Thanks to Instagram Are Exact Clones of The Most Famous: Seems That Not Are as Unique as We Believe

Until some had the impression that there was no one in the world like us, that we were all really unique and special. But you don’t need to investigate much Internet starting point to discover clones like mushrooms. And discover that at the other end of the world, there is one person igualita, but igualita, you hear, than Zutanita or Menganita. In short, that We are not actually so special as we thought. The celebrities.

He made three or four years my parents signed up to a tour of Europe and on his return came home excited: “we have met in Prague a chick igualita than you, but igualita. Like. Seriously”. Removing that my parents are throwing exaggerated and that a long time ago that I don’t consider myself a chick, that I gave much thought. Really was living in Prague there a woman who seemed to me? And it would be the only or would have different copies of my physical swarming around the world?

It seemed impossible that there was someone who could seem to me the way that they described it, as I’m not more than a somewhat haphazard combination of its features: small as my mother, with Toledo ears of my father, with bulging eyes of one of my maternal aunts, the hair just like my paternal grandmother, etcetera, etcetera. But I don’t think that only happens in my case.

At the end and at the end we are all the product of a miraculous combination of genetic, but how many possibilities are there for a repetition that combination? Taking into account that we have surpassed seven billion humans living on the planet, it is not surprising that there is some that another chance in the field of the genetic lottery and we look to more people than we believe.

As the topic interested me more of what I thought, I got in touch with safe Immaculate, PhD in biology, that me expiclo to all human genomes are almost identical, the order of 99.5% (from 99% to 99.9%). Come on, that the sequence of DNA bases (acido deoxyribonucleic) is almost identical. According to Dr. Segura, most of the variations in sequence between the different human genomes (i.e. between different people) is called SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms or “single nucleotide polymorphisms”) and the CNV (“copy number variations” or variations of the number of copies). It is estimated that there is one SNP every 1000 bases (this translates into some 3 million SNPs between two people at random), although this number is reduced in people who belong to the same ethnic group.

Some of these variations (which no mutations) correspond to certain physiological characteristics. In the case that involved in a particular trait, the more SNPs and CNVs share two people who are not related, more like they will be.

However, Dr. Segura explains that not everything is so simple, because a part of genetics, the gene expression is controlled by epigenetics, which are modifications that are made in the genes and that, although they do not change their sequence, if the expression (frequency, quantity,… of the proteins that are expressed) that alter genes.

Therefore, although two people share a great silimilitud in sequence (even in the CNVs ay SNPs) it is possible as they may not appear due to epigenetic differences.

In addition, it also reminds us that should keep in mind that We are not only genes and the environment we also models. We are talking about diet, smoking, stress… or something as popular as hair dyes.

Okay, science gives me some guidelines, but I was still having doubts about if in the real world there are so many clones or are social networks that confuse me and give me the impression that we are all just like.

Should not be the only one that is made such questions because a year ago about Reddit launched its users a request: that if they thought they resembled a celebrity send them selfies. The response were 13,000 individual images. And 13,000 people who wanted to demonstrate that they were the same as Emma Watson or Ryan Gosling.

13,000-that’s a lot. But they aren’t the only ones. Every day it is really easy to find news on social networks on such or which person in I don’t know what corner of the planet which is like than Kim Kardashian, than face Delevigne or Audrey Hepburn.

Olivia Herdt, a Uruguayan of fourteen years, was discovered on social networks by its resemblance to face Delevigne and already has 58 thousand followers Instagram account.

As for example, this Danish girl, which is traced to Harry Syles and which One Direction members discovered via Instagram. Yes, because it does not need be of the same sex to have same eyebrows, same eyes, the same expression or a way of smiling identical.

Source: Sugarscape.

It is not the only case of an amazing resemblance between persons of different sex.


Imagine: being like a celebrity. It seems that it is full of advantages: chances of sneak you into the most exclusive parties, all kinds of gifts, invitations,… but also imagine the burden that you recognize on the street. But always you work double professional and get a fixed salary. Or as a specialist of cinema, right?

What is luckier: that you touch the EuroMillions or resemble Fassbender? Source: can also be “brother-in-law version” of James Franco. Source:

But don’t let us fall into the error of thinking that these things happen only to the famous. I am really impressed with the story of Neil Thomas Douglas, a photographer from Glasgow who one day got on a plane and in the seat of his right sat a gentleman just like it, so similar that they could not help but take this picture to upload it to Twitter and its history was news around the world.

The case is that to me all this has given me to think too much. Social networks have gotten closer to the rest of the world and let us see that Yes, that we will be millions and millions of people, but that basically we seem much more than we would like to. And it can be when ants we look from there down think the same of us as we of them.

Well, and also it has made me think that maybe my parents will not be exaggerating. Perhaps in Prague there is a person who looks like me, that has my eyes, my height, my Toledo ears or that smiles in the same way, although we do not share no common gene. And that going to run into it is the best excuse that I can think of to book a flight today.

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