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Olpc: the Ideal Outdoor Notebook?

OLPC stands for One Laptop Per Child, and it is a laptop designed primarily as child-friendly and versatile learning tool for the school (in particular in developing countries and emerging markets), or is (currently not yet available). The notebook is also often called a 100-dollar laptop, because the target selling price of US $100. Continue reading

Medion P9514 P8312 (MD99334): 129-Euro-Tablet in the Practice Check

Medion promises for his new P9514 P8312 (MD99334) easy to use great entertainment. In the first practice check of Our site could the 8-inch tablet like.

HD screen

The 8-inch display shows how in this price range usually 1280 x 800 pixels. The display is not quite as noise sharp as an ipad air 2, which upsets but only rarely in practice. Look at the photos or videos made a very ordinary figure of screen, could for use outside but still be something brighter. Through the 16:10-format of the display there films little black bars to see. However, the surface of the screen reflects pretty strongly. It can annoy in an unfavourable light. Color and grayscale look good, if you look on the display, from oblique angles, the picture darkens slightly. A quad-core processor inside the P9514 P8312 (MD99334). The Intel Atom Z3735F runs at 1.33 gigahertz (ghz) frequency and in Turbo mode on up to 1.83 ghz high takten. Responds when the practice check the Aldi Tablet very fixed on the input of the user, annoying waiting times there was hardly. Continue reading

Acer Iconia Tab 10: Test of Full-HD Tablets

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Acer Iconia tab 10 is somewhat thick and hard to get, but because you get used to, especially since the device with a great screen, a good processing and much equipment shines. A weak point is the short battery life just a tablet in this weight class should persevere longer. Best price on the Internet: 248,33 EUR * per order this product at Amazon great display high pace of work memory expandable wireless-ac (2.4 and 5 ghz) NFC and Bluteooth 4.0 contra comparatively thick and hard short battery life test note of Editor 3.12 satisfactory rate now user rating for notebooks, Acer also with tablets looking pcs the success on the market so far but with modest results. Worldwide market share was 2014 at two per cent, rank the Taiwanese statistics only among others. The turn brings the new flagship Iconia tab 10 with Android 5.0? Our site has the brand new unit tested.

Acer Iconia tab 10: product photos and screenshots

18 product photos and screenshots see Acer Iconia tab 10 Continue reading

Huawei Mediapad X 2: Test of the OCTA-Core Phablets

Test conclusion: what you should know

More than a facelift: the second version of the mediapads works quicker, with LTE and dual-SIM offers a significantly better equipment and has greater cameras. Also can the battery last much longer. So, the mediapad X 2 customers will receive a good tablet that can be used as a phone. Best price on the Internet: 368,04 euro * per order this product at Amazon sharp display high pace of work long battery life memory expandable LTE, dual-SIM phone calls, SMS and MMS possible against strong reflections playback by audio output slightly distorted only Wi-Fi-n test note of the editorial 2.39 almost 20 hours of battery life, sharp display good users rating (out of 2 reviews), high pace of work were the main results of the mediapad X 1. The second version will make everything even better. If s works? Our site has the chic 7-incher mediapad X 2 with Android 5.0 extensively tested

Video on the subject of

The first version of the Huawei mediapad convinced the test number 2 now follows. What can the mediapad X 2 be better? Huawei mediapad X 2: Android-5.0-tablet in the test Continue reading

Expired: Scanbot Pro 60 Percent Cheaper

Lose you never recipes, receipt and credit cards. With the app Scanbot, you convert the unloved slip into files in seconds. Save the .jpg and PDF files instantly and automatically in a cloud of your choice. No matter whether you want to collect your bills in Google’s drive storage, Microsoft’s onedrive, evernote or the dropbox: Scanbot pushes it and also on the road quickly and easily access your bills too.

