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Tent Sobreteto

The Sobreteto of the tent is called “out”. He’s the one who makes the first shelter protection function primarily from the Sun and rain.But it’s not only that. Winds, leaves, twigs, dirt, serene and etc. also change or impact on the roof of the tent. The importance of this item is intrinsic in demand and concern for your camper’s tent, but it’s important to pay attention to some materials and some forms of informing the consumer. Continue reading

How to Fix a Tent

Small cracks can do to fix it yourself

If you notice a hole smaller, do not panic and seal it waterproof adhesive tape. The fetch is also a repair kit for tents, which contains different-sized patches. Lipno is on crack and you’re done.

When seams leak, seal them

Leaky seams can cause havoc nice. Even at them but mellow. Rub the glue on the seams, which is part of the repair kit, or you can buy it separately. Adhesive seals the seams again and take the wind out of the water. Glue can use not only taped seams but also smaller sealing of cracks. In addition to the tent with him and fix backpacks or clothing.

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Sleeping in a Sleeping Bag Every Night

If you have not seen or heard of sleeping bags on Selk’bag, which can be worn as a dress, now is the time. You can think of them as pajamas from one part of adults, but with the same level of insulation you would find in a sleeping bag so that you warm wherever you relax morna head at night. In coolest it is that now the company has released four models that are actually characters from the marvel universe.

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Sleeping Bag FAQs

Did you know that…

… The sleeping bag, you can buy a protective liner? According to the type Inserts may increase thermal comfort. In the market you can find everything on the fleece lining that can be used in warm weather as a standalone, lightweight sleeping bag. Inserts are also useful if you only borrow sleeping bag. You never know what it happening in front of you.;-)

Would you like a quilt or a sleeping bag rather mummy?

Sleeping bags are produced in two basic types. You can buy a quilt or a mummy sleeping bag.

Quilt sleeping bags (eg. Orion) is suitable for less demanding conditions in the camps, at camp or cottage or family members sleep in your apartment. Sleeping bag after opening easily turn into a spacious and comfortable blanket.

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Tips for Good Sleeping

The range of outdoor equipment you can find many kinds of sleeping bags for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Without a good sleeping bag is not possible for everyone who wants to spend time in nature. Suitable sleeping bag searches climber preparing to go on expeditions, an avid cyclist objíždějící most beautiful places in our region, hiker, tramp or a child getting ready for summer camp.

Among sleeping bags meet quality and lower quality models. The decision on choosing sleeping may also affect the manufacturer’s mark, which is already known and therefore guarantees you first-class kind of sleeping bags. Known companies producing tents, sleeping bags and other equipment used to operate the outdoors have their own characteristics, which will help with the selection. If still in doubt, look at different websites sleeping reviews where specifically find information from people who already have with those kinds of experiences.

Which companies belong to the popular and purchase their sleeping bags will not disappoint you? We bring you some tips for buying a waterproof sleeping bag.

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How to Choose the Right Sleeping Bag and Mat

Universal sleeping bag for the entire year there

Each of us would certainly like a sleeping bag, in which he would have been comfortable all year round and in any weather. But the truth is that something as universal sleeping bag there – we have to decide between three options.

Choosing a sleeping bag will not be such hard work when before they visit a store and buying a sleeping bag truthfully answer the question: On what do I need a sleeping bag?

Sleeping bags are usually divided into:

  • Summer sleeping bags
  • Three-season sleeping bags
  • Winter sleeping bags

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Extremely Lightweight One-person Tent

Extremely low weight and small size make the one-person tent the ideal companion, where it’s weight on every gram. We see the minimalist shelter as well as the full, comfortable 1-person tent with space for the luggage.

3-4 International Latest High Quality Outdoor Recreation Tent Free Shipping

Why should it be a one-person tent?

Have you decided for a one-person tent? Then have at least one chosen: you will be alone on the road or want to stay on the road or at least alone in the tent. Now the question arises whether you want to plan a walking and stay each night in their one-person tent or protect them only for a possible emergency. We find the appropriate solution in each case.

What features are important to you at the one-person tent?

Think about what characteristics the one-person tent should possess. Do you want to rather more space inside of the one man tent with a pleasant deck length?

Seat height inside the tent?

An apse which provides space for backpack and boots?

Particularly stably stand for more extreme conditions?

Is it an extremely lightweight one-person tent with a small packing size?

Here equipment you will find also a wide range of bivy sacks as an alternative to single man tents!

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