White & The Golden Sword, a Very Colorful Spanish Platform Game

In the panorama of the smartphones we are very used to opt for short games games and that relegated a curious mixture of strategy and luck to get a score that translates into stars. Still, they always remain small surprises to be able to delight us with old-fashioned games, and White is one of them.

The history of the development of White & The Golden Sword It is curious, because it was one of the first crowdfundings that were made long before the flood of Fame system obtained with Tim Schaffer and Ouya equipment. A few years ago began a campaign calling for a modest amount for to end the game, only €600, a figure that has nothing to do with the budgets they are ordered today.

We focus on the game itself, the game is exceptionally simple, both for good and for evil. It mimics the classic platforms where you have to eliminate enemies and get coins, all with a very colorful and eye-catching, artistic style without neglecting a simple mechanical as well as addictive that you’ll want more nostalgic players.

White & The Golden Sword

  • Version of Android: Since 2.0.1
  • Developer: Cupra Studios

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