Scanbot at a special price

Reorganize your spending, or save recipes on your phone. So structure the documentation file and save much time when the next tax return. Open the site in the browser of your mobile phone, download the app and click on the button discount free turn, to get 60 percent off the price of the app with our site. 14 August 2015, iphone users pay 1.99 Euro instead of 4,99 Euro, the Android version will cost 1.79 euros instead of 4.49 euros.
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Medion Akoya E6416: Aldi-Nord Notebook with Windows 10 in Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

Who with Wi-Fi-ac, Bluetooth 4.0 and many ports equipped 399-euro laptop is good though no racer, but offers an acceptable pace thanks to core i3 processor from Intel’s current series of Broadwell. And also the battery life is pretty neat with over four hours. Per acceptable pace long battery life of very quietly ac with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 contra some pale color of non-touch screen some heavy testing note of the editorial 2.71 satisfying a day after the discounter Aldi Nord is the official launch of Windows 10 a 15-inch notebook with the new operating system on the shelf. The sale price for the Medion Akoya E6416 (MD99580): 399 euro. Is that a fair offer? our site has the laptop tested.

Medion Akoya E6416 (MD99580): product photos

See 14 product and detail photos Medion Akoya E6416 (MD99580) Continue reading

Medion Akoya E6416: Windows-10 Notebook from Aldi Sud in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Medion notebook from Aldi Sud shines with sharp full-HD display, fast core i5 processor, large 932-gigabyte hard drive, at Wi-Fi ac and slot for retrofitting a fast SSD. The 499 euros are almost calculated, the Medion Akoya E6416 (MD99610) therefore a very good deal. Per high image definition acceptable pace long battery life large hard disk of very quiet ac with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, m. 2 slot for ssds contra minimal pale skin tones of no touch screen displaying some heavy testing note of the editorial 2.53 satisfying one day after the official launch of Windows 10 provides not only Aldi Nord a 15-inch notebook with the new operating system in the rack, but also as Aldi Sud. Both devices are visually similar, but differ in the equipment. The retail price for the Medion Akoya E6416 (MD99610) is also 100 euro above the Aldi-Nord notebook with 499 euros.

Video on the subject

From July 30, the Medion Akoya E6416 (MD99610) at Aldi Sud is a Windows 10 laptop with Intel Core i5 CPU. Our site has tested it. Medion Akoya E6416: Aldi Sud notebook with Windows 10 in test Continue reading

Ultrabook Test: These Chic Notebooks Are Good and Coveted

Ultrabooks are the cooler laptops and now affordable. Prices start at less than 300 euros. The build quality is in 500-euro class in order: sharp edges, or large gaps existed in the test field not. Partially but shaky keyboards and touchpads imprecise spoil the overall impression a Ultrabooks.

Test: Medion Akoya E6416 (MD99580) at Aldi Nord (from July 30, 2015, 399 Euro)
Test: Medion Akoya E6416 (MD99610) at Aldi South (as of July 30, 2015, 499 Euros)

Which Ultrabooks are in this country?

Not infrequently is a premium Ultrabook scratching at the 2,000-euro mark, about Toshiba’s Portege Z30 A 12U. That especially cheaper models attract buyers, takes a look at the price comparison portal the service is currently over 300 Ultrabooks under 1,000 euros. Equipment by the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo, which is represented by ten Ultrabooks in the top 20 are particularly popular. ASUS offers six models, HP appears three times. The device overview contains the most important performance cornerstones of the single Ultrabooks, current prices and short assessments. Continue reading

Prestigio MULTIPAD Way 3 in the Test

The Prestigio MULTIPAD way 3 is an affordable Windows Tablet, which must point in the test, whether it is really cheap or cheap.

  1. Prestigio MULTIPAD way 3 in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Even at first glance, the Prestigio MULTIPAD way 3 G makes a good impression: the body is stable and like with a two-color back light aluminum at the bottom and the underfoot plastic in the upper third. Middle of the Cypriot manufacturer’s logo, which operates worldwide in 85 countries and vigorously promotes the Germany sales since 2014 emblazoned. For this the Prestigio is however quite heavy way 3Gmit 675 grams. Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet in the First Test: How Upper Class

At the Mobile World Congress has Sony just the Xperia Z4 tablet a premium Tablet for the discerning presented. The price is violently, but also the equipment. Connect the flask already could evaluate.

The Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet comes in the Sony typical, elegant Omni-balance design and is dust how waterproof according to IP65/68. The framework consists of smooth metal, the back polycarbonate easily brushed – a combination that feels very good. Compared to the previous Z2 tablet, Sony has reduced weight and depth once again: with just 396 grams and a 6.1 mm slim line the Z4 tablet is one of the lightest and d¸nnsten 10-inch. For comparison: the iPad air 2 (test) is also 6.1 millimeters thick, weighs but 444 grams. A small but fine detail: Although the Tablet is waterproof, the micro-USB connector is exposed, no protective cap must be opened so to reload. Continue reading

Honor T1 by Huawei in the Test

The honor T1 is the first tablet of Huawei’s subsidiary. In the test’s beats for a 130-euro Tablet quite well.

