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5 Ways to Wear Head Scarf

I’m do assumed and card-carrying of tissues, especially using them tied up in the head, in various interpretations of turbans. But the truth is that tissues are a super Joker in the closet. Funny with a piece of cloth (square or rectangular) can be so Chameleon and take so many roles and positions in the same look. To prove it, I set up a basicão look (denim skirt–this means years 90 it’s in fashion now–and a striped blouse), chose a scarf well charmosinho (square, not too big, not too small) and tried to put the creativity into practice. Continue reading

Focal Spirit One S in the Test

With the spirit of one, the French speaker specialist focal started his headphone program. Now we have the successor spirit one S in the test.

The focal remains outwardly spirit one S with stainless steel elements in the solid processed iron and ear-enclosing, enclosed capsules true to the style of the spirit one (test). The latter still hang on Foldable joints, got bigger but just a tad bit (7 mm) and swallow up to 20dB of noise according to the manufacturer.

In fact, sits the spirit of one S perfectly as pasted on also on smaller heads and wraps up its wearer in a pleasant quiet bubble. So never miss an important call on the road, also a Smartphone compatible microphone can be found on the 1.4-meter-long cable. Only the relatively large plug could be disruptive fall at least iPhone owners. Continue reading

Sony MDR-1A in the Test

The Sony MDR-1A is suitable as a closed-back headphones for mobile use. We have tested it sounds like the discreetly designed on-ear headphones.

The trend to the closed ear-enclosing headphones still continues. Especially mobile that also has its advantages: the music not perish in the ambient noise and the seat neighbour on the bus one not on the collar, because he experienced involuntarily all beats. And a statement, you can with larger audience outside more easily. Continue reading

Panasonic RP-HD10 in the Test

The Panasonic RP-HD10 shines with high comfort and high-tech drivers. The test shows how the impact on the sound of the on-ear headphones.

Panasonic boasts the RP HD10 as hi-res headphones and took it deep into the bag of tricks. Only the description of the 50-millimeter driver resembles a NASA order for the next space station: high polymer membrane for multi layer technology with 201 layers and anti-vibration converter frame. Continue reading

Tips for Choosing a Hat

Hats as your face

Hats can highlight and correct features of your face. Choose a model that compensates forms.

  • Wide – brimmed hat and cup curve rounded lines. To create asymmetry you can wear your hat tilted slightly to one side.
  • Hat small wing (narrow face) and high crown (lengthens the face) with angled cut (square, bell …).For example , a short – brimmed Borsalino hat or cowgirl. Avoid low cup hats flatten your face even more.
  • Wide – brimmed hat (widens the face) and low crown (shortens the face) flattened with flowers or ornaments. For example you will be well the pamelas long as you are high or berets askew bulged. Avoid hats high, square head and stuck to the glass.
  • Heart (front wide, pointed chin). Hat with long wing fall to the level of the jaw. Become a bell – shaped hat that you input some volume to the chin.
Hats according to your hair

Hats are able to bring out the color of your hair and your haircut.

Continue reading