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Lighting with Style and Good Taste: Your Home Will Shine

Chandeliers, wall sconces, plafons, lamps, light fixtures, and more. There are many options and modern lighting practices that make all the difference in the architecture and decor of your home.

A good lighting design, value decoration, provides well-being and visual comfort. To hit the lighting, the first step is to plan, the most important is to define the use of each environment.

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Led Design: Unobtrusive Modern Lirio by Philips

“Woodpecker”, “Focus on stamps”, “Paper”. Yes, that could pass for quite a variation of the popular children’s finger play (“scissors”, “Rock”, “Paper”), if not exactly light and design in focus.Therefore, we have to do it that 2014 has unveiled Dutch light – world market leader on thePreview Event at the Light + Building here with the recent addition of LED lamp collection Lirio by Philips. Continue reading

Decorate Small Environments in 5 Steps, Know How!

Decorate small environments is possible and today we prove in just 5 steps.

In a residence, the smaller areas are almost always associated with comfort and warmth. That’s because, in addition to focus higher amounts of elements in a single space, they create an intimate atmosphere that encourages interaction between people.

Even with those positive traits, yet some people claim that the reduced environments do not offer interesting Decorating possibilities. Continue reading

Lavabo: Tips to Put Together a Practical and Beautiful Space

As well as the living room, the toilet is a visiting card of the House and deserves a special decoration, without leaving aside, of course, all of the functionality that the space it asks for. But for that, you don’t have to spend a lot. Here are some simple tips to make your toilet, as well as practical, better-looking: Continue reading

The Light Division of Philips Goes Public

IPO Rinses Philips®-750 Million Euros Into The Coffers

The light Division of the lower laedischen Electronics Group of Philips has today on the stock exchange and has conquered according to 750 million euros. According to the company a total of 37.5 million shares at about € 20 should have been sold. The today’s 27.5.2016 Friday was the first day of trading on the stock exchange. The entire lighting Division of Philips is rated a total of EUR 3 billion. Continue reading

Led Lighting Provides Peaceful Sleep and Welcoming Environment

When we’re pregnant, planned a number of things that can help us to experience a new routine after the baby is born, you need basic care that help provide quality of life and safety.In addition to organizing the outfit and accessories, we need to devote a bit of our time, even during pregnancy, to decorate the baby’s room. And on that last point, we can’t stop thinking about the lighting corner where the little guy will take the naps, relax and sleep soundly. Continue reading

Creative Lamps Made with Crafts-Models to Inspire You

Check out some models of creative handcrafted luminaries, and see how to assemble yours, with the tips from our special article.

The luminaire is an object widely used to offer different lighting in each environment, and can be found in models of the most varied styles, such as pendants, lamps, ceiling lamps, among others. Continue reading

Get to Know Bathroom LED Bulbs!

When thinking about the lighting project of the house, every room should be extremely important.And the time to choose your LED bathroom lamps should be no different.

So in today’s post we will help you understand how to plan your new LED installations for this space dedicated to aesthetics and personal hygiene.From day-to-day practicality to the best long-term investment, you’ll learn how to make the best possible choices.Write down the tips! Continue reading

Types of Flashlights

Type of lens and reflector

This is sometimes not a good case, but the power and type of led as well as its lens and its reflector (the silver zone) are as important as quality can improve or worsen performance.

Type of lens, There are smooth and rough, the smooth ones usually show concentric rings and a light clear and powerful, the rough have the function of blurring the light making it more smooth and even. It is evident that this is also related to the type of light (launcher or innundadora). Continue reading

Tha Councils: Green Lanterns

In this new entry of the Councils of Tha I will talk about the ecological lanterns , that is to say flashlights that instead of carrying batteries use other ways to get electricity.The most common are dynamo .Thanks to a lever or a crank that we are driving is able to generate electricity.This type of flashlights usually use LED bulbs because they have a lower consumption, that if in return they usually give less light than a conventional flashlight.However this is not a handicap for the use we give them scouts. Continue reading

Chinese Barbarities In LED Bulbs

First blog follower thank Marc for sending me an email with links and photos of some bulbs purchased on AliExpress an extremely “cheap” price

The first thing that jumps out as you can see in the following picture, is that the driver of the bulb consists only of 2 components!

And other photos you can see how simple that are these bulbs inside: all plastic, few components, without heatsinks for the leds… And the missing driver diodes and resistors are mounted on the pcb of the leds: Continue reading