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How to Identify Safe Plastic Bottles

What we know about how to safely use plastic bottles (see here)? We’ve all heard that you should look at the bottom of the bottle irregularities, but it is not enough.

Each cylinder must have at its bottom information for the particular material of which it is made. One of the images on the photo must present printed on plastic. Each plastic excreted in some amount of harmful deposits in the water, so let’s focus on reuse – which type is suitable for and who – no.

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Essential Bottles for Home Bar

If you want to start creating cocktails, it is not necessary to keep many bottles at home. But, if you want to have a bar where you can make exotic and not-so-exotic – creations and also a number of classics, because then you need several bottles in existence. It is the author’s opinion that it should be a bar that can provide guests of the House a different drink that coca with rum or whiskey with mineral water. If you don’t have guests as then it is for the satisfaction of one also. It is likely that one can get away with it and only have tequila or vodka in the home. And yes you can make cocktails of those bottles. The only problem is that there is no variety and the variety everyone loves. Then, here are 10 essential bottles to build your bar.

A note to all bottles. Buy brands popularity, especially when speaking of spirits. Probably cost a bit more than the generic, but the taste difference is incalculable.

1. Geneva

I have met many people who say that Gin is an acquired taste. That is probably true if it is only taken. In cocktails is spectacular, as his taste of Juniper and many other ingredients are that you can combine and give flavors that one would not think of cocktail. For recipes, I recommend the classic Martini, White Lady, or arrest of love (a little cliche name, but was created for Valentine’s day).

2. Tequila (Blanco and Reposado)

Blanco and reposado tequila have two different flavors. The white tequila only left to rest for a few months in metal containers; This adds no flavor or color as it is only for smooth tequila. These tequilas tend to have vegetable flavors, according to waterbottlesshop, which are the natural flavors of the agave.

In contrast, the restful Tequila left in barrels previously used for bourbon of two months to 1 year. This makes tequila have a dark color as well as flavours and aromas of smoke and vanilla.

There are some experts who say that it is not necessary to have tequila in a bar, as the only classic cocktail that you can do with it is a margarita. But that would be the world without them?

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