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How to Use the Beauty Blender Sponge in Makeup

Some products recently launched we ended up not giving almost importance, until several bloggers to post their videos on youtube teaching as uses them and proving that they work very well, as is the case of espojinha to do makeup Beauty Blender (BB), This is a makeup sponge that has won the female audience not only abroad as here in Brazil. Continue reading

Nail Art French: Photos

The nail art are currently a real success and a lot of women can’t imagine without any design or detail on the nails. Until the nail French which is one of the classics when it comes to nail decoration for some time here is gaining different details leaving them increasingly stylish and full of creativity without losing the most important tips which gives rise to nail that French most women love. Continue reading

Nails Acrigel: Step by Step

Gel Nails – As Do The Salon

What woman doesn’t like to have beautiful nails? I believe all but not always it is possible. Some activities simply end up with our fingernails and, sometimes, they are weak by nature and don’t grow enough or break easily. In the old days, the only way to reverse this situation was applying false nails, but nowadays there are a technique much better, more natural and it lasts longer, too, are the fingernails of acrigel. Continue reading

Disguise Droopy Eyes with Makeup Tips to Fix Imperfections

How To Disguise Droopy Eyes, Makeup Tricks And Tips To Fix Imperfections

What women want is to feel perfect, but this is something that occurs in their own opinion, always having something nasty in their appearances, which bother you a lot. Several methods of correction of dissatisfaction were created to meet the imperfections, which not only adhere to the female audience, but all sexes. In this way in recent times plastic surgery is quite popular, but it’s a pretty dangerous act that involves some risks to patients submentem the procedures, getting this method to the bold. Continue reading

My Top 10 Beauty Products of All Time

Nothing like a nice Sunday gray and right lazy where the husband is working for us to get a little time to take care of you, huh? Today the homi spent the day in toil and I decided to make the spa house and do all those delicious things that we don’t have the guts to do it in front of the boy not to finish the novel. I started with manicure and pedicure, I went by the hydration of hair and finished with a mask pro face well linda (only not, enter there on my snapchat jojouasz you will see the lindura). Continue reading

Beauty Express: Eyebrow Ombre!

The ombré hair has already conquered the hair of the most alert women and now promises to be present in the eyebrows this summer. The effect used on the hair by Leticia Spiller, Vanessa Giácomo, Giovanna Antonelli, among other famous, that brings the natural color of the root and the clearest tips, now comes to the eyes to bring more naturalness and lightness to the technique of micropigmentation. Continue reading

Makeup Tips with Jake Broullard on NARS Masterclass!

Yesterday (17), rolled a Masterclass with the top makeup artist from NARS, Jake Broullard, at Sephora Shopping Pátio Higienópolis. The class was very intimate, to about 20 people who share one thing in common: a passion for makeup! Jake Broullard is one of NARS Lead Makeup Stylist, in that post, he has participated in many incredible actions by United States brand, mainly in Chicago-the city in which it operates. Not to mention he maquia celebrities amazing as Chanel Iman, the icônia model Alek Wek and Oscar-winning actress, Lupita Nyongo ‘ . Continue reading

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio “VI 308 Bouquet”

In the Goodiebag → Shiseido Event was including this palette, I want to show you today. I think I know no finer purple tones – these are particularly pretty and great co-ordinated. Also the quality is right, which is why I want to here you show swatches and write my first impression. A make-up that follows as soon as possible. Continue reading

Makeups for Brides with Glasses

Check out looks for brides with glasses and get inspired from these ideas to produce for the wedding. The accessory, which is often despised because of aesthetic taboos, can be incorporated into the visual without any problem. It combines perfectly with brides, decided well and happy.

Probably you’ve never seen a bride wearing glasses. Women with vision problems end up opting for the use of lenses, after all, don’t want to hurt the look of the wedding. The fact is that this conception is changing and the glasses are gaining space in Queens, looks with different frame colors, sizes and formats. Continue reading

How to Use an Eyelash Curler Properly

The eyelash curler is an ally of the eye: with these tips will not make you afraid.

You know the look of the star, so open and seductive? Well, not all of the flour sack them because the doll effect is a masterful combination of mascara, eyelash fake but especially the tactical use of the eyelash curler. If you’ve never used it, we understand your reasons. The appearance, in fact, is that of a metal clamp, but once you understand how to use it (in moderation) your look will only have benefits.

Continue reading