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Gift Idea for Christmas: Azuni Earrings London

The jewel of the week really has this time in itself.More precisely, it carries a trace of royal magic.Because today I would like to introduce you to earrings, which has already worn Kate Middleton.Yes, the Kate!Maybe you are now waving and thinking is, anyway, too expensive.Not correct!These pretty earrings are designed by a British designer who designed jewelry for every woman.And this is wonderful jewelery, which every woman can then afford.Or give yourself.Is almost Christmas and so on. Continue reading

Bracelet with Engraving by LESVAR

Do you know what it is today, exactly 7 weeks?Ah, now think about exactly!Right, today in 7 weeks is already Christmas.Oh, well, to be sure, Heilligabend.And if you’re like this, then you’re already in the middle of the search for Christmas gifts.;) My tip for a small, but fine Christmas present is also our jewelery of the week: The Friendbelt “Herzblatt” by LESVAR. Continue reading

Create Powerful Mixes Necklaces for Every Event

Make amazing combinations of accessories and learn how to stand out at each event with the right mix of Francisca necklaces jewelry.

The mixes of necklaces are the most successful in Frances jewelry.Whether for the tuned in sets or those who like to express your style, all women end up surrendering to our combinations. But in which events is better to use particular mix? Thinking about it, we’re going to help you choose each based on the event that you are. Let’s start? Continue reading

Brooch Bouquet Accessories of Wedding

Brides love exclusivity and the desire of all that your marriage is only in colors, Pats and details. In the end, the whole ceremony ends up being special, but you can make this moment even more interesting and intimate.The trend of the moment who is giving what to say are the bouquets somewhat different because instead of traditional flowers, you can use accessories like brooches of family memories represented by tabs, buttons and even book pages. Learn more about the brooch bouquet, the new trend bride 2013. Continue reading

How to Use Shirt Jeans

The shirt jeans won women’s wardrobe space due to your versatility and adaptability the various occasions and times of the year. The different existing models, provide a greater range of varieties, your version with long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless, in addition to the various types of cutting for each silhouette, differentiated and wash the shirt details make this possible. Continue reading

How Do I Remove Nodes from a Necklace?

Every woman knows this problem – in hustle and bustle you just want to fish the right chain to the outfit in the morning and then you can see the dilemma:knotted necklaces .This ranges from smaller knots in individual necklaces to a knotted chain of all favorite chains.In my little jewelry today I will show you how to quickly and safely untangle your necklace. Continue reading

What Are the Rare Brazilian Stones More Used in Jewelry

When it comes to Brazilian wealth, quickly think about the natural beauties of the country:its beaches, mountains, waterfalls, rivers, forests and landscapes that delight locals and tourists. We can also think of the fauna, on unmatched biodiversity of our country, with thousands of species that are not found anywhere else in the world. Or in cultural diversity, or in food, in popular festivals or in handicraft. But usually we don’t remember one of the greatest riches of the country: the extraction of precious stones. Continue reading

Tips for Using Paste Mix Body Chain

Hey, girls! Are you all right?

I’m here again! And today I will speak a little bit about the mix of necklaces–that Misturinha that we always want to do, but we are afraid to look like a shop window.

Most of the time, clothes and accessories talk to us. You put the play, you felt good, you think it’s consistent?! You play because it’s all right. You must observe and allow yourself more, so you will be able to abuse the mixtures by maintaining your style. Continue reading

Beautiful Ideas for the Wedding Anniversary

We have still a few former brides here, which this summer celebrate their first wedding anniversary, already? Here we have written once before about how it felt to Friederike, the first year as a married couple. Their now already third wedding anniversary (madness, as time goes by, we’ll be old ;-)) spend Frederica and her husband again on good Thansen in the bridal suite. It’s great that the two each year enjoy it, or? Once again the day Revue passaging, maybe watch the wedding video on the Tablet, delicious food, go for a walk and say: ‘Oh, look, as we stood and made the fun photos with the bridesmaids and your guys’… and just enjoy a break from everyday life. So beautiful! And this year it is especially exciting for me and Friederike, because I and my husband watch my super sweet nephew Finn on the day! 😉 Continue reading

Fringe Earrings- How to Use, Buy, Models

Where to Buy, How to Wear and Models of Strip Earrings

Fringed earrings are the trend’s accessories at the moment. Inspired by the fashion of the 1920s and 1970s, this type of earring was already a big hit with celebrities such as Natalie Portman and Kate Hudson, and has been more widespread since Chanel introduced the play on the runways. The fringes are also trend for summer 2018 in clothes, shoes and earrings too, the famous tuners are already wearing fringe earrings, which illuminate and enhance the woman’s face. Continue reading

Jewelry for Mother’s Day

One of the most important and exciting commemorative dates of the year is approaching and of course you can not miss a beautiful gift for the Queen of the home to feel even more special!Pearls, emeralds, diamonds, rubies will make the eyes of a mother worth glowing gold even more.The São Paulo Jewelery House has prepared an ideal jewelry selection to give to our dear mother! Check it: Continue reading

Opal: Jewelry and importance

What does jewelry and wearing of gemstones for you? Do you have specific desires, wishes or dreams that you connect to it? Memories of beautiful and exciting experiences? Or you’re mostly about expressing your own style, individually to be and maybe bring a “good taste” to the expression?
Probably go when choosing your jewelry by color and appearance, material and price. But maybe also the importance that is attributed to a gemstone, for you a playing role (such as healing effect, birthstone, birthstone…)? Especially if you want to give away the piece of jewelry? Below we have gathered a few interesting meanings for you traditionally ascribed to certain materials and precious stones.

Because the meanings vary by culture and region, we can offer you at this point only excerpts. We for the following 10 types of precious stones decided, that we would like to introduce in a series: aquamarine, diamond, Garnet, jade, Opal, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and turquoise. Continue reading