yet it is a toy so simple: a wooden horse and cloth on two sledges curved, which sways rhythmically back and forth without ever going to gallop or trot.

Before electronic games, in front of the doll most glamorous and most modern cars, the children’s eyes still light up in front of the simple joy of a rocking horse. And is a joy for parents, who can keep an eye on the time of the game without having to run around and chase through the house: observing those bright eyes and smiling that incessant relaxed and gentle rocking, indulge slowly to a sweet and quiet sleep.

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Plush Toys Buying Guide

Some have skeletons in the closet, who instead of plush! These tender childhood friends they do not want to throw away, but also in his own bed as adults are not exactly suitable. For this reason many decide to store their plush closet.

However, it is very unfortunate that these sweet and plush toys end up in the closet, when they could give joy even to the greatest. If you do not have children or do not know anyone who has them, what to do with these cute teddy bears, bunnies and puppies?

Plush: a new life

The soft toys are available in many sizes, shapes, colors, animals and quality standards. However, when they become adults they do not attract what it used to but still maintain a certain emotional bond. Below you will find some solutions on how to recycle soft toys.

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Molto Children’s Toys Buying Guide

In the 80s, the brand of toys was very popular, especially in Spain, for creating Gusy Luz, a nice doll shaped Caterpillar accompanying children to the house at night, thanks to the comforting light it emits.

Maybe Gusy Luz is one of the toys that more remember the brand, but there are many more. Since 1955, this Spanish toy manufacturer has evolved to become one of the top six companies in the Spanish domestic market, as it expands in many other countries. Let us look at some of the toys you can’t miss!

Parking lots and garage

Who hasn’t ever played with as a child? Any vehicle, including trains, motorcycles, helicopters … stimulate coordination, speed, balance and fun. A good option is the parking lots and garages, which are also ideal for keeping order all machines when you finish playing. Don’t miss the garge molto, with ramps and washing tunnel, and some with lift and/or heliport.

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Where to Buy Barbapapa Toys

The barbapapa are Comic characters created by Annette Tison and Talus Taylor, and published in France since 1970. The comic is considered one of the first works with an ecological message.

Then came the series of cartoons for children, inspired by the famous Barbapapa cartoon, which is fond of the children around the world. Even today the barbapapa are much loved by children, who go crazy for brightly colored and cute characters that change shape. Continue reading

How to Clean Children’s Toys with Natural Products

How to clean children’s toys with natural products and what ingredients they use? There are many ways to maintain maximum hygiene of our children’s toys, here are some natural solution, DIY and super cheap.

Keep children’s toys is important so that children do not come into contact with germs and harmful bacteria, especially since children tend to abandon their games without using the about typical of adults and tend to put in mouth toys. Effectively Sanitize children’s toys with Foodezine, using only natural products, it is possible and very easy. Let’s see some systems and some economic and not chemical ingredient. Continue reading

Plush Puppet Toys for Kid

Everybody loves them, everybody wants. They can be large or small size, of different colors and shades. They are the puppets, cloth, snow or for Valentine’s Day, are always welcome and have a cuddle to the touch and sight. Be inspired by the proposals of the website and enrich your home and your child’s room with the most cheerful and funny puppets. Love your home!

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Toys for Kids Online

What better time of year than close to Christmas to buy children’s toys?

No point in denying it: our children have become more and more demanding and to please them sometimes we find ourselves, especially in the holiday season, to spin like tops among toy stores desperately seeking the right gift.

If you want to save you some stress from holiday shopping, save time and maybe save some money you can try shopping on societypically. Kids toy stores on line are numerous and well supplied, with a few clicks you can get right to your door gifts for Christmas for your children. Continue reading

How to Buy Safe Toys

The game is the instrument through which children learn about the world. If once the toys were almost all do-it-yourselfers, built with recycled materials found in the home, children’s gaming market today offers parents hundreds of different proposals to choose from. All this abundance, however, should not distract from safety. Play Yes, but with every precaution! We discover together what are the requirements that a good toy must have and how, once at home, we need to put everything in security.

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Types of Toys by Age


Your little one already playing when it is in baby bump. If you try to “knock” in the belly, he responds with drawings by excite mom and dads! This is a game for him. When born continues to play with anything that manages to touch, and as the weeks pass, play with everything you can see and hear. The toys are divided according to age, especially in the first months of life:

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Fashion and Toys Cheap

Fashion and toys, the finest collections inspired by the world of children’s toys that leave amazed Rctoysadvice: the fabulous world of fashion meets fun for little ones! Not only clothes and accessories, but also clothes lines that find inspiration from the games. The collection dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Monopoly, the game that inspired the collection of designer “Au jour le jour”, the charity special project launched by Luisa Via Roma with “My Little Pony”, which involved distinguished fashion names like Versace, Fendi, Marni, Missoni, Cavalli, all committed to a charity auction in favour of “Save the Children” for Nepal. Continue reading

Tips for Choosing Safe Toys

How to choose

Let’s try to enter for a moment in the bedroom of a young child. Probably the scenario that turns up is to a room full of games of all kinds, many of which are definitely not suitable for his age. Unfortunately more and more often the mistake to buy toys based on mere convenience or even worse just because we like them, not considering that maybe that game might contain detachable parts and therefore easily swallowed. Many parents do not reflect on this danger, rather they are convinced that their children will put anything in their mouths.

We need to debunk this certainty is impossible, indeed, to find a child who does not try to grasp with my mouth a few object. But not because the latter is not smart, he just lives a growth phase dominated by curiosity and need to explore their surroundings. It is our duty to respect it. So when we are going to choose a toy, the first thing we have to look beyond the material and structure, is the age range for which the game has been released.

Usually on the market we find two main categories of games, those for children 36 months and those for children over three years (these bands then are divided into more categories). Each box by law must contain a label where precisely shows the age at which the game is intended. In order to clarify this concept, we can list some games suitable for children older than three years and banned, however, children under 36 months. Such as plush, but even the toy cars, some types of dolls, the surprises of infant carriers, mobile phones, toy etc. Are all games that contain the cutouts and therefore not appropriate for young children.

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How a doll is manufactured?

Alicante is one of the Spanish regions with major toy-making tradition, being specialists in design and manufacture all kinds of toys and games to have fun and entertain the entire family. In the Alicante Town of Onil began to manufacture dolls from the last decades of the 19th century, dedicated to this craft task several companies and local workshops. The high cost of the manufacture of porcelain and earthenware dolls meant that they were abandoning these materials and all companies of Onil is focus for tipping in the purchase of new machinery for manufacturing plastic, much cheaper and competitive material. The plastic as a basic material for the manufacture of dollswas introduced since the mid-20th century. Will not be until the 1960s when this joint venture, known as famous, have on your wrist Nancy one of its more rounded creative successes.

If you ever wondered how is made a doll, TVE, the Spanish Television, offers an interesting program on the manufacture of dolls in Dublin, a village in Alicante that we have traditionally manufactured toys, especially dolls.

The special about dolls is retransmitted next July 30, 2013 within the program manufacturing Made in Spain. An amazing program where we can assist the process of elaboration of a doll and we can also see online on the website of Rtve after its television broadcast.