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Vegetables that Are Good for Dogs

  • Did you know that broccoli and cabbage, lettuce can do very well to your best friend? Check out some vegetables that can be added to the diet.

How about increase your dog’s diet with vegetables? Colorful and irresistible, they rely on essential nutrients to supplement the daily diet canine. Cabbage, broccoli, carrots, among other kinds are sources of nutrients and can provide different types of benefits. Continue reading

My Dog Misbehaves

Why my dog is behaving badly? There are so many reasons. Dogs are tremendous boxes of surprises, some memorable, for better or for worse. When you purchase a dog, especially when you buy a puppy who feels happy and Nice, think long term and know that dogs, like people, they change. What you see that first time, but preferably you see your dog several times before buying it, is adapting and evolving depending on your genetics and your environment. Sometimes the dog’s behaviour becomes a nightmare. You must know that this can happen, that there is this great possibility and therefore, prepare and do your part so that it is not or to remedy it should thus be. It is important to remember that regardless of how bad carrying the dog, it is your dog and will be yours for life. A responsible owner sees it as such and will not return for a second to give to your dog, and much less for something as absurd as unwanted behavior.

Anyway, until you pull the towel and decide that your dog will never learn that things simply should not do, some it is necessary that you you do participate, starting with ask yourself the following questions. It’s easy to get lost in a fog bubble without understanding what is happening. Once you have the things most whites can proceed properly.

What does misbehave?
The first thing is to define what it means to misbehave. The dog to climb in bed when you have told him not to do it, to bite the most valuable articles in your home or showing their teeth threatening to the child when it touches their toys are three very different things. There are several levels of ‘misbehave’ from non-ideal behavior, but which is really harmless, until dangerous behavior, such as aggressive with a child or other person. Depending on the level of your dog, you can find different ways of correcting behavior.

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How To Keep A Dog In An Apartment

The ideal would be to have a House with a large courtyard where your dog can run and play, but many people living in apartments also want a dog. In the city, mostly, almost everyone lives in an apartment. You must not deny yourself the luxury of having a dog if you live in an apartment or think to live in an apartment, but he understands that there are certain rules to follow.

Before buying a dog
Choose the proper dog. Not all dogs can live in an apartment. A good rule to follow is not to acquire a dog of large breed, and in many cases either medium, if you have a small apartment. Of course, there are exceptions, it depends on the size of the apartment, the size and temperament of the dog. There are huge dogs who just want to be lying on the couch and therefore do not require much space. However, even these dogs will need to do activities and move into the House. Why an apartment guy can be the big dog.

There are even small dogs who have lots of energy and need space. Whatever it is, if you live or think to live in an apartment, buy a small dog will prevent you complications.

Before buying the apartment
Sure that the dogs are allowed and read your contract. Today day is not so easy to keep a dog in an apartment because many home do not allow it. This is partly due to bias and also that some owners not as responsible as you have failed to educate their dogs, caused discord, noise, complaints and possibly destruction of space. At the end all dogs and their owners end up paying for the mistake of some. Also even if you buy an apartment, in some cases will not be allowed to have a pet. It is very important that you read your lease or purchase agreement. Many things are said, but have no value if they are not written. It would be your word against that of others. Your contract should include a clause on what kind of pets are allowed, how many pets you can or you can’t have and anything pertinent to have a pet, such as rules on to the dog on leash in the building or in the neighborhood, excessive barking or other behavior that will not be allowed and what would happen if you violate these rules. If there is anything similar in your contract, ask the landlord or company to add it. You must protect yourself and your dog or other pet. If you are not in your contract, you are not protected.
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How to Ensure a Carnival Avoiding Noises for Pet?

Posted by Dog citizen in 16/Feb/2017-

By Christhiani, student of Citizen Dog.

With the arrival of the Carnival, many people already plan the revelry, whether traveling or at home with the family together. With the planning arises the question: take or not take the pet? And how to make him comfortable at this time that can be shaken too much for the more sensitive and not so accustomed to loud noises? Continue reading

How to Take the Dog for a Walk with Tranquility?

Posted by Dog citizen in 09/Feb/2017-

By Nanie Pacheco, student of Citizen Dog

Dogs are natural athletes. Some breeds need constant physical activity, more than others. However, who think that exercise for dogs is only tours is wrong. Maybe that’s why the busiest dogs never seem to get tired.

A dog on the street need, first of all, be controlled indoors. He will require more training and patience, and generally be more agitated when I’m with another dog. At the same time, we need to reduce that anxiety to get out. Continue reading