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Small, but Expensive: Bikinis Can Cost Hundreds of Dollars

The Famous Women’s Swimwear Requires A Lot Of Investment

Lots of money for little cloth. A bikini can cost up to $ 800 in specialty stores in Santa Catarina. And believe me, you have a waiting list. The factory sends to each point of sale no more than three pieces of each size. As 60 women are in the register waiting there are people who are without the bathing suit. Continue reading

Bikinis and Swimsuits to Enjoy the Summer with Style

Summer is in full swing, and now is the time to play on the beach and in the pool. And for those who want to enjoy the best of the season with a lot of style, nothing better than to be inspired on the parts that have made success among the famous.

For those who don’t like the Bikini, great news: the swimsuits, especially in the style “tricks mom”, are on the rise. Models with several strips, either on the sides or back, let the sexy even hiding the belly region. Continue reading

Plus Size Youthful And Modern Looks To Work With

Choosing a different outfit to work on every day is a challenge for every woman. We have selected 9 looks plus size to inspire you to fit yours!

Cigarette jeans, or with the tightest mouth, is a great option to go to work. You can even wear ripped jeans, model much used today. Take care only for the tear not to become vulgar and show too much. Continue reading

Tankini, Bikini, Trikini: Are You Familiar With The Vocabulary Of Swimsuit

Tankini, bikini or trikini, you lose in the middle of all these names of swimwear and struggling to make a difference?We’re here to help. It is true that this summer, the trend is to tankini and bikini or trikini models. But it is not always easy to recognize, and especially to know which is the most suitable for your silhouette. Our article will explain in details what are the three types of swimsuit woman summer 2012 and for which they are best suited. We will select three, in order to give you an overview of what you can find as models on LemonCurve sites (link:, Boden (link: and Beach Store Cannes (link: )).

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Beachwear Trends 2014

Exit the monochrome basic swimsuit! In 2014, the trend is to the swimsuit original to draw all eyes to the beach. Fancy cuts, flashy colors and fun prints, there is the choice to have the weirdest style! Follow the guide.

We Adopt the Original Trend!

The year 2014 sign the advent of the swimsuit cool, original, fun, full of PEP, we want to wear with pride! We give up our black two-piece from the previous season in the closet and it is tempted by a “extravagant” swimsuit. Continue reading

Bikini Trends of 2015

Although the swimsuit is being done more and more ground in the hearts of women, the bikini is a must and a certainty in clothing from the beach. This month marks the birthday just this head so loved: on 5 July, the bikini has celebrated its 69 years.

This costume was introduced in 1946 and at the beginning the response was very cold: the creator, the tailor Louis Réard, was well aware of the scandal she had to face a lot presenting a boss who discovered the woman’s body, and that’s why he chose the called “Bikini”, inspired by the eponymous atoll in the Marshall Islands, then the seat of US nuclear tests. The chief, who was going to cover very little, was worn by Micheline Bernardini for the first time, one of the Casino de Paris stripper who was the only one to dare lend itself as a model.

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Bathing Suits for Young Plus Size

Our skin needs sun and summer is the excuse for tans and get that tone that all we like but we should stop seeing each other pretty! Here we bring some designs that can please you and make you look even more beautiful but first some tips :


* If your body is pear shaped can wear swimsuits two pieces which have the bottom to the waist and love handles will hide very well.

* The integral are good but do not use traditional, some are single strap or have bangs. Try Threergroup!

* A pareo will narrow the chic we all want to achieve.

Swimsuits for Plus Size

For many of us go to the beach or pool it is complicated, the first thing to remember is that we are nice and we have flaws and attributes that we highlight to look even more beautiful. Yes, it is true not all swimsuits favor us just a matter of using the right.


* A cute neckline, a different hairstyle (some nice braids for example) or some sunglasses are good choices to divert the eyes of our tummy.

* If you want to look feminine, yours are the swim-dresses (or dresses) will help you balance your figure more.

* If you feel more comfortable with integral tries to be a single tone and cover some areas with a sarong for example use it to hip height and the like that is a skirt.

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Latest Bikini Trends for Summer

Summer comes and comes with crazy desire to renew the stock of bikinis. I do not know if you are alike, but to me, it’s an addiction, after all, each beautiful than the other! It was the time that fashion were normal bikinis, the shower curtain type, black and smooth. Now fashion is print, it is to draw attention with neon, ethnic or retro prints!

Our website separated the prints and the coolest models for you to invest cheap swimwear in this summer! I doubt you will not be ashamed to buy at least one!


The prints leave any more beautiful and fun bikini! Worth investing in flowers, graphics and animal prints!

Ethnic pattern:

The coolest pattern of recent times, no doubt, is ethnic. The bikinis with ethnic pattern are even more amazing because the mix of colors and graphics present in the picture is the face of the summer!

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Women’s Fashion Bikinis 2016

The main fashion events and international catwalks have announced what will be the bikinis features for the year 2016. As still lack a bit for the arrival of the year, we can take advantage of this time to go searching without much concern.

Now with the models, shapes, colors and the whole trend in mind, you do not need to rush out to the shops looking for the pieces. Thanks to time, we can go window-shopping without much pretension to stroll the mall, for example, and see the the model hangers that will be highlighted, just go there and choose the right size!

Throughout the text you will know what will be in the list of the best for beachwear 2016.


It’s been a while that Brazil beachwear has been very generous with all kinds of women’s swimsuits and bikinis to suit all tastes and body types. There are more daring pieces and some larger for the more discreet women.

But there is a specific piece that appeared in weight in many styles. It is a top format with the style of a more closed trapezoid. The piece resembles that figure.

There are three brands that brought their collections to the blog.

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Beautiful Crochet Bikini for Summer Beach

The crochet bikinis are booming in the sands of Brazil. I love and always valued the handiwork. Crochet today is a classic seasonless and occasion, because the play brings a nostalgia boho style high leaving! Crochet bikinis are charming, but there is a tip for you: test the bikini before entering the sea or in the pool, because some clothes, when wet, can reveal more than you expect, and the other, you can dare to mix the pieces with some accessories of your choice. The crochet won a highlight by giving way to the bikinis on the beach for being a high piece. It is pumping up in the party looks. The “revival” is connected directly the influence of the 70s, which between you and me, it’s inspiring designers who bring beautiful pieces and let us look for everything.

The crochet bikini – the darling of the summer is even or just a play. Cut swimsuits with side vents and intersecting tracks value the body, are super sexy and are good when you want to be beautiful. Let’s face it, the bikini or swimsuit of crochet is so cute, that little me I love the boho style for sure I’m not going to sit this one out. For those who haven’t seen the triangle top bikini with thong and the templates in the style “tricks mom” who is the one in the back looks like a bikini, just accentuating the curves and gives the impression of a safety belt of pestle, will see here in this post that I’ve prepared for you.

Come and see the versatility that crochets offer! And if you want to increase even more the look bet on accessories, they raise any visual, of course, being used in moderation, depends on the style of each person! And that hint of life: don’t forget the sunscreen, in any season it will protect our skin from UVA and UVB rays, bringing more health for our skin.

Children’s Swimwear

Who’s still on the pace of the holidays get your hands o/o/o/ #sqn Hahahahaha! The kids who should be doing the party, huh? Jeez good time, nothing like being a kid and not have to worry about! On the other hand, this period of school vacation requires care from their parents. Summer is synonymous with pool, beach, River, and you can never be too safe when it comes to children and water. The need to use floats depends a lot on how accustomed small are with water and, if your child is not feeling well using those of arm, a good alternative is to use swimwear with built-in buoys. This same dads and moms … have you ever heard of the Swimsuit Ball or,originally called Le Maiollot Bouée? Its concept is unique and is making the biggest success in the United States and European countries. The swimsuit is equipped with integrated buoys placed on the chest of the child to maintain an ergonomy and an ideal location, which allows freedom of movement and keeping the body up allowing the child to coordinate their movements. It helps the small to gain confidence in the water and learn to swim. Later, the buoys can be removed in order to measure the progress of the child in the water (remembering that the child should remain under the constant supervision of an adult when playing in the water!). Isn’t that great? We were delighted with this news to the children’s swimwear!

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I’m 40 and Then?

The other day, a friend of mine took your birthday from Facebook just because I didn’t want to receive congratulations on this day, as did 42 years and didn’t want to talk about age. Which is odd, since it has a young aspect, with a face and body of girl, despite having a young son. In my view we should celebrate life to 20 years or 40, without complexes or dramas. The body, the hair and the skin there are changes, the energy level is different, but there’s no reason to hide the age. Continue reading

5 Fashion Trends Spring Summer

The spring fashion summer 2018 promises many new features for someone who loves to dress in accordance with the main trends of the fashion world. The traditional mixture of colors, so characteristic of that period sunnier the year, arrives with everything, and among the attractions are also some styles that made success in the past. Check out what’s new below! Continue reading