  1. Honor T1 by Huawei in the test
  2. Rating

The honor T1 shows a high affinity for Apple’s iPad mini design in the test at the first glance. This is true but for many current 8-inch Android. Compared to most of its competitors the front of honor T1 itself apart after all, with a silver painted edge of the Apple design. The back is slightly less chic: in several places the border around the cover, which is made of aluminum, is over slightly, as these were pressed into the plastic. Continue reading

FlixBus App in the Test

The FlixBus app shows a clear design, ease of use, and well-thought-out features in the test – the test winner among the remote bus providers has the best overall package.

The app FlixBus offers connections in addition to the internal bus network such as Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands. To do this the cooperation with MeinFernbus is now so advanced, that all connections of both providers are available in the apps of the previous competitors. The apps still differ, and performs “FlixBus” here clearly better. Continue reading

Medion P9514 S8311 in the Test

At the P9514 S8311 MEDION has done everything right: the Tablet shows a solid hardware, proven software and lots of accessories in the test and thus is among the best in its price class.

  1. Medion P9514 S8311 in the test
  2. Rating

The angular P9514 S8311 shows significantly more robust than most competitors in the price range to 200 euros in the test. It weighs with 356 grams for an 8-inch tablet, but also much right. The material mix of aluminium and plastic succeeded Medion: the transitions are smooth and the plastic in the bronze tone adjusts colour well. Only the unprotected memory card slot offers cause for criticism. Continue reading

Lenovo Tab S8 in the Test

Lenovo shows taste with the design of the tab S8. The test shows whether vote, also ease and power of Android tablets.

  1. Lenovo tab S8 in the test
  2. Rating

The Lenovo tab S8 acts with its flattened edge fairly dainty. The scale creates facts: 296 grams, the tab S8 has Reader qualities, especially since the soft grip back in your hand is – even if she collects fingerprints. The shiny black Lenovo logo works on the mat surface subtly refined, including even the dark a shining / volume switch on the narrow edge. Continue reading

Blaupunkt 4 Kids in the Test

The blue point 4 kids, a children tablet with 7-inch display, survived thanks to the enclosed protective cover also falls from greater heights and shows good control for parents in the test.

The target group of the Blaupunkt 4 kids is revealed already at first glance: the disperse mini console belongs in the nursery. To yourself already fully rubberized case, blue point sets two protective covers in pink and blue in the box; It can associate Blaupunkt 4Kids not only clearly Prince or Princess, but above all more effectively protect against shocks. The display but is no less susceptible to scratches than at competitors of Odys. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids in the Test

The Samsung Galaxy tab has 3 kids already somewhat in the years. The test shows that the Tablet for children is still a recommendation is worth.

The juniors first Samsung Galaxy tab could be 3 kids. As a double pack for siblings it is difficult, because the Android tablet is available only in a single color. Have to equal a bang Orange bumper to the squeaky yellow 7 inch tablet, which protects the smooth smooth tablet from joints. Continue reading

Odys Junior Tab 8 Pro in the Test

Elder with the Odys junior tab 8 per a child-friendly introduction to the Android world. The parents provide smaller, what you can see when. That worked quite well in the test.

The chic white Odys junior tab 8 Pro aimed specifically at beginners, this is reflected in the test very quickly: all ports and bays are equipped with icons, the instructions for the correct connection, also with a Wi-FI, is located directly on the tablet. Support is capitalized at Odys otherwise and the literally: A contact card of the Service Center is located at and crying out for a place on the wall. Continue reading

Dell Venue 8 in the Test

Intel’s real sense camera with three lenses is just one of the highlights, which reveals the Dell Venue 8 (7840) in the test. With just six millimetres in height, the Americans revolutionize not only the own Tablet family.

  1. Dell Venue 8 in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

The Dell Venue 8 (7840) sets new standards with its six millimeter-thin housing and has thus not only Apple’s updates iPad mini 3 (test) in the barriers, but undercuts the super sleek, larger iPad air 2 (test)even extremely thin. And wraps his newbie hardly less stylish in aluminium and glass. Continue reading