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Olpc: the Ideal Outdoor Notebook?

OLPC stands for One Laptop Per Child, and it is a laptop designed primarily as child-friendly and versatile learning tool for the school (in particular in developing countries and emerging markets), or is (currently not yet available). The notebook is also often called a 100-dollar laptop, because the target selling price of US $100. Continue reading

Black Friday Cheap Tablet

Check out the best tips for buying your new Tablet 2016 Black Friday.

Split up some links and recommendations for you to make the best purchase of tablets in the period. The first step is to define the budget we can invest. Because the cheapest tend to be more basic. Model in the price range of the R real $1000 tend to be the best and most complete example of the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy TAB line. Continue reading

Fix 21 Issues in Windows 10

In this article we have put together a series of corrections that you can apply in a simple way and that will end up with some frustrations in the day to day.If you were already a user of Windows 7 and 8.1, you will welcome the return of some of the features lost during the upgrade, such as DVD playback in Windows Media Center.The idea is to get you back to the controls of your computer and have an operating system that will not let you “hang” whenever you need to create a recovery pen, open applications with specific software or increase the security levels of the Edge browser. Continue reading

WordPress Templates: Everything You Need to Know

Since I started to write articles I have been looking forward to it this time: month WordPress. It is a month where I will teach you to know that you must have a template, to know her more thoroughly, to be able to change simple things… But first thing is first and should never start a House with the roof, so today will teach you everything you must have a template that you can serve to your project and is not simply into something visual of it. Let’s start with a phrase that I repeat much: “the beauty is important, Yes, we are Visual beings and always going to be fooled by the pretty things, however, how useful is even more important”. I.e., if a template is not responsive or is not well built level SEO, by very nice is not going to serve. So Let me show you what you should have your template and then you already look at whether is beautiful: Continue reading

Save Ink When the Switch Off of the Ink-Jet Printer

Sure, it’s very tempting to be able to take his entire technology through a single toggle or switch from the network. In this respect, the switched socket is very comfortable, reduces the risk of damage caused by overvoltage, for example, in a lightning strike in the power line, and still saves a lot of power. That’s all right. Continue reading

TV Pro 2: Smarter TV Guide with Remote Control Four Weeks Free

Track of the current TV program to keep, there are numerous magazines but also special functions in current smart tvs. If you want everything from a single source in the truest sense, but should take a look at the app TV Pro 2. The digital TV magazine is free in the basic version the Gold version costs 9.99 Euros while a year, it brings yet more practical functions.

Programs, recommendations, and information

To know what’s hot on which channel, TV Pro offers an overview function that is built like a digital TV magazine: the program is available for each transmitter based on time. After a match prediction on an entry provides the app info about the content or background knowledge set is also a reminder if desired or just follow a specific format. So, all future episodes of the format in a browser are listed and must be selected no longer every time manually. The magazine feature makes recommendations to the highlights of the day, sorted into categories such as entertainment or series. The categories themselves can be individually list but also away from the highlight selection for each day and search, so that you quickly find the right programme or appropriate entertainment. Continue reading

MAGNAT MA 1000 in the Test

The usual Blackbox magnate MA 1000 would be without two round “Windows”. But behind his glass curtains, the German integrated amplifier in the test spread cosy warmth that arises from two tubes of the type ECC82.

You 1000 sure not wrong MA the magnate, if one classifies the intentions behind this amplifier as “audiophile standard”. A solid, affordable, good-sounding amp with enough connectivity is required and – HiFi fans have always an eye – convincing material usage, so high-quality components. Continue reading

Marantz PM 7005 Test

At first glance, the Marantz PM 7005 is similar to its predecessor. He is effectively not only with the best sound, but with additional, State of the art digital technology to the test.

Seasoned HiFi fans will be greeted with “Hey Alter, there you also” the Marantz PM 7005. The outfit, the ALU media front with the curved plastic side panels, is them – now already familiar from generations of Marantzen – well. As well as the technique: certainly the engineers – have mounted as if there was no tomorrow – back tons of single transistors. Around CD signals with a fine out to raise high dynamics Push-pull arrangement as far as the subsequent IC source selection guarantee not more harm them. Continue reading

VidOn Box in the Test

With their software developed specifically for the media call the VidOn box brings all conceivable videos over the home network on the flat-screen TV – and much more, thanks to the Android operating system and XBMC software. We have the Android TV box in the test.

There are many more or less smart Android TV boxes, but the VidOn box of the same Chinese company offers more than just a TV adaptation of the Smartphone and Tablet operating system by Google. XBMC is the core piece of the device that is to have more recently about various online retailers for around 90 euros. Behind that an open source media center software that originally made the Microsoft Xbox to the Media Center – that stands for the shortcut. Continue reading

Ionik TW Series I 10.1 Bundle in the Test

Ioniks first Windows Tablet TW series 1 10.1 boasts an excellent endurance. Display and memory, but significant weaknesses evident in the test.

  1. Ionik TW series I 10.1 bundle in the test
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The Android tablet Ionik TP7. 85 surprised the test with an all-round viewing angle-stable, bright and high-contrast display, weighed nothing and came to the hammer price of €169 over the counter. Eagerly we were on Ioniks first Windows Tablet TW series 1 10.1. Continue reading

Technics SB-C700 in the Test

With the compact box SB-C700 offers the Japanese Hi-Fi legend for around 1300 euros of all Hi-Fi a-car and an exciting solution. We have tested the compact boxes.

Technics fitted the perfectly processed, with 34 centimetres easily placeable Bookshelf speaker with a coax chassis and thus follows the longed-for ideal point sound source. The coax uses no cone but a flat membrane in 16 format, which is built as a sandwich construction: consist of carbon fibre surface and back, while a middle-class made of aluminium with many small, honeycomb-like Chambers holds everything together. Continue reading

Technics ST C700 in the Test

The technics ST-C700 is an affordable HiRes network player that in the test shows that he can quite compete with more expensive competitors.

With 900 euros, the network player Technics ST-C700 is a particularly attractive offer. Especially since he – unlike his 6100 euro more expensive counterpart SU-R1 – no proprietary digital line with his amplifier is connected and thus also on amps of other brands could play similar. He scores visually with the uncluttered, all matching Technics design and is a true data Octopus, which can be fed on a wide variety of roads with digital music. Continue reading

Technics SU C700 in the Test

The technics SU C700, a digital amplifier, proves to be real piece of jewelry, where one would expect a higher price in the test.

First impression on the technics SU C700: wrong movie? We expect a power amplifier for 10,000 euros, but not in an integrated amplifier for 1300 Euro so beautiful power hand tools. The nice simple front in aluminium and acrylic looks even more for high-end. And strongly reminiscent of the acclaimed us Technics plant SU R 1, which won the support of not only because of its massive appearance, but due to new technology.

Weight – 17 compared to around 8 kilos – not quite comparable, the SU would like to now offer comparable sophistication C 700. In terms of input options even more. In addition to a Hochpegel-In, whose sensitivity can be lowered when needed by 6 decibels, there is indeed still a phono input – with a pre-pre-electronics, which is lavishly housed in a shielding box. Continue reading