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Get Out of the Corset

Corsets made of leather, skirts like prostheses: Marina Hoermanseder is known for Orthopaedics-mode. She get while in the Museum, money does not deserve but. For this reason makes the 29 year-old now also gray sweaters. And accessories for the sex shop.

“Now there is no turning back,” says Marina Hoermanseder, and stroking the tattoo on her left forearm. There is your company logo for a few weeks: “mh”. It now no longer just matter somehow to survive the next Fashion Week , says the Wienerin. It’s about establishing their brand and finally making money. “Running the machinery.”

She went in November of 2013 Honda Hall had finished just graduated at the Berlin fashion school ESMOD in operation, and her final collection was so well that she was allowed to show the designs during the Berlin fashion week.

Were not a little everyday use, it all the more striking: Hall medical equipment, orthopaedic corsets and corsets were used as inspiration. Lots of leather and metal, a mixture of horrors and fetish. In short, Something that it had not yet seen in the Berlin fashion tent. Continue reading

How to Wear a Jumpsuit with Style

n today’s post I teach how to wear overalls – a one-of- a-kind piece that has lots of power and versatility in your wardrobe, but you sure still have questions about how to wear it in different looks. I say this because many friends are afraid to invest in a “to wear a 2 times” overalls as it ends up being a very marked look and it is difficult to repeat the piece with creativity.If you think this, this post is for you! Continue reading

Sports Bras for Bustier

The miracle happened. For the first time in my life I’m really interested in the world of sport and I’m having what is better…! Vale, vale, don’t sing victory, took only a few short weeks but I’m so happy and so motivated that I hope that this is only the beginning of a new era. Yes, a stage in which I have decided that what is important is my health so weight loss is somewhat secondary. I move because it is the best thing for my ass and no more. Continue reading

Lovable Ultimate Modeling

The fashion brand Lovable launches modeling online Ultimate Modeling, an intimate seductive and chic designed to regulate the forms and suitable for curvy women who want to look beautiful and attractive in every situation.Lovable presents the series shapewear, Ultimate Modelling that includes beautiful bras, but also slip ” Invisible ” and the sheaths of the series “The Celebrity Secret”, a series of clever leaders but fascinating, that disappear under clothes, do not shake and they are super comfy. Perfect from morning to night. Continue reading

Lingerie Lovable 2016

Here is the catalog of Lovable underwear 2016 and most sensual garments for spring summer: lace, tulle, microfibre and new ultra light fabrics with Lovable brand that guarantees extreme charm and elegance.

For this spring summer 2016 Lovable has created a unique collection of underwear .Characterized by muted hues but decided, is totally inspired by the elegance: the periwinkle and mud dominate this collection of underwear that the push-up the petticoat is waiting to be discovered! Continue reading

Young with Sexy Lingerie for Plus Size

If! we are plus size and that does not prevent us from being and feeling sexy, I admit it to us, we would also like to use lingerie and do not have to retract by those love handles or other extra pounds, although not all models on the market are we to favor we choice of many models other and depend on how comfortable you feel that’s important. Those of us who are more fit are those flight shaped dress with sheer fabrics that cover our tummy and highlight our attributes well. Here are some that make you look super sexy!

Types of Bras

The correct size selection of lingerie is very important to our health and comfort. If you are not familiar with how to choose the right bra, we can help. The following lines are devoted to the sizes of bras, bra size calculation and correct measurement chest. Not every one of us can do is choose what size bra needs and how to buy the right bra. We also describe the styles and types of bras, because on every occasion fits different bra.

Bras are important – for our health and beauty

Underwear is the most important part of the female wardrobe. You can wear sexy expensive clothes, make a perfect hairstyle and makeup, but satisfaction with their overall look you will achieve especially the right choice of underwear. Find a suitable bra, where you feel like in a straitjacket requires time and patience. Satisfaction with the appearance and feel of what you have, it will certainly be worth all your efforts. You’ll be surprised what a perfect figure can achieve that you wear “only” the right bra. Important parameters for selecting an appropriate bra size, material, cut and type of bra.

Bras size

Many women wear a bra every day, more out of necessity than of joy. Wearing a bra but can be fun if you can find one that fits you perfectly. Despite the fact that most women think that wearing the right size bra is not so. Believe it or not, but research shows that up to 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra! If you want to know what bra represent those letters and numbers, we can help with that. It’s not as complicated as it looks. Letters e.g. A, B, C, D, etc., the size of the cups, the number e.g. 70, 75, 80, 90 etc. indicate the chest circumference in centimeters. Chest circumference is measured under the breasts and across the chest.

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How to Buy Nursing Bras

The bra has always been an ally of the beauty and sensuality of a woman and there are several models to be used as needed, the best known is the push-up model perfect to wear with a backless dress and give some cuts, we then the sports model that must support the breasts during the ‘physical activity etc .. in any case there are studies which demonstrate that this undergarment is not strictly essential in order to maintain the high and tonic breast but there are however some circumstances, such as l breast-feeding or if large bust, in which the use of the bra is really important. Let us see how to choose a bra for breastfeeding on Bestaah website:

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Plus Size Strapless Bra Reviews

Plus size strapless bras are now made better than ever. It used to be that full figured women don’t have much choice that they had to go without a bra or choose to wear a poorly done one without adequate support. Thankfully times have changed, but now how to choose the best one.


  • Strapless plus size bras are now required since summer is fast approaching and women wearing their summer clothes. Many normal bra camisole and a summer plans have not only will do the trick. Strapless bra shopping can be a real chore, especially for the full figured woman.
  • One of the first things to look for is a quality made bra is not the time to pinch pennies or you will be sorry when you fall and you have to keep pulling it up. This is embarrassing to say the least!
  • Then consider the extent that’s absolutely essential when dealing with a strapless bra that fits you well. Many times you have to go smaller in size, since there are no straps and should fit snugly. Don’t you want to be uncomfortable, but remember that will extend some depending on how often it is worn.
  • Another problem is support, plus size strapless bras must have great support. Is it better to get under the wire support as well as rubber that runs along the bottom and sides. Also, consider the pad since this will help with support, comfort and fit. Also, check out the longline underwire bra, providing a more solid foundation under the bust.
  • Then there is the color to treat first of many peaks in the summer are flimsy or even see through, so bare can be a good choice. You can also consider a convertible bra with interchangeable straps having different hook up like criss cross, one shoulder, halter and racerback.

Finally, the price ranges from $ 25 upwards to $ 100 and higher for more designer plus size bras. See hoticle. Take your time and pay attention to detail.

Choose the Best Maternity Bras

Choosing a bra for pregnancy is one of the key issues facing the period of gestation. And Yes, because to grow, not only is the baby bump, but even the breast, much to the delight of many women. But let’s see how to choose the most suitable for us.

In the market there are many alternatives, some good, some not. But to choose the right bra during pregnancy we must start from an assumption, when and how you need to wear it? You are going to sleep with your bra? What kind of operation should have to make foreign exchange transactions? To what extent have you and you’ll need during pregnancy? Here are some of our favorite models from mom and commercially available.

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Maternity Tights

Maternity Tight, how to choose comfortable and fashionable? Less than it expected a mission impossible. Yes, because in the market there are tights of all types tailored to the pregnant women, to accommodate the belly and accompany the growth during the nine months. The most complete models, ideal to prevent certain side effects of pregnancy such as heaviness and swelling of the lower limbs, to the more fashion conscious, there really are spoiled for choice.

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Male Lingerie: Arrival in Bras

The Australian company Homme Mystere started marketing online men’s lingerie getting a resounding success. The mad men to push up bras, thongs, body and basques.
We, who love shopping and fashion, we know how the latest trends are often eccentric, crosscurrents and unusual. Just as we are always aware that the Heads of lingerie women are likely to be more refined, varied and rich than the usual boxers and briefs male. But brace yourselves girls: now it is changing.
After the red nail polish for men , are coming big news as regards the ‘men’s underwear. Are you skeptical? Read on …

It really seems that the era of boxers and briefs for men is destined (unfortunately) to finish: the new lingerie for him includes flowers, ribbons, bras push up , thong, body and even guêpière . An arsenal of underwear designed to be envied by us women. L ‘ Homme Mystere Australian company in fact, reversed the market trends, and created a wide range of lingerie masculine tacky.

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Vintage Lingerie

By going to buy clothes, my grandmother always recommended “we must start with the underwear.” And although it took me many years to understand this wise advice, today I consider it one of the best I have given me in a matter of fashion.

And it does not matter if you bring a beautiful dress or pants spectacular, a bad choice in your underwear the can completely ruin.

Fortunately in the 20th century and so far 21, the underwear has evolved in an impressive manner, not only in the flirtatious and daring, but on practicality and function.

The 30s and 50s

The design of lingerie from the 30 to 50 was quite conservative, according to lawschoolsinusa, but not without a touch of eroticism. The garments served a practical function was to hold and control precisely the breasts, to avoid any kind of accident that could insulting the modesty of those years.

Panties or briefs were a garment that covered her from the waist to the part where the leg began.

Although the 20 women freed themselves from the corset, from the 30s girdles again become a basic garment in the female wardrobe and served the function of making smaller waist and flatten the stomach, which was achieved based rods and compressed fabric, elastic fabrics since as we know them today did not exist.

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