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About Down Sleeping Bags

The stuffing is the most important point when choosing a good sleeping bag that suits our needs, and is the one that is going to take the great part of responsibility in the final price of it.

The filler material creates a layer of air inside it, which is responsible for keeping the heat inside the sleeping bag.At higher layers of air, heat retention may occur.Hence the areas where we most crush the sack with our weight, are the most prone to heat loss. Continue reading

Water Bag Guide

Sleep is one of the basic needs of human beings and there is nothing more restful and fill us more energy than a deep sleep. One of the drawbacks that can make us spend an uncomfortable night is definitely cold. On very cold days we can cover ourselves, but sometimes that is not enough, because the bed is cold and it takes time to warm up. With the water bags will not have that problem because we can go to bed with the bag of water beside the bed and will warm much faster. We ensure optimum rest and why we have offered hot water bottles to warm apart from the bed and a comforting dream, you will love your design! In addition to bags of water, you can also find products to heat your as such as electric blankets, heaters or radiators.

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Sleeping Bag Care

In this usage tips, we have compiled some valuable tips for you take care of your sleeping bag and have it handy and in full operation for much longer:

  • Choose carefully the place that will put your tent and, therefore, your sleeping bag. Low places can be real pockets of cold air. On the other hand, high places and vent are very exposed to the winds. If possible, look for a place that is protected from the wind.
  • Never store your sleeping bag pill on the packaging, as this will cause the fibers “settle” and do not expand. This fiber expansion process, filling it with air, is what provides the efficiency of filling, since the air is the best insulator there is. Some models have computer tech and you can leave it on the hanger. Another good way to save it is inside a huge cotton bag, away from the dust and without compressing it, but this alternative may require a physical space that you don’t have.
  • If you have room under the bed and you’re not using, a good solution is to save the sleeping bag there. Keep it inside a mattress protector (you can get, in cotton), not to get dust, and properly stretched under your bed.
  • No transportation out of the backpack. The sleeping bag is at the bottom of it, wrapped in a plastic bag not to run the risk of getting wet in the rain.
  • In the morning, if the weather is good, put the sleeping bag turned inside out side in the Sun, on top of the tent or on the rocks around the camp, while having breakfast or begins to pack your things – caution him not to fly. And let it dry a bit of condensation of your body during the night. But be careful not to let him eternally in the Sun, which is also detrimental to the nylon.
  • To keep it in the bag, punch it in there. Wrap with care, is detrimental to the fibers, which will create a sort of “memory”, if used with a particular heading. Push it haphazardly in the bag is the best way to save it.

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How to Choose a Sleeping Bag?

More than just a bed, the sleeping bag will protect you during a night in nature. Feel cold in the middle of the night or even die of heat to the point of not letting him sleep doesn’t mean you didn’t buy a good sleeping bag but, Yes, you bought the wrong bag. For being a key item, the care in choice is essential. And, for that, you need to take into consideration a number of details and tips, which we list below.

But, before that, it is important that you consider how you intend to use your equipment, on which occasion and situation, etc. Go camping near the car? Will use it in wild camps and, therefore, need to load it in the backpack? You just camping on beaches and in warm places? Need a hardware ‘ multi-function ‘, which turn a duvet at the Beach House or want a sleeping bag that supports negative temperatures?

Before you buy a sleeping bag, a good rule of thumb is to think on the coldest night that you will face, and then go down a 5 degrees centigrade. Remember that it is more difficult to keep warm in a sleeping bag designed for warmer temperatures than cooling off in a sleeping bag for cooler temperatures – a zipper fully open wont solve this problem in a matter of seconds.

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