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Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas

Latest on December 24 in the morning it’s time: who has just got a Christmas tree, which is now as quickly as possible on the way – hoping to get even a fine copy. The custom at Christmas to set up a tree and to embellish with jewelry dates back already to the middle ages. A so-called paradise tree with cookies, paper flowers, apples and nuts on December 24 – Adam and Eve – was decorated at that time the feast day. Partly, this jewelry was already at that time even gold-plated or silver-plated. At some point even gold or silver colored tinsel, glass balls, straw stars and improvised jewelry that had these decorative elements.

Christmas Decorations and Its Variety of Colors and Shapes

Also today, a Christmas without decorated tree is unthinkable for many people. Especially the Christmas ball is a popular decoration for the Christmas tree. It was Justus von Liebig, which succeeded in 1870 to coat glass with a shiny silver solution. The shiny balls became an outright export hit and now available in many colors and shapes. A classic Christmas ball is indeed round, but for example also hearts, toadstools, frogs, lipsticks or Quitscheentchen as tree ornaments are available – is what I like. Continue reading

Fall Wedding Dress Colors

Marriages in autumn sometimes are really beautiful: the leaves change color, the air is fresh and the feeling that a new season is always present at the gates. But deciding what to wear for a wedding in the fall can be really firm! If you, like me you are invited to a wedding this fall, here they are some ideas to inspire your wedding in fashion!

In this look you can see that there is a simple little dress very special that stands out to the eye for his release and is perfect why and elegant but without overdoing the formalities. The ideal is to go with it then a pair of opaque tights, and not have to suffer too much the temperatures of that period. It’s complemented with a pair of heels, practically inevitable: I personally love the ones in the picture almond shaped, I find they are perfect to balance the design of the dress. And let’s face it, no outfit is complete without a nice bag like the one in the leather pictures in metallic color.

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Christmas Origin History and Traditions

Christmas gift

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is often called ‘feast of love’, many people like the advent season, because it provides a little comfort in the cold season. Common bake cookies, candlelight and singing Christmas carols together, spend the time at the Christmas market. During this time people get closer together, for many, it is a special feast, which is celebrated with family and joys.

Every year, almost 2 million Christians celebrate the birth of Christ on Christmas. In Christianity, Christmas belongs to the most important holidays in the year. Jesus is the son of God to Christian faith – he was chosen to deliver the people from their sins. Therefore his followers called him Christ, which means the anointed as the Savior. With Christmas, people also celebrate the “incarnation of God” in Jesus.

The exact birth date of Jesus Christ is not known, because nowhere in the Gospels of the Bible a date is written. The church commits himself but later on the 25th of December, one day in December. That many people a month where it is dark and cold, a season actually not so much like. It is said that no light nothing can grow and flourish, thus no life can arise. As of late December, days are however getting longer and the nights shorter. In all cultures, so the Solstice was celebrated at that time. Therefore it is celebrated on December 25 the day again took over the rule over the night. Meteorologically this will be now done 21st December; this time displacement came through a reform of the calendar system into existence in the 16th century.

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