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New Office Printer: Canon Pixma Mx925, Mx395, Mx455, Mx525

The dealers will be at a price of about 200 euros in the shelves of the Canon PIXMA MX925 . He replaces the models MX895 and MX715 . The newcomer can also print on CD and using the PGI-550 and 551 CLI cartridges introduced in September 2012 with XL filling as printer accessories only. The black cartridge comes with a range of 1,000 pages. Per minute creates up to 15 s/w prints or 10 color prints of the Canon PIXMA MX925. Continue reading

Legal Issues Related to Surveillance Cameras

First widely used in the 1970s in high security settings such as banks and sensitive government facilities, video surveillance cameras have grown in popularity. Ranging from increased government use of surveillance to public safety to individual owners using hidden “nanny-cams,” cameras are now everywhere. While they may be useful tools, they also open up a lot of legal concerns. Privacy Concerns Continue reading

Decorate Small Environments in 5 Steps, Know How!

Decorate small environments is possible and today we prove in just 5 steps.

In a residence, the smaller areas are almost always associated with comfort and warmth. That’s because, in addition to focus higher amounts of elements in a single space, they create an intimate atmosphere that encourages interaction between people.

Even with those positive traits, yet some people claim that the reduced environments do not offer interesting Decorating possibilities. Continue reading

Tips for Making Composition of Paintings on the Wall

The paintings are decoration items that everyone has at home. Whether they are harboring a family portrait, a phrase or a work of art, these pieces bring life to any wall with its different combinations of colors and positions. Check out, in today’s post, how to make the correct composition of frames with simple tips! Continue reading

Ideas for Bathroom Shelves

The bathroom is the place where we spend more time dedicating ourselves to the care of our person and furnishing point of view the bathroom should be a maximally comfortable atmosphere.

To achieve this it is necessary to balance wisely usable space for movement and spaces for furniture and accessories able to contain the multitude of tools and products that we use in our beauty care.

Here is often in the bathroom, to save space and not sacrificing comfort, we resort to much practical solutions. Among these they stand out the shelves.

Placed high on the wall, the bathroom shelves are very useful complements to give accommodation to our products and make them readily accessible.

Continue reading

Learn More about Legislation of Alarms

Did you know that there is legislation for alarms addressed to entities which study and design, installation and maintenance or technical assistance of central alarms? This activity is regulated by Act No. 34/2013 of 16 may and determines that these entities are obliged to prior registration in the National Direction of the Public Security Police. Continue reading

Decorative Flooring

The finish is the outer layer that covers the entire masonry from an environment, gives a finish and a visual aspect so much nicer for the environments, and the types of coatings vary greatly according to the material they use, we can usually find the finish made in cement mortar or plaster, possessing some layers as, plaster and Plaster mediums today in our story we’ll talk a little more about adhesives for coatings, in order to let the environment even more beautiful, check out our full story to find out where to buy stickers for coatings. Continue reading

Decorated Curtains for Girl’s Room – Photos

Decorated Curtains Models for Girl’s Room

The female rooms can be decorated in many ways, and today one of the girls’ favorite accessories is the curtain, and there are so many decorative models that it is really difficult to choose only one, and for those who have not yet had the pleasure of knowing the curtains decorated for the bedroom of girl will check in today’s post through some models we brought. Continue reading

The European Flag

The European flag has 12 stars, only to be able to agree on these, it was a long way.

So the European flag was

  • Euro 1949 Europe was founded and it was now looking something symbolic for Europe growing together.
  • 1950 Councillor and a European flag.There were more than 200 proposals, ultimately a dozen project was then discussed.
  • In 1953, the Euro Council opted for a blue flag with 15 stars.
  • After a long discussion, the European flag in 1955 then provided with 12 stars and officially presented.

Flag of Bosnia – namely the emergence

Bosnia has a new national flag since 1998. yellow triangle on blue …

Meanwhile, the European flag is a symbol of the European Union.

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Challenge Samsung Smart Camera

Let’s take a short break in the week Brazil Avenue, to talk about the challenge that Samsung asked me last week. The idea is to test the new line of compact cameras, Smart Camera Samsung. And she’s Smart because you can connect to the Internet without computer or anything, straight on wifi. Want to know more? Click here. Continue reading

Acoustic Or Anti-Noise Window

Noise = Increased Stress And Disease

Most large urban centers produce the most diverse noises that negatively interfere with people’s performance, whether in their studies or at work, causing an increase in stress.

This stress, over time, causes fatigue and irritation, which can result in several diseases. Examples include increased blood pressure and problems with the stomach and intestines.

Therefore , it is important to identify where the noise is coming in. Studies show that most of the time, windows and doors are responsible. Continue reading

How to Design a Vintage Garden

Inspire you to give a nature and poetic spirit to your garden.

A Poetic Nature Garden

Conducive to daydreaming, the nature garden is distinguished by a particular decoration, featuring materials. Natural but whimsical, he staged of the rattan chairs hanging on the wall, some aligned shells and sticks forming a teepee. Creative, and recreational, nature garden is above all a place of escape. Continue reading

Tips on How to Install a CCTV Camera System

The first step is to raise the strategic and vulnerable points of your residency. You need to plan where you want to put the cameras, and how many cameras you need. Another point is to set the site a DVR installation, there’s no point in having a complete security system, high-res cameras and recording if at the time of an occurrence you have your stolen DVR. (Check out other tips on this materia of GSNEWS: “Security Tips!”) Continue reading

How to Choose the Best Ice Machine

In this guide we provide some useful tips on how to choose the best machine for granite for your needs.

Today, the majority of the kitchens of the Italians, are the most modern food processor, the latest products that enliven the days and give a touch of originality to the diet: the ice cream making machine, moulds for muffins and waffles. Among them, can not miss the slush machine, useful during the hot summer days, when the urge for an ice cold drink is really urgent, but you are too lazy to go down to the nearest bar. With this equipment, prepare granite is easy: just mix, fruit juice choices, quantities or juice (hence will taste the drink), water and sugar. Continue